Naming the Rose


It’s the bi-polar nature of the beast. Sometimes he forgets …

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It’s the bi-polar nature of the beast. Sometimes he forgets who his audience is. He also seems to forget what he has said before.


It’s imperative that to be a good liar one has to have an excellent memory.

Green’s memory seems to have a time-span of twenty four hours.

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Naming the Rose
Extract from D&D statement of yesterday.
Apologies if previously posted.

‘A completely separate entity’ There you have it.

“Should the application be approved, then Malcolm Cohen and James Bernard Stephen of BDO will be appointed liquidators of RFC 2012 plc, and will undertake the process of liquidation of the ‘oldco’ company and the continued recovery of funds for creditors. This will not affect the current operations of The Rangers Football Club in any way as it is a completely separate entity.”

Naming the Rose
Is it possible that the Ibrox hoard will do for Scottish Independence by bringing down Alex Salmond and his independence party, because of their foolish attempts to curry favour with the peepil – irony of ironies!!

Naming the Rose
Will Criag Whyte’s admission, of meeting Green spell the death for Green’s spurious IPO? It may well be that Green will be looking for that safe house again!
Those white collared spives waiting in the shadows, waiting to pick the carcass of Servco, will appear shortly to commence the end game – they hope!

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Moyes gets six year contract to manage United!

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Gavin Rae speaking to The Herald

” Rangers is a club with class, ”

Says more about Gavin Rae than anything else!

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Did anyone notice Mc Coist’s body language today? For a man celebrating the winning of a title he seemed under huge pressure. Cardigan looked like a man who just lost the title – metaphorically speaking that is!

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!

I never said Lunny had anything to do with the POTY nominations.

If there is a classier defender in Scottish football at the moment better than Mulgrew then I’ll eat my hat. Foster might have dipped a bit but, on balance, for him to get into the English squad must certainly have put him on the short list for POTY nomination.
Regarding N Lennons attempts at using this as a motivation for his team, all I can say it ain’t working – look at yesterdays display. BTW well done Motherwell.

I am disappointed you chose to use the following to make your point, :
“or is he really claiming professional footballers in Scotland are delivering a metaphorical ‘Presbyterian slap’ to his players?” –

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!

One other thing. To use the term ‘slitting of wrists’ on this forum to get your point across is beneath contempt. You are a very lucky person that hasn’t come into contact with the scourge of modern society – suicide. If you did I’m sure you would not have used such a crude term so recklessly.

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