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If you come from a certain background in Scotland you dont have to worry your arse about lying. Who is going to report it or hold you to account for it? The MSM?

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Naming the Rose
On top of an audience with Craig Whyte and Charles Green, we were also treated to five minutes of lies by James Traynor on BBC’s flagship news programme. And this was on top of being subjected to ‘expert’ opinion on the Scotland shambles by Gordon Smith and Sandy Pullar Jardine, no less. There’s only so much sh1te you can stomach in a day.

Gents, yesterday was a massive statement on the state of Scottish football (and society). Not so much in terms of what was said, but who was doing the talking. They are still in control. (FFS look at who is running Scottish football – Ogilvie, Ballantyne, Longmuir. What do they have in common?)

Today in the written Press, no one has the balls to put their names to anything critical of Rangers lest a Govan fatwah be issued.

Sad, sad country.

Such is their power (and threat) that Lord Hodge even had to make a public statement that, right hand up to God, he promised to be fair – the utter ridiculousness of that being pointed out by Alex Thompson.

Last week, Channel 4 exposed a case of blatant propaganda in the Russian media. The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church made a televised speech justifying the jail sentences imposed on a group of young girls who were deemed to have behaved inappropriately in a church.

Unfortunately, he made his speech while wearing a 20 grand gold watch, something which was noticed and exposed by an internet bamski. When the speech was later shown on prime time Russian News, the watch had been mysteriously airbrushed out. It didnt do for a man of God to be seen wearing expensive bling, especially a man of God who happened to be jumping into bed with the government.

Yesterday was as blatant a display of propaganda as I have ever witnessed in any dictatorship or one party, military State. And it happened in Scotland. Shocking!

Naming the Rose

I believe the “sideshow”, the sudden spat between Whyte and Green and Duff and Duffers announcement, is an attempt to bury the fact that BDO’s ‘Blue Pitch Holdings’ have % in Newco.

Naming the Rose
A copy of an email sent from Media House to Richard Wilson, copied almost verbatim in the Herald.

This is journalism?

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Past the Event Horizon
Happy Christmas to all on here. Keep up the good work.

A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!

What part of “thoughtful” was the accusation that TSFM is a bunch of about 50 posters in a room seeking rounds of applause? Didn’t you yourself post the statistics of this site at the New Year? Or was the “millions” of hits quoted just fanciful Greenian number-crunching?

A few posters mentioned boycott of matches, a few posters quote from RM. It was unfair to jump from the paricular to the general and label the blog the way theglen did.

How many people post on here? That’ll sort that discussion point out.

A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!

Could you explain please?
Sure. I’m very happy with WGS’ appointment as Scotland manager.

I am just extremely unhappy that conflicted Campbell is still in office to make such an appointment. He admitted to receiving EBT payment from Rangers(IL), admits he can’t do his job because of his connections with Rangers(IL), was 27 years at Rangers(IL), had shares in Rangers(IL) which he deftly swapped over to his wife’s name, and he probably has Rangers(IL) pyjamas.

I’m guessing that his primary interest is not Scottish football, but Rangers(IL) and now Sevco.

A Roman God, a New Year, a Paycheque a Sports Jacket and that thing called football!

“Time for a reality check?”

500 million supporters world wide, 100 million annual income, a Christmas video message to his loyal subjects, a world record in world records, making friends throughout Scotland, a move to a European league, a move to the Blue Square league, taking Uefa to court for discrimination, flights and hotel in Qatar paid for them, all footballing debts paid, if a CVA doesnt go through Rangers are deid, no they’re not I bought the history……

I know who needs a reality check and it aint TSFM.

I’ll bet the appointment of Gordon Strachan nearly made everyone forget how corrupt Campbell Ogilvie and the SFA are. Nearly. So lets forget all about EBT Ogilvie and his cronies shameless rule breaking, their honking relationship with our obnoxious MSM, and move on.

Lets just give auld Tam a new pitchfork to get rid of the puddles at half time and ask Rutherglen Wummins Guild to sponsor bibs for the bairns fitba club and, before you know it, Scotland will be on its way to Brazil.

That’ll work.

And while I’m on a rant, to those who are bleating that Rangers(IL) no longer have a say in Scottish football, they just picked the new Scotland manager! Hows that for a reality check?

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