Not in Front of the Children


Is SDM the Kevin Bacon of football :smile: 7 …

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Is SDM the Kevin Bacon of football πŸ™‚
7 steps to SDM has a good ring to it ,what you think Hector .

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Not in Front of the Children
when ever the phrase the great administrator is used to describe CO .I am afraid it reminds me of the great dictator ,the Mel Brookes version of course .
When you think back to this whole charade began how many Ragers men roamed the corridors of power at Hampden ,in the lead up to the death of the old club and the emergence of the tribute act .
In the fullness of time someone will sit back and piece together a timeline on all the peepil involved and the outcome will leave even the most sceptical doubter shaking their heads as to how it was all allowed .

Not in Front of the Children
Saw BFDJ latest diatribe in the ET .
All I can say is that it more than justifies the need for forums like this .
This idiot is given a platform in the SMSM to push the clubs (which ever one it happens to be at that moment) agenda and gets paid to do so .
Funny that he finds it a problem that the club is a PLC company at the moment ,yet he has been spouting garbage about the last (dead) club being nothing of the kind .
A message to Derek if you are going to be a liar ,you had better have a good memory .

Not in Front of the Children
I must say as an avid believer in it all being a Minty ploy to get rid of Hector and the sold off revenue streams ,I am struggling to equate were the bus boys come into the plan .
I am sure I must have missed a twist and a turn along the way but the thought of the bus boys being at the forefront of the tribute act did not really occur to me .
Has the master plan went for a Burton or have I been wrong all this time
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😳 😳

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
I think the comment made on the nightshift ,is a indicative of why so many people do not trust print journalism.
Incredible comment
I have not bought a paper in years and to be honest I don’t think anything they do will change that

Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
I even heard someone on BBC sportsound say ,that there wasn’t even a figure to speak to DM .(although M Bain seemed to find one ) 
Every single excuse to avoid having to admit they COULD not or DID not want to pay the going rate .
DM all but admitted that he was expected to walk out if he wanted to go to Ibrokes and he wasn’t prepared to do that .
I must admit to enjoying the SMSM tying themselves in knots trying to find an excuse to avoid the reality of it all 

Fans for Judicial Review – Counsel Opinion
with more and more sevco 2102 fans beginning to to turn their attention to the job the board is doing .
Watch out for a rallying rumour to the WATP merchants .
Could Level 1872 think that a throw back to a policy of the old club ,could limit the damage of their latest fiasco.

Who Is Conning Whom?
You have to laugh 
Now it;s DM didn’t fancy working with a DOF ,really did he not know sevco 2012 had a DOF 
For me sevco 2102 did not have the money to speak to DM and he was unwilling to quit 
Pure and simple 

Who Is Conning Whom?
MACFURGLYDECEMBER 7, 2017 at 21:08
That is the post of the night 
spot on 

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