Not in Front of the Children


Oh must say they never did return to any footie. …

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Oh must say they never did return to any footie. Taiwanese/Japanese consider the working day to end about 1800 Saturday in my experience. So sunday game may be of interest.

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Not in Front of the Children
stevensanph says:

August 16, 2013 at 8:18 am

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Just to go off topic for a minute, I just posted this on my blog, re: the tv deals in South East Asia.
EPL Southeast Asia TV blackout… Where’s the SPFL??

Many of you probably realise that the English leagues have sold their rights for an astronomical 5.5 Billion this season, much of it coming from overseas. However, one major issue is that the ‘buyers’ haven’t managed to sell their rights on to the local stations.

In South East Asia we have had StarSports (part of ESPN – now FoxSports) air the football for the past 5 years. This year the football will be on a channel called beIN Sports. The problem is beIN sports isn’t broadcast in any of the following: Taiwan, HK, Vietnam, Cambodia, China or Philippines. Indonesia have the channel available only in Jakarta and Thailand have the channel but dont have enough new boxes to go around!


A wee tale caution when selling footie to Taiwanese. I think I gave this an airing on RTC many moons ago.

When setting up a new outfit in deepest Lanarkshire we started off sharing offices with Dr John, lawyer then a Celtic shareholder and heid of LDC.

Said Taiwanese were firstly taken to a Celtic game. Given the full treatment.

I was the (sort of) minder to these managers). I had no interest in the game and they returned to work on Monday actually horrified. Celtic strips at the factory would be banned. (What my boss actually said was Ianagain place very dangerous -aye ok) that was construed by a Scots manager to mean they felt threatened.

When word of this got round some yahoo from a supplier thought the remedy would be (obviously) to take them to Ibrox. Again they returned on Monday (this time very very noisy). So no Gers strips.

Final pre season friendly(commercial dude at the well thinks its my day) its the Well v Bradford pre match meal vino lovely. Of course I go.

Imagine my embarrassment as in post prandial bliss my top dudes snore all the way through the first half in front of the whole centre stand. (After game comments “very peaceful place Ian again we must go again”)

Hooray well tops allowed!

Not in Front of the Children
billy h is how ever part of the problem. obviously oh dear

Not in Front of the Children
Ally better hope its not these fans in charge, from RR:

16 Aug 2013 16:04:15
McColl, Green, Murray, Mather, Stockbridge etc etc are all a massive distraction from the REAL problem at Rangers, Ally “Millions” McCoist, he is not only robbing us blind he is rubbing our noses in it with his “one of the fans” BS, anyone taking that sort of money while the club makes backroom staff redundant is in it for himself and is not worthy to be Rangers manager, even at 10% of his current earnings he would be over paid based on his ability, and we know he will sign anyone at any cost to the club to keep his job. I can’t understand why the club want him but why some supporters back him completely baffles me, he is a liability we can ill afford and that’s without mentioning his schoolboy tactics and farcical formations.


1.) 100% correct and also a 3rd rate manager at best but some fans love all this we don’t do walking away pi#h
But ally if your listening please walk away now your clueless as a manager FACT



2.) And you know what he
earns how?
billy h

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