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Been a lurker since the first week of RTC, re the tv rights, here in Phoenix I subscribe to Fox Sports and with that I get to watch the English Premier league (Sky) Scottish football is shown on another channel Fox Soccer Plus but this is not included in the Fox sports package, it costs another 10 dollars to get that channel, I asked about just getting soccer plus but was told I could only get it if I had Fox Sports, so England get billions and Scotland get peanuts yet Sky charge more for Scottish football.

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The Immortality Project
Scapa. no you are missing the point, if there are 50 abusers who all have alcohol as a trigger, there is still 50 abusers who all have alcohol as a trigger, you just no longer have 50 abusers all drinking alcohol at the same time, if you have 50 abusers who like to gamble, you still have 50 abusers who like to gamble, they just didn’t all pick the same losing team

The Immortality Project
Sorry Scappa I am with Slim on this one, and this is something I do know about, the Agency I work for not only serves victims , we also have an incredible offenders program too. The abuser who only beats his partner after Celtic beat Rangers or vice versa simply does not exist. These people are abusers and abuse throughout the year. No abuser gets out of bed and thinks this is the day I will beat my partner. Abusers need to be able to control any situation and when something happens that they cannot control, this is a trigger. Abusers will usually have two or three triggers, they all have individual triggers, many will have alcohol triggers, they could just as easily be a Motherwell fan (sorry Motherwell fans) who like to gamble and the result has bust their coupon, or it could be someone doesn’t even like football but his boss does and he knows the boss will be in a bad mood all week and no-one will get any overtime, Celtic -v- Rangers games is just something that can result in multiple abusers sharing a trigger. The other point to make is that people are now much more aware of Domestic abuse and are more likely to call the Police if they hear their neighbour being abused.

The Immortality Project
I am originally from Airdrie and took my whole family back home for a visit in April, this included two American son-in-laws, one night my brother-in-law was telling a tale of their visit to Prague along with other family members, my son-in-law who had absolutely no idea of anything connected to Scottish Football then asked why the program for that game said Airdrieonians and the one he had got at the weekend said Airdrie United, he asked in all innocence why they changed the name. My brother-in-law then went on to explain what happened, I have to say he was very angry when explaining how it came about and then full of shame re Clydebank situation, without saying anything, he did acknowledge it was a new club he supported but it was clearly too painful for him to even think about. I think because he accepted the situation, there was definitely sympathy shown to him for what had happened to his club.

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