Of Assets and Liabilities

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Wjohnston1 says: Friday, November 2, 2012 at 14:04 I am sorry …

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wjohnston1 says:
Friday, November 2, 2012 at 14:04

I am sorry but I cannot agree with the posting of the link to the QC is appropriate and ask that itr be removed. Her mobile number is shown and we would not want any inappropriate attention.
Sorry JC as I always look forward to reading your posts

Absolute nonsense. That is a public website where her details are there for the world to see. It’s there for anyone interested to view and read.

Why would the QC receive any inappropriate attention, because she was representing C&B???

I’m assuming you’re relating this to Alex Thomson’s blog about threats and intimidation???

If anyone wanted to follow that line with the QC all they need to do is google her name and find this website or do you suggest we contact the company and the QC and ask them to take the website down or remove her phone number???

I am sorry, but I cannot agree with your summary and you suggesting that with the posting of the link to the website here is going to cause unwanted inappropriate attention..

I think you should apologise again to Mr Clarke for such a suggestion.

http://www.advocates.org.uk/stables/advocates/00001890.html 🙂

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Of Assets and Liabilities
blu says:
Friday, November 2, 2012 at 15:38
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smartbhoy says:
Friday, November 2, 2012 at 15:32
Smartbhoy, it seems to me that the concern expressed relates to JC’s reversion to adolescence and his crush on the QC rather than fear of intimidation from sad Sevco extremists.

No it wasn’t or are you suggesting that wjohnson thinks that JC is going to give the QC inappropriate attention?

If so, that’s JC’s choice, maybe she’s single and he thinks he might have a chance of getting a date with her? Then why remove the link as he already has her details or are you suggesting other readers of this blog will click onto the link, suddenly grow an infatuation with her and give her inappropriate attention?

We’re not living in a dictatorship, this is a democratic country and there is nothing inappropriate going on to suggest any of the above. I rest my case! 🙂

Of Assets and Liabilities
Rangers Tax-Case ‏@rangerstaxcase
The Green story has been bubbling under with a media outlet for a couple of weeks, but in light of The Times story, it was time to go.

Of Assets and Liabilities
Rangers Tax-Case ‏@rangerstaxcase
RTC Exclusive: Charles Green is the subject a new tax inquiry- separate from the Zeus investigation.

It just gets better and better! Haha!

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Past the Event Horizon
bryce9a says: (41)
November 28, 2013 at 1:37 pm

Smartbhoy, You may disagree with and find bryce9a’s opinions elsewhere distasteful, however as long as he does not cross any line here he is entitled to the benefit of the doubt and protection from hearsay.
Please play the ball and not the man.

Past the Event Horizon
The Daily Mail article is a complete non-story.

A very well placed article to deflect the hordes eyes from the imminent financial implosion on the South Side of the city and the Daily Mail’s main point, which was an opportunity to try and smear the name of the Labour Party.

Spin, spin, spin and more spin.

Celtic negotiate very good interest rates for loans and overdrafts, exactly what is illegal about that if anyone can guide me to any specific law?

I have a very good credit rating, my friend doesn’t….I always get better terms on Credit cards, always get interest free credit if needed to purchase items, my friend can only get a credit card with a minimum credit limit with sky high interest rates and if his washing machine breaks down he can’t get any interest free credit so he needs to go to a certain supplier and pay extortionate interest rates if he doesn’t have cash at hand to buy one.

Celtic, a very well ran business who pay their Taxes and National Insurance contributions.

Though maybe TRFC should complain to the SFA to ask V. Lunny to investigate why Celtic have received very favourable terms from the Co-op Bank and why they can’t get credit facilities from any major high street banks.

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
Coming back from dinner with my sister and her family and my Brother in Law has Radio Clyde on. I had to endure this pathetic radio station and their football phone in.

I really wish all Celtic fans would stop listening to and calling into it. They’re just embarrassing themselves.

Do they realise by listening to and calling this show, they’re paying the wages of the people who’re employed to host it?

You’re funding a man banned from Celtic Park, a man who’s employed by Rangers TV and various other individuals who at the very least constantly try to bring negative publicity to the club you all declare to love.

They’re ill-informed, untruthful and broadcast plain and simple propaganda.

I doubt any fans of the clubs in Edinburgh or further North bother their arses with this tripe.

Let it become a Sevco love in, who cares.

While I’m at it, purchasing the red tops who in the last 30 years haven’t been shy in sticking the boot into Celtic. ” Biscuit tin mentality ” ” Thugs and Thieves ” ” Celtic R.I.P ” and many, many more.

If you wish to fund alleged journalists to abuse you and your club , feel free to carry on with your sadistic behaviour.

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
blackboab says: (15)
November 12, 2013 at 11:16 am

Your question is, are Celtic fans thought of better than old Sevco/Rangers fans our is it just our perception.

a) Amsterdam and it’s events were discussed to death last week, on here and various other social media websites, there’s no point bringing it back up.

b) Go and research yourself about what peoples thoughts are. I as a Celtic fan can give a neutral point of view without ” Green Tinted Specs ” .

c) Go and ask your friend to give you more facts, backed up with evidence regarding this list they sent you.

d) The morning that it becomes public that Craig Whyte and his connection with Green is under police investigation and the licence for Sevco/TRFC to play football in Scotland could be revoked, you trot out a stupid list, that is factually not true…… spells only one thing to me……..troll.

Beware the angry Shareholders — they might just demand an answer!
I’m still waiting on Jim ( I don’t know the difference between administration and liquidation ) McColl revealing the investors behind Blue Pitch and Margarita.


” The findings are currently being scrutinised by McColl’s lawyers and they are poised to make make the information public within days. ” ( 31/10/2013)

It’s now 12 days later and still no public announcement. What are you waiting on McColl?

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