Of Assets and Liabilities

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Friday, November 2, 2012 at 20:44

To go back to the allusions to Weimar from the blog, we aren’t at the stage where we are appeasing. The debate is how can we ensure prosperity for everyone, as it was post WW1, but the argument or the shadow of the potential of a strong Germany was enough to ensure that the plans for peace (League of Nations, etc) weren’t effective. Germany was used as an argument against reconstruction much as Rangers are now – that the dangers of possibly helping a strong Germany were too great.

The effect was that when Germany did achieve parity, it was driven by vengeance and stronger than ever because it felt it had legitimate grievances and it is that exact rhetoric that we see from Charles Green now – that they don’t need the SPL, that they will show them what for, etc.

Appeasement, historically, came as an avoidance of war far later on in the scheme of things. Reconstruction now would be confronting the problem before it ever arose. People will see it as rewarding Rangers, or like you say, appeasing the lunatic fringe, but it isn’t if it benefits everyone.

Do you want the Marshall Plan or the Treaty of Versailles? One worked because it included everyone and allowed everyone to rebuild and plan on the same terms leading to a 25 year long economic boom, one led to World War Two.

I’m not saying which I feel was better in the long run, but it’s not the latter!

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Of Assets and Liabilities
The Illusion of Success is often more important than success itself.

Papering is a long used trait, particularly with televised performances to make the club appear more successful than it actually is but, primarily, it had been used by wrestling companies to make it appear that they had a hot territory and that the product was in demand.

The thing is that they did it with massive companies behind them – WWE and WCW have at points been legitimate billion dollar companies. The fact is that they could afford to subsidise free tickets. They could afford to spend additional money on security, etc.

Rangers aren’t. But if them papering Ibrox is well known enough to cause attention to be brought and suspicions of potential misreporting of attendances perhaps legitimate, then the second question has to be of merchandising and in-stadium sales. 11,000 free tickets don’t all eat and drink but it would be very easy to say that a lot of them did that didn’t. If ticket revenue and attendances are misrepresented, then these could easily be as well…

Of Assets and Liabilities

No Shoehorning – I’ve not endorsed that nor would I suggest it. But Rangers being in a more advantageous position than they are now is perhaps an inevitable byproduct of league reconstruction. The question is really whether that is enough of a stick to beat it with to stop it from happening altogether. If/When Rangers return to the SPL and if, by that point, no efforts have been made at reconstruction, then it will not happen at all. We’ll still have an 11-1 vote needed and Rangers (or someone) will always ensure that it does not get passed.

I would personally suggest that the power get moved to one sole body looking after football that has the remit to take that sort of decision out of club’s hands at put it through regardless if it is for the benefit of the game as a whole.

Of Assets and Liabilities

Clarifying last night’s post tying it up with some of the comments made on here (that were there when I started writing it).


Try telling the Bears that their club doesn’t have titles to strip. The fans have carried over and see it as the same club and no amount of telling them otherwise will change that.

I’ve never suggested treating Rangers differently. They are 1 club of 42 in a system that has failed and, as part of that system, any solution has to involve them. I could just have easily asked what is better – Montrose in the SPL after successive promotions in a system that has failed, or Montrose in the SPL a season earlier in a reconstructed system that works. They are 1 club of 42 with equal share and equal right to be part of the discussion.

What punishment past liquidation and title stripping can be applied to Rangers*? Getting Murray et al on trial is unrelated and shouldn’t affect football matters short of giving journos a few weeks worth of material.

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As many on here will know (particularly those who regularly follow my stuff), I’m often prone to writing excessively long things. I’ve turned one of these excessively long things into an entire e-book available now on Kindle of which information is in the link above, including a link to getting it on Amazon. It’s free to read if you have Amazon Prime (as they “lend” books to readers of you’re on it) and, even if you’re a purchaser, is only £2.05. I’m not arrogant enough to expect you to buy it but I certainly hope it will be of interest and hope it inspires more “bampots” to become more than the title implies in the minds of others. Any feedback on the e-book would be grateful as I’m going to begin another long project shortly and all I would ask is that anyone intrigued by it shares it with like minded people to help get the ball rolling.

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I’ve become extremely wary of Charlotte. The more thought I give to it, the more the leaks seem driven towards the interests of a higher power. Who exactly that higher power is, is unclear, as the recordings make everyone look bad to an extent, but working on the assumption that Charlotte isn’t doing it for the benefit of corporate transparency would, I believe, be the best way to proceed.

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