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All this focus on crowd numbers. …

Comment on Of Assets and Liabilities by Bunion.

All this focus on crowd numbers.

Has anybody issued an FOI yet seeking confirmation as to whether Strathclyde Police, etc. have been paid for matchday attendances?

Strathclyde Police lost £51,000.00 of taxpayer’s money to oldco.
Scottish Ambulance Service lost £8,500.00 of taxpayer’s money to oldco.
G4S lost £295,000.00 to oldco.

Has any confirmation been received that newco is paying it’s dues?

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Fair Play at FIFA?
torrejohnbhoy says:
Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 23:01

[ TSFM Edit: Again, this is just trolling. ]

Fair Play at FIFA?
barcabhoy says:
Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 18:19

[ TSFM Edit: This is simply trolling. Please keep your personal animosities away from here.]

Fair Play at FIFA?
Following the Communities Cup Final and St Mirren’s fabulous win (well done the buddies!) it really struck home to me how much we have veered from watching football for the sheer unadulterated joy of simply watching a GOOD football game.

Hell mend David Murray, Rangers, the SFA, Sevco/TRFC (delete as applicable), and the SPL for that particular crime.

Kudos to Danny Lennon, Tommy Craig and the St Mirren team for reminding us of the joy that football can provide.

As for Rangers/TRFC being ‘saviours of the game’? My hairy crack!

It’s quite obvious now that they are nothing more than parasites.

Fair Play at FIFA?
The response of some Celtic fans is getting to be on a par with that of Rangers fans;

“it’s everybody else’s fault”
“our clubs done everything it can”

And the most cowardly response of all;

“can you imagine the reaction of the red tops if Celtic spoke out!”

The game in Scotland is widely regarded as being on the cusp of terminal decline. Indeed some consider that threshold has already been passed.

Instead of leadership, honesty, soul searching and critical self analysis, some seem to prefer a stance of holding their hands over their ears and repeating “lah! lah! lah! lah! lah!”

ALL clubs and their supporters should be willing to accept constructive criticism.

After all, look what happened to the last club who’s support was ultra sensitive to negative comment.

Yes, Kilmarnock F.C. abstained from the vote. However, which is the more honest a vote? An abstention or a NO vote given by a club that wished to vote YES but was dissuaded from doing so solely as a result of the negative reaction of their support?

In the run up to the SPL vote;

Rod Petrie was having private meetings with Charles Green in an attempt to ‘smooth the way forward’ for TRFC in the SPL.

Eric Riley, was an integral part of the SPL board that was leading the fight to have TRFC retain SPL status.

If you wish to castigate any SPL club for this fiasco you should castigate all. However, the distinction between club and support is a valid one.

Without the reaction of the supporters you can be damn sure the vote to retain TRFC in the SPL would have carried.

And, if you don’t believe Celtic are seeking the prompt re-instatement of the ‘Old Firm’ brand, the lack of any rebuttal to Longmuir’s pronouncement should tell you all you need to know about the intent of Celtic F.C.

Everything Has Changed
yourhavingalaugh says:
Friday, March 8, 2013 at 23:19

“are the custodians of our game so corrupt they are willing to let their family history be tainted with the stigma their siblings will have to face if they fast track this accident waiting to happen”

An ever increasing amount of evidence would suggest, yes.

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