Of Assets and Liabilities

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Are you quite sure none of these donations are going …

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Are you quite sure none of these donations are going to Mr Custard, that would be embarrassing.

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Of Assets and Liabilities
If this reconstruction doesn’t happen before next season starts then by the time next season finishes then the best Trfc can hope for is a place in the second teir. The top leaque will consist of the spl clubs plus the top four in the 1st div. Or will we start with a leaque including Trfc based on criteria that denies at least one club their leaque position earned right to be included.

could a restructure take place in time for next season, do sponsorship and tv deals allow this. How does it effect individual clubs long term sponsorship, advertising and corporate deals given that there will be consequences in exposure and attendances. Will the appetite for desrtucture ( see what i did there ) be on the menu in a few years time if Trfc have progressed through the leagues and the reconstruction has diluted the power of the big two and Trfc would have to accept that they cannot dominate as they would like.

Of Assets and Liabilities
I think this is worth considering when working through the merits of reconstruction.

Trfc wont play in the spl while CG is in charge, what does this actually mean. Is it against the spl as a seperate body, is it against the clubs who make up the spl who voted not to allow them entry. Do Trfc want to play these clubs, will their fans attend the away games. Will Trfc target the clubs who had a glint in their eyes, CG has stated that he will never forget or forgive, so what is the intention behind that statement, will Trfc never interact with certain clubs or chairmen who made up the spl board. Why do we want to roll over and appease an aggressive entity that holds the top clubs in the country with contempt.

Of Assets and Liabilities
John Clarke,

Thanks for the reply.

It was buried in a sea of information yesterday and i wondered if D&P had used creditor funds to pay bills to allow the club to stumble over the line and finish the season last season. Cleared up now and happy to concentrate on the breaking story that caught my eye before i replied, a genuine wow just wow moment i think.

I hope you have room in your schedule to give us the benefit of your talents in the upcoming sequel, TRTC – the zombie returns, and this time he’s green.

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Everything Has Changed
Hello everyone.

Im not at all surprised by today’s ruling, we all know why these decisions always go the way of the establishment club.

Thanks to everyone for the education, the debate and the laughs. Huge thanks for RTC for sharing his information that leaves me in no doubt about the reasons behind the tax scheme, and the subsequent deliberate cheating by rangers by withholding information from the SFA, who through men like Gordon Smith and Campbell Ogilvie, knew exactly what was being done at Ibrox. The rulers have allowed the perpetrators enough legal jargon to justify their deluded claims of continuing history, tax evasion innocence, and administrative errors. However, the rest of us recognise liquidation, rule breaking, corruption and cover ups when we see it, and we can all clearly see what has happened.

Celtic will always be my club, but money is not to be wasted on a corrupt sport, its now lost to the game.

I see no reason to debate reconstruction, other clubs finances, rule breaking within the game, the msm, or any aspect of Scottish football actually as its like swatting flies from a huge stinking pile of shit while ignoring the shit that causing the stink in the first place.

Maybe this will be posted ( glad i missed greenock jack ) to thank the guys who brought us together and gave us 1% crap and 99% truth.

Thank you all and goodbye.

A Question of Trust (Updated)
ianagain on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 14:24
Hope they got paid up front.

Field Fisher Waterhouse corporate finance partner Christine Phillips spent much of 2012 on one of the highest-profile deals of the year, advising Rangers FC.

Rangers’ assets have now been floated on the AIM-listing and the club has raised £22m to improve its facilities and capital and boost the squad after liquidation saw it go from its premier position among Scottish football clubs to a lowly place in the third division of the Scottish Football League.

“It was a business that supported a lot of other suppliers,” says Phillips, “so inevitably for any football club to struggle economically in any city it causes problems for a lot of local businesses.

.“It’s important that you feel you’re doing something constructive for the local economy and with that club it was such a massive brand with a very dedicated and loyal supporter base that it has also been very rewarding to think that you’re helping the survival of the club.”

The deal was a rewarding but trying one, with the club’s fortunes all the while in the public eye. The consortium led by Charles Green, the club’s former owner, attempted to structure assets as acompany voluntary arrangement to try and ensure the survival of the club and its Scottish premier League membership.

Key creditor HMRC refused to support this, which meant the construction of a newco and the subsequent vote by the Scottish Football League for Rangers to

join the third rather than first division.

Phillips has both secured admission to AIM and an offer to fans to buy shares in their club, the total value of which is now £45.6m. Her work will make her popular with at least half of Glasgow.


I dont know if this is badly worded or i am reading it wrong, but the part that says the deal was “lead by charles greens consortium, the clubs former owner”

is that not textbook pheonix trading and gratuitous alienation.

2012 in review
John Clarke.

Yes it was my own and thanks for the comment.

Can i suggest we get a room before one of the many fine wits on here makes that joke.


2012 in review
Who else thinks that Trfc quietly approached Celtic and asked them to remove the last ever OF game comment from the clubs website, and got told to bolt.

Its only since that comment appeared that Trfc have dared to mention Celtic in derogatory terms.

Celtic have never feared rangers, but have never been in a powerful enough position on their own to defeat the unholy trinity of rangers, sfa and msm. Now though, with practically ever other club and their support beside Celtic, we all have enough strength to see this through to a fair conclusion. This is not a typical Celtic v rangers issue where the msm can influence opinion and split the other clubs supporters into camps, or the sfa can rule in rangers favour and appear to have assessed the facts and decided Celtic where in the wrong. This is purely a right or wrong issue and the other clubs support can clearly see a right or wrong side.

And we are all right.

2012 in review
For clarity.

JT is the semi.

John Clarke is beyond reproach in my opinion.

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