Of Assets and Liabilities


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Monday, November 5, 2012 at 01:26

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Monday, November 5, 2012 at 01:11
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On the attendances at Ibrox – one item of note is the upper deck where the debentures own the seats. They as far as the report from D&P in Aug have yet to be dealt with as a creditor and as such CG cannot be selling those seats until such time. In the alst D&P report, they had reported it was not dealt with. Yet I noted form one picture against Queens Park the upper deck was now being filled. So either a deal has been made with Debenture Holders and TRFC can now sell these seats or they have not and they are giving complimentary tickets to the Debentures meantime for those seats.

That could be the gap here – am sure CG would have announced a deal with them as a newfound dyed in the wool Bear – so can only assume the latter……..
The D&P statement on Rangers’ debenture holders was a crock of $h1t.

The debenture holders were deemed unsecured creditors by D&P and have lost their cash in the same way as everyone else.

Perhaps they simply didn’t think they would need it for the first few games; but, it is entirely possible that it is the former debenture holders (who are logically the most likely group for future investment in Sevco) were being softened up for the IPO with the offer of free tickets to their old seats at the recent home matches.


Undrstand they were unsecured creditors – however these are the very chaps CG needs to redupe (if there is such a word) having been duped by SDM that these seats belonged to them for life. Given that they are the only ones who would be able to say for certain that it was a brand new club (last season I had a seat, this season I have not), I am sure in order to maintain the now, is and forever nonsense, CG was willing to take a little hit on these and get them onboard. I am sure for a small fee they can kep their lifelong seats etc – this would be a mere 500 pound share purchase guaranteed before they can retake their seats. Since he cares not a jot about the longevity, he won’t care that they cannot and will not have anything next season either in all probablilty.

These Bears may well be the easiest to fleece – like my friend who has one, his father paid a lot of money for 4 debenture seats – and the best bit was that they could be guaranteed to seat all together with his brothers for the games ad infinitum. I am sure CG recognises this and has arranged a “transfer” to the new holding co fee. Which many will take up! Unfortunately I have not been in contact for years with my friend since I left Scotland, so don’t know if this is the case. But from my point of view it would make sense, as having people complain in the press about the loss of their debentures would be a bad PR thing at this juncture….and I have not seen any complaints! Nor has the MSM asked about it f course because they only repeat wha CG has said and he has not addressed it as per D&P reports!

Redupe. I think its a work we may hear a lot of going forward.

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Of Assets and Liabilities
Ordinaryfan – am sure CG will also be checking to see who had that ticket to make sure no more freebies.

Of Assets and Liabilities

Thanks Steven – here is the pic of the free ticket

Of Assets and Liabilities
Hi Steven – thanks – I get an error that the IP I am using is blocked on that site when I try to upload – will try again form home later when I finish work 🙂 Ah the joys of technology!

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
This portion interested me in the TRFC ST blurb.

“In addition, a limited number of value season tickets will be introduced, seeing the lowest adult price at Ibrox in more than 10 years.”

Having worked for ticketing pricing/accounting in a major US airline – I think they are using interesting similar tactics.

In order to get advertising going you designate the minimum no of seats as Consumer Watchdog will allow at a low price – say out of 350 seats you have 10 seats available for 200 while the rest are 300 – 500. You can now advertise the famous = prices start at only 200 – when in fact there is zero chance anyone outside of the 10 (which are sold via favoured outlets for commercial gain) will have a chance to get the for sale ones – they are then hooked into buying the other ones. This is favoured heavily by low cost carriers. And now seemingly football clubs!

An Honest Game? Convince Us.
New post from Phil…….any idea who George Angus is anybody?


An Honest Game? Convince Us.
Here we go for the next sugar daddy……………


Newcastle owner Mike Ashley plots move to buy Rangers and take them back to the Champions League

Apr 05, 2014 23:00
By Alan Nixon

The controversial Toon owner could uses his billions to rescue the ailing Scottish giants and restore them to their former glories

Great Scot: Is Mike Ashley set to go north of the border?

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley is ready to buy Scottish giants Rangers and bring back their glory days, reports Alan Nixon in the Sunday People.

The billionaire businessman, who already owns seven per cent of the Ibrox club, dreams of taking Rangers into the Champions League in the next two years.

But the 49-year-old has no plans to offload Newcastle – bad news for Toon fans who are desperate to see the back of him.

Yesterday members of the Mike Ashley Out Campaign held an open-top bus protest through the city centre before the game with Manchester United – they are fed up with Ashley’s stewardship of their club, claiming he runs it as a financial exercise rather than a sporting institution.

Owning two clubs in the same competition is forbidden – which could give Ashley problems should both Toon and Rangers qualify for Europe.

Ashley knows there is money to be made from the loyal Rangers supporters, as fanatical as Newcastle’s.

For all their current financial problems, Rangers could still be a money-making machine in the right hands.

An Honest Game? Convince Us.
JimBhoy says:

April 3, 2014 at 12:07 pm

I’d be pretty p!ssed off if the rumour that Celtic have fined Griffiths is true. It just backs up the lunacy at the SFA…


Nearly…….the fine by his employers makes the follow up charge by SFA even more nonsensical

Celtic had every right to slap him on the wrists – he should not by his own conduct blemish the reputation and good standing of his employer. Hopefully he has learned that he is now in a real fishbowl and cannot be seen to be doing this stuff when everyone and his uncle has a phone with video etc ready to send and post it all over the internet.

However, for the SFA to then become involved is nonsense – which is why Celtic are defending him on that – basically saying we have taken care of it and there is no need for a double punishment…………

I for one am not at all unhappy with Celtic for their stance so not sure why you are “pi$$ed”

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Ok here is something to consider………Goosey has got me thinking………….

SDM said CW duped him – everyone including me guffaws……..but what if……….

What if DK was the man that was supposed to take over the Marble Staircase but his issues with SARS meant he could not and the timing of this could not have been any worse since now SDM had no more time to delay until DK was free due to Lloyds now demanding their money back as well as his crumbling MIH empire………

So they find someone who will be the figurehead until DK can move in and take over…………

Jack built CW up thanks to Keef to be the billionaire – MH were SDM’s boys doing the favour….so they built him up because it suited their agenda to have him accepted. SDM also ignored Bain and Johnstons warnings – SDM also put CW in touch with Ticketus – seemed all very friendly indeed between SDM and CW.
During the CW reign, DK was not only getting financial reports on a continuous basis but also was the only one not fired or forced out – and as soon as Admin happens, in flies DK………….

DK was an important piece – and thinks he is owed after his 20 million gift to Murray Sports…….

But what if for once SDM was telling the truth……

What if DK was supposed to be the Loving Cup toaster in waiting……….and CW was supposed to be the foreman meantime………..but decided instead to go with his plan to get Ibrox and Moses MacNeil Park via a quick administration……….which backfired when Charles and Imran reneged on their promises………..

According to our late friend Corsica, CW, CG and DK were amongst a select group in Zurich for a wee chat………. now why would DK want to be doing that……….the others we know why, but DK?

Could it be that Lord Cardigans last minute attempt was an attempt by SDM to get the assets safe until DK was back in the ring once his SARS troubles were over……

However, CG and his band had already got visions of mansions in France and despite their Rangersitis, saw the possibilities of their bank balances increasing substantially.

DK was left without his promised position at the head of the Peepil and has been trying to finagle a way back in ever since……..

Maybe for once Murray is telling the truth……….and he was indeed duped………..as was DK.

Some things start to make a bit more sense if you go along those lines…………

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