Of Assets and Liabilities

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Doontheslope Surely you have misread Shug Keevins ,where the words “hypotheticaly …

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Surely you have misread Shug Keevins ,where the words “hypotheticaly speaking of course”
not in his comment,when I hear him say this my mind always translates this to “patheticaly speaking of course”
Oh Shug on the coldest of days your still a warmer

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Of Assets and Liabilities
Has Charlie been running his own version of Asda’s BOGOF deal as something is amiss if the police figures are anything to go on ,another thought on this is are the police being paid the correct amount or are they saying we only sent enough officers to police x amount of fans but we also gave Charlie a BOGOF deal on officers supplied ,therefore we can only report we policed x amount of fans,can we also look at the catering franchise as they must be laughing all the way to the laundry with the cash they will be taking in,I still go by that D.King owns the laundry.Oh and Charlie if you had another suit they would prob do you a BOGOF on your cleaning .Come on Whytey time for another appearance, as, if car parks are being shifted surely this affects your stake,can we listen to some of your tapes.

Of Assets and Liabilities
Makes you wonder about the big crowds for the league games as we have heard of tickets for these games been given away in their thousands [alledgedly] but they cannot give them away for cup games as this would count in the split of gate receipts ,we should be told Charles.
League games =European record for attendances for a 4th tier club
Cup games = World record walking away attendances for a 4th tier club

Of Assets and Liabilities
What a mess Charlie has gotten himself into ,he will know that there is no way any investor will get a return of any sort for at least 10 years and no investor is going to wait that long,unless they have money to throw away [,D.King] no its going to be one share issue after another along with increases in season ticket prices ,European friendlies etc ,although 11 mop heads would find it difficult not to wipe the floor with the present 11 ,no Charlie is telling about the only true thing he has said and that is Sevco will not be playing in the SPL ,not under him or any other Sevco empoyee,and that is when the real trouble starts ,Regan and Doncaster had better find another solar system to work on as no matter the skullduggery they might try to enforce on the Scottish game to help the occupiers of someone elses asset at Edminston Drive ,I am sure Mr Platini and his level playing field team of finance people will be keeping a keen eye on our game and how one team in particular is progressing through the ranks ,Uefa might not have got involved in the omnishambles before but we can be sure they will not let it happen twice ,there will be more than one desk in Mr Ogilvies office from now on .

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Murray Metals was the first of the 2 biggest in the portfolio to go ,£120m for the first and the following year the other went for circa 96m,a few smaller companies where bought up at the time ,the buyer I think was a Mr M Guidi ,I think.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Have any bears questioned why the 120 day time frame wasnt kept ,does anybody connected with them ever ask a pertinent question,what difference would the extension make to what must have been put together before the New Year,even the squirrels have got fed up and f@cked off.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Re Neil Doncaster
The guy is basicly saying to any sponsor ,just give us your dough and dont ask any questions as you will not get any answers,well you will but you wont be able to understand and we need your cash,so just hand it over,our product is on the up after a slight set back but buy in now and reap the benefits,you know you want to.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Calling the season book standoff a trust is got to be comedy gold at its best commuting from this lot

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
I suppose the obvious candidate to press release the shirt would be a certain Mr Black,fitting really,someone putting their shirt on black,oh my sides.

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