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What Chuckie really meant was that he wouldnt be around …

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What Chuckie really meant was that he wouldnt be around to sign the Sky deal. This lot seem to be better organised than CW. I don’t think they will make the mistake of hanging around too long beyond the point of maximum profitability.

The first rumblings of tax problems regards individuals, hints about unsuitability for position in football, possibility of severe sanctions against licence holder following FTT findings and the soon to fail share offer……nah, not long now chaps. Double dip recession down Govan way methinks.

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
If the ultimate plan is to fast track sevco 5088/Scotland then I wonder how many representatives are truly disappointed with the outcome? Will it lead to a split with invite? If so then not for me guys.

Is SG fronting for his own fans or sevco? Time may well tell.

The majority of fans did not fancy the proposed structure and were wary of the speed and timing of the process. It has been voted down. If the status quo remains then it may well have been a well intentioned proposal by chairmen who see the bigger picture regards finance. If a rush is now made to kick of SPL1 & SPL2 then I know I will not trust the whole process.

I am still undecided as to whether my Clubs rep would surreptitiously go along with a plan to fast track sevco for financial gain. I may never know 100% but I know I won’t be spending my well earned cash following a corrupt league. IF that is what I eventually perceive it to be.

Time will tell. Oh and if it is all an attempt to circumvent fan pressure and fast track Newclub how ironic if after all their efforts there is no Newclub to invite?

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
chipm0nk says:
Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 12:31
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Someone asked about Rangers stating that the assets had been bought by Sevco 5088, I think this is the relevant thing.


Interesting wording from the club spokesman. Clearly stating that the assets are held by the company which IS rfc……obviously not up to speed with the people’s line.

Fair Play at FIFA?
What happens next season?

Can the SFA/SFL give any type of a licence to a club which no one knows who owns?

If no licence is given will the league place be re allocated leaving no slot for any Newco club?

I can’t help but think timing is of the essence. If this is some part of a great Machiavellian scam then it will be interesting to see how it pans out and with whom at the helm? If not and there is a hiatus caused by spivs mud slinging then any and all claim to history will finally end. We may yet see Scottish football free of all that Oldclub entailed which will lead to reconstruction.

Fair Play at FIFA?
What possessed CG to sit down for an interview at this time? Perchance he thought it was another opportunity to spout drivel without retort? If the MSM had started off in this fashion when wee Davy Murray first hit the buffers in the noughties rfc may still be alive.

They will all be on the bandwagon now. Time for some revisionist journalism methinks.

Fair Play at FIFA?

I realise that the general belief/worry is that he and his ilk have a master plan and that every twist and turn has a reason but, perhaps along the Occams Razor conclusion, he and one or two others just aren’t as clever as they and some among us think.

It is apparent that at the very least there is a falling out amongst chancers. I proposed on RTC long ago that all has and is not going to plan. If they were all financial wizards we would have either heard of them or things would be flowing much smoother.

I suspect that along the way they have referenced this and RTC when faced with problems and are winging it. What has helped them majorly is authority and media reticence towards negative reaction to the original rfc. The Whyte reporting in the media recently mentioned that CG was terrified of the Media scrutiny. Even I, not being a betting man, would wager he cannot believe how easy it has been to ramble on and fool the fans without any in depth questioning.

If/when it all goes to court with TRfc being in limbo regards ownership and legitimacy how will fans claim continued history and authorities hold a place in the leagues. It looks to be heading down this route.

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