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How it should be done? OpCapita buy Comet from the previous …

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How it should be done?

OpCapita buy Comet from the previous owners for £2 (sound familiar?), attempt to turn the business round but fail. Having positioned themselves as secured creditor, they still will walk away with a profit on the deal. They were also behind in the distressed take-over of MFI (and others). Mr. Green should really have taken lessons …

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Reflections on Goalposts
TSFM says:
January 25, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Unusually (very) high new registrations on the site. Beware a troll offensive


The problems with the comments may explain this event. It certainly got me to sign up (to this latest incarnation).

Reflections on Goalposts
Hello! I am usually a lurker on this site, although I have posted a few times previously. I have been encouraged to sign in as the comments pages are going bananas for those lurkers not signed in. Trying to go back from the latest comments page to the previous comments page leads to an “empty” comments page, with only the top & bottom “Older Comments” links being shown. Clicking on one of these links then takes one back to the comments page of the “Bonkers OC/NC Thread!”

I have tried both Firefox & Opera … both browsers exhibit exactly the same behaviour suggesting that it is the HTML they receive that is the issue.

Edit: This has happened a few times over the last week.

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
It is hard work having a discussion on this blog when you only have an hour to spare!

As regards Celtic’s inaction, I try to point out that at times, there seems to be double standards in this blog. We demand transparency and explanations from Stuart Regan & the SFA, from Neil Doncaster & the SPL … when they say nothing, we attack them for ignoring their stakeholders. When Celtic fans demand transparency and explanations from Peter Lawell & CFC, they say nothing, but are lauded by others for having a secret master plan that will ultimately save Scottish football. What is the difference between these situations? Despite many requests, they refuse to engage with their fans.

I am sure that there are other chairmen in Scottish football who would love to see changes in the authorities’ top positions but they will not act without the support of the “big boy.” Celtic have had personnel in executive positions on the SPL & SFA for over twenty years. The rule changes that other posters have ferretted out to ensure Ibrox FC’s survival were put in place with the assent of the Celtic placemen.

If fans had “waited and seen” (as the advice from several posters suggest) last season, Sevco FC would have been playing in the SPL, debt-free and with the same playing squad as though nothing had happened. I cannot see how Celtic FC tried to alter that situation. As it is, many SFL chairmen stood up for integrity. Their reward under the new reconstruction process has been financial penalties (c.f. the interview with Henry McLelland of Annan Athletic).

It is disappointing that I have to go after this post so can only catch up tomorrow. If only the blog was less popular and did not take so long to read through …

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Reconstruction? Or last year’s plan come to fruition?

Have a look at what has just been agreed by the SPL and SFL and compare it to the plan of action that was leaked to Alex Thomson and published by him on 15th July 2012: http://blogs.channel4.com/alex-thomsons-view/rangers-leaked-email/2305

The clubs have been taking their customers for fools ever since we made our stand last year.

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
iceman63 says:
June 13, 2013 at 5:03 pm


john clarke says:
June 13, 2013 at 7:54 pm

jonsouthgen says:
June 13, 2013 at 8:10 pm


I am with iceman63. “Judge people by their actions” was advice passed on to me by my father. So far, the only actions that I have seen Celtic FC carry out are:

1) Tell the Scottish Government that they can survive financially without Rangers FC;
2) Express mild surprise at the LNS commission’s verdict when investigating fielding ineligible players;
3) Expressing fulsome praise for Neil Doncaster for his sterling efforts on reconstruction.

Actions I have not witnessed:

1) Stating publicly that the rules should be followed without fear or favour;
2) Expressing disquiet about the lies & duplicity involved when granting Sevco FC a football licence;
3) Questioning the result of the LNS commission;
4) Appealing the result of the LNS commission for the reputational loss of Celtic FC and the financial loss of its shareholders caused by the continued breaching of the rules by Rangers FC;
5) Fielding an alternative candidate for the position of SFA president;
6) Organising meetings to address supporters’ concerns;
7) Showing any transparency in its or its SPL/SFA board member’s decisions;
8) Show any understanding that the broken business modei is irreparable.

Granted, all of these inactions are applicable to the other clubs (with the noted exceptions of Motherwell, St. Mirren and Raith Rovers who have had meetings with the fans). The question of putting European money at risk is a joke: there is no way Sevco can compete with their playing & management staff. I think the Celtic board are concerned that without the hate fest of the “Old Firm” games, fans will drift away from the club. In that, they are right – but fans are leaving in disgust because they believe the board are complicit with what has taken place.

Waiting and seeing has brought Scottish football to its knees. The clubs have made it clear that they do not want contact with the fans (they do not even acknowledge e-mails!) – only our money. The only reason change was effected last year was due to supporters witholding the purchase of season tickets and that will be the extent of our influence this year. Paying up without question will only ensure the corruption. Sevco supporters are constantly accused of wilful blindness … well, the same is true of Celtic supporters. The scales dropped from my eyes this time last year.

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