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Hi all, I like many others have become impatient for movement …

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Hi all,
I like many others have become impatient for movement against the cheating years.  However, as time passes, I am totally convinced that the Government and the Banking Establishment, will not allow the wrongs to be righted.  
Any Politician who sticks there nose into this mess, know full well that that the wrath, which will descend on them, means that votes will be lost.  Therefore, rather than do anything to restore Justice and Integrity to Scottish Football, they will ignore doing what is morally right as they are all cowards! 
The real Sevco fans who I believe are in the majority, are also scared, to take on wrongdoers.
We all know why this continues in Scotland as no one has the courage to take on, and defeat, the cancer killing our game.
It is embarrassing to hear the hatred and bigotry, is it not time in 2017, to say enough is enough?
How do we change?  Scrap the current SPL and SFA leadership, and somehow bring democracy back into the game.  Stop the embarrassing chants, not by arresting people, but deducting points!  This will have to be governed by honest, and reasonable people, certainly not those who are in place currently!
Fear is what is damaging our game!  Fear of telling Sevco fans, yes you really are a new club!  Fear of deducting points, each and every time the bigoted songbook is heard, by any side!
I try to remain optimistic that the guys, who are far more knowledgeable than myself, can succeed in the courtrooms.  
2017, hopefully this will be the year that the FEAR is overcome? 

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Hi folks,
I am disappointed that no action will be taken against Sevco/Rangers but not surprised.  The Establishment decided long ago that if they could have got away with it, there would have been no punishment at all!
The fans took them on and won, with a little help from those men called out the cheating, and who still had some morals.
It is once again up to the fans, but is the appetite still there for a fight?  I am a Celtic supporter, and I am disappointed that they have sat on their hands throughout this debacle!
If the SPL statement tomorrow does not say, what is the point in chasing for titles to be taken off a club, liquidated, and no longer in existence, then all is lost!
We cannot even say, “meet the boss, same as the old boss” as all the culprits remain in their luxury laughing at us.  
Scottish Football as a fair competition is over!  It is like The Banks and the Multi-Nationals, no one to blame.  Taxes they are for the little man!


Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Hi folks,
I am becoming frustrated that no punishment is going to be extended to Sevco/Rangers!  It would appear to me, that the long silence game is being played by all involved i.e. SFA/SPL/Media/Government!
We seem to be living in a land where this injustice is never going to be aired, as the Establishment have locked all the doors!
Celtic are being isolated, therefore if they don’t act soon, anything that they do, will become a sectarian issue, which of course must always be swept under the carpet!  
It appears to me that Scottish Football Fans will have to live with governing bodies, that ask permission from the Ibrox Board before making statements!
Where do we go from here?

Jimmy Bee (Maybe the heat is getting to me?)

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Hi Folks,
A voice from the wilderness!  I seem to remember at the start of the crisis the First Minister Alex Salmond made, what was to be his only comment on Rangers, “That He would do everything in his power to help them”!
Since way back then the, Scottish Government and the Opposition Parties have rarely, if ever commented on the situation.
I note that Sir David Murray was a guest along with other millionaires to a dinner held by current First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, back in March of this year.
The First Minister is usually not shy at tackling companies who cheat at paying there Taxes.  Why no comment about this subject?  The sums of money involved, and the cheating of our National Game, has found Rangers and the owner and members of the Boards, Players, Coaching Staff, and the one time Chairman of the SFA GUILTY of wrongdoing?
Will the First Minister condemn this appalling cheating, and stealing of Taxes, and do Her Day Job of running our country, in a fair minded manner, and ensuring that all the help needed by, HMRC, to collect, the money owed, and help out NHS, Schools etc., the list is endless!
Politicians normally are falling over themselves to get on TV, when scandals like this happen!
Or, are they scared?  Or, maybe there hands are on the Five-Way Agreement?  It is 2017, and our Government and Media are behaving like we are in the Dark Ages!  Time for Action!

Small Price to Pay?
Hello again, still here,
My recollections of the Administration are that everyone, was writing about how this was the strangest event that they could recall?
I take the view that Rangers thought they had so much clout with the SFA, that everything would just continue as normal, and the Administrators went along with that opinion.  This is probably shown by the fact that they tried to buy Daniel Cousins, in the middle of this crisis!
I think the SFA still hang on to the coat tails of Sevco, and all the rule changing that went on back then were possibly, dodgy to be polite, or corrupt, which maybe one day will be proved in a Court of Law?
Only when the guilty men are punished, will the Scottish Football Association, have any respect from me!
Thanks to all the regular contributors, who educate me a little bit more each day.

Jimmy Bee Jay

The Causes of Crime
Hello folks, still lurking!  I have just read JohnJames blog and Phils.  If this farce keeps going, it feels like what I have always believed that the Scottish Government may well be helping in the background?
I feel that any other Company in this situation would be long gone, and The Silence From The Lambs, is almost deafening.  What is the problem in telling the truth even if just occasionally.
The majority of people I speak to appear to think I’m obsessed when I mention the current shenanigans!  Will the bubble ever burst, or will The Establishment continue to allow this corruption of FOOTBALL to continue?

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