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PADDY MALARKEYAUGUST 12, 2017 at 01:07 Why do CFC not do anything …

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PADDY MALARKEYAUGUST 12, 2017 at 01:07
Why do CFC not do anything about the disgraceful behaviour of our away support, surely in this day and age when tickets are sold it is not beyond their ken to be able to identify these half wits, what do our English based players think when they hear this nonsense coming from the support. I feel that the buses that are run to these games must also take a harder line on the singing of songs that in no way represent the majority of fans that refrain from such nonsense.
I have grandparents who were involved in both the uprising and the following civil war and I can assure you these halfwits have no idea what it was all about if they think that spouting this baloney makes them patriotic or for that matter a better supporter, they are sadly misled, this was a time of bravery, sacrafice, grief and loss that my forefathers found hard to talk about and rarely did and for these idiots to use their cause to sully the name of the team I love troubles me greatly.
The club was set up not as a political weapon but as a charitable organisation to help the needy regardless of creed or colour, let’s have some respect and keep it that way.

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On Grounds for Judicial Review
The recent meeting between the Celtic Fans,  Doncaster and McKenzie raises so many issues that if  The SMSM continue to ignore them they themselves become part of the cover up and will ultimately pay the price, their silence ensures their complicity and sheer lack of moral integrity  that only they will have to learn to live with their cowardice. 
When does it get to the stage when the accumulation of evidence makes it unsustainable to continue the lie? to me this point was passed a long time ago and their collective erses are having real issues controlling their collective sphincters.

JJ pointed out a few highlights from the meeting which we should all be grateful for (the more of us that bring light on this conspiracy the better) I feel a tad peeved though that he failed to point out after the first comment left by fisiana that the main body of his blog 
was the work of others, I know he has broken down the constituent parts of thee statement into a well structured diagnosis and gave credit at the start of the piece to celticicminded.com, he should though inform those who are under the impression that the piece is on the whole is the work of others, credit where credit is due and all that.

The way things are panning out, I am growing increasingly confident that this is now turning into an unstoppable freight train slowly gathering momentum and the balsa wood buffers will be mere splinters on the tracks, sadly it will be the supporters who will ultimately have to pick up the debris of what is left of our game, will it be worth it? your damn right it will.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Sorry guys I may not have expressed what I was trying portray, by pointing out what I perceived as being a cracking in the foundations of the press we are all subjected to. kj and Chris jack are the least of my worries, my gripe is with the “more intelligent” operators in their mists that stubbornly refuse to ask the obvious. Messrs English, Spiers and the so called broadsheet reporters are failing in a way that I really believe they will go to their last resting place wishing they had the balls to say in print what was needed to be said, what a chance they are missing, or is it they are so frightened of the loss of the blue pound they are willing to turn a blind eye? There are really simple questions to ask the SFA the SPFL,King, Murray, Ogilvie, ahh feck it I will be here all night but I think you get my drift.
The point is, there are so many wrongs in the game up here, at what point does it become unsustainable to keep it going? Sadly we have supporters who can be led with the right sound bite, I will not belittle their love of their club for that, what I will belittle is blatant abuse by the msm in manipulating the the facts and not being held to account for their actions.

I gave up my 4 season tickets  in 2013, I miss the game deeply but I can not bring myself to ignore all I have learned through sites like this and until there is a dramatic change that in my case will be the status quo.

On Grounds for Judicial Review
Cracks showing in level 5? can anyone enlighten us on the press walk out at ibrox k jackson refers to.


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The Vice Closes
JJ has posted emails allegedly confirming SFA had knowledge prior to the cut off dates, I don’t know if these are the same ones other sources have been alluding to but they seem to be genuine enough and pretty conclusive

The Vice Closes
Deary me, the beeb has definately got its establishment head on tonight, what was really annoying was when tax cheat Boyd nearly chocked with sarcastic laughter, I nearly chocked on my own vomit. As for Petrie hold your head in shame.
It is now getting near the time to initiate fans funding for a JR.
The panel tonight seemed to be in agreement that we will be discussing this farce in 50 years time but we must move on! ludicrous, but that is the mentality we’re up against. Tom English seems to be unsure of his stance on this, one minute he is urging everyone to put it all behind us then in the next breath stating he is all for a review whilst intimating that Lawwell is isolated. All very strange, you would think they were making it up ad hoc, wait a minute! where have I heard that before?

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
Another one in the mould of old school reporters was Alan Heron, he once spoke at a charity golf outing at Alloa’s Shawpark and told how he was commentating on a Scotland v Russia game when his fellow commentator a certain Bob Crampsay asked him who the Russian Nr 4 was to which he replied F*cked if a know, Crampsay carried on with his in depth description and duly informed the listeners that Fuctavano has just booted the ball into touch for a Scotland throw, oh aye and I missed a 2 ft put on the 18th which cost me a 2 week all in golfing holiday for two in the Algarve, loosing it with the same score as the guy that won it but with a worse inward 9, nice brolly though for second place.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
No one needs to commit to SFSA or for that matter totally rule them out, why not let things pan out to see exactly where they intend to take things (within a reasonable time span) I for one am not totally convinced their intentions are honourable but will remain open minded. 
If you have a chance have a gander at James Forest’s latest https://thecelticblog.com he has done an outstanding analysis on the SPFL Statement and in particular the 5 way agreement which I must admit to being pretty vague on when it came to the finer details, his take on it certainly opened my eyes and I will be forever in his debt for rekindling my waning interest (through total frustration) after the bollocks that the SPFL served up to justify their position, shame on them all. 
As for the lack of any sort of response from Celtic, I am still pretty confident that they are taking their time to react and are currently drafting up their response which will blow this cover up wide open, they will be aware they have a responsibility to their shareholders and will be taking proper legal advice on their position. I have once again written to them stating that until they act to defend the integrity of the game in Scotland and do all in their power to right this wrong, my considerable yearly input will go to more deserving causes.
Well done to the Dons last night, they have given themselves a real good chance, let’s hope they can finish the job as a wee run in Europe for both teams would help lighten the mood all round.

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
JIMBOJULY 9, 2017 at 08:07       1 Vote 
Pat Byrne,
BRTH answers your questions here:http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/bdos-duty-to-report-rangers-directors-to-dti/

Thanks JIMBO
That covers a lot of what I was trying to get to only in a far more understandable and informative format, I am relieved that more capable minds are onto this and other aspects of this charade that require to be exposed to the public at large, I was thinking that I was probably barking up the wrong tree the last few weeks as my knowledge of corporate practises are very limited and extend to what I can Google (as long as it sticks to layman’s terms)

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