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John clarke says: (1411) December 4, 2013 at 5:25 pm —————————————— John My post …

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john clarke says: (1411)
December 4, 2013 at 5:25 pm

My post largely touched on what the authorities might do in the event of an insolvency event with respect of a points deduction, and I also touched on Laxey Partner’s motives.

Regarding the last couple of paragraphs, from which you have quoted me, I personally would love nothing better than to have the chance to play them, just once, and to annihilate them on the park.
It’s not a case of legitimising them- it is however the case that Rangers International have the same fans as the club that went before them.

I read James Forrest’s blog the other day and agreed with most of it. Fatigue has set in, and we are now just weary of them. I know I am, and the troll that has been hogging this site the past few days, Bryce, and his ever increasing and convoluted arguments, is a good example of how wearisome they have become.

What better way could there be to provide the icing on the ice cream and jelly, then, than to destroy the team that plays in Rangers colours- just once- in the Scottish Cup, and to also destroy any ounce of morale their fans have managed to muster about their new club?

As far as I am concerned there will always be ‘a’ Rangers. It might not be even the current form, but their fans will continue to have a club to support. Celtic & ‘Rangers’ will meet again one day.

My reasoning is that now ‘Rangers’ are impoverished and in the position that they are, it would be an excellent time to dish out some footballing revenge upon their supporters.

If we do meet, I will lap up every minute of pain we provide Rangers International with on the park.

Every last second.

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Past the Event Horizon
Celtic play Barcelona tomorrow.

Whilst I will enjoy the game, my thoughts will be with Paul’s friends and family as they lay him to rest. He was the most intelligent and sharp commentator on the Rangers story in my humble opinion, but always did so with an amused, arched eyebrow and never with what anyone could describe as maliciousness.

He is a great loss to everyone who followed and continues to follow this story.That loss of course does not compare to the loss his loved ones will feel.

His blogs remain for anyone to view. They also remain very relevant. They will hopefully continue to serve as an archive of events, open for everyone to interpret, whether they be a Celtic or Rangers fan, a legal eagle or a layman novice like I.

RIP Paul McConville.

Past the Event Horizon
Rangers International was admitted to the LSE on the 19th December 2012.

The lock- in period, as everyone knows, lasts for 12 months and thus ceases on the 19th December 2013.

That just happens to be the date of the Ibrox club’s AGM.

Smart move by the Spivs.

Whilst they’re being confronted by hundreds of Bears, they’ll be quietly selling all of their shares. 😆

Past the Event Horizon
john clarke says: (1412)
December 4, 2013 at 10:28 pm


I understand the notion that in any potential clash against Rangers International, Celtic fans should boycott the match.

However I don’t think that’s a realistic proposition at all.

As stated in an earlier post, the fans of TRIFC are the same as the old Rangers. I can guarantee you that whether the match took place at Celtic Park or Ibrox, it would be a certain sell- out.

Just look at the number of supporters that turned up from each side to the youth game at Firhill last year. 6,000 tickets went on sale and 6,000 punters turned up.

It’s a fact that Celtic will play a side purporting to be Rangers at one stage another. Rivalry amongst the fans will continue, whether we like it or not (and don’t we spend half our lives ripping them on blogs and social media? I know I do).

Better to meet soon and tank them in my opinion- even if it’s only once.

NB I’d be perfectly happy if Dunfermline did knock them out of the cup- I’d be happy if anyone did- so I have no disagreements with you there.

Anyway- let’s leave it there as the media are already ramping up the prospect of a potential encounter. I have no desire to add to that- my only desire is to humiliate their fans on the park, if we are given the opportunity to do so.

Now, what about these Laxey fella’s…

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Looks like cheerio to Sevco 5088. Application to strike off made by sole remaining director Green yesterday. Can we assume Whyte has been paid his go away fee?

Podcast Episode 1
Just ten days to go until the Upper Tier Tribunal commences to hear HMRC’s appeal against the former Rangers football club (now in liquidation).

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Interesting post from KDS’s lubolubo, cut & pasted below:

“You have to remember there are two companies. RIFC (which had the ipo) and TRFC (the clumpany). RIFC raised the IPO dosh, TRFC spent it. TRFC will owe RIFC for the IPO money it has spent. It would be clearer if TRFC published accounts but they dont have to do so until May. RIFC will claim the money spent as debt, relieve TRFC of it’s property assets and become a very profitable property leasing company with one client signed up to a long term onerous lease including paying for upkeep after it sells TRFC (probably for a pound) to ra bares next saviour.”


Reflections on Goalposts
Has Imran Ahmad been anonymously emailing Scottish journalists telling them that the money will run out by February 14th? I can’t say 100% if Ahmad is involved, but someone has been contacting these journalists.

The same person also told these journalists a week before Stockbridge’s departure that he would be leaving, and that a deal had been cut regarding his bonus.

There is also an interesting development in that Tom Whyte has apparently been telling acquaintances that his son has secured funding in order to pursue litigation regarding the assets. This has come from a source on twitter. The Ahmad stuff, by the way, did not.

Are these alleged events linked? Are Ahmed and Whyte hoping to apply one final bit of pressure in order to secure a pay- off, or is it more than that?

We will see in the next few weeks. My prediction is that the dates between 7 – 21 Feb will prove telling.

If nothing happens, I guess we can finally lay the ghost of Whyte to rest.


Reflections on Goalposts
I tried to post the Rangers Media thread on the above, but it wouldn’t let me. If you can face it, there’s an excerpt of the headline over there in the “Tomorrows Herald” thread.

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