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It was with disbelieve and more than some amusement that …

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It was with disbelieve and more than some amusement that I read this just posted on Twitter;

As someone quite eloquently said the other day “Different turd but the same flies”

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Past the Event Horizon
I’ve taken this from the LSE message board. It appears, that in the light of football “clubs” being indestructible, administration is now a very palatable way of curing one’s financial problems. This Sevco fan certainly sees this as an acceptable escape route.
Today 12:50cloutieRE: Radical change for the better33.50No Opinion
A lot of common sense in all that, BlueOrder, but the big problem is that far too many people are on long term, big money contracts. Getting rid of such people is very expensive, and there doesn’t appear to be enough money left to fund such pay-offs. There’s no point raking over the past regarding why these people are on such generous contracts, but the problem is, what can be done now. Administration of TRFC gives the opportunity to break these contracts, and start afresh with a realistic cost base. I simply cannot see an alternative way forward. At the moment the board seem to be just waiting until the money finally runs out. That’s not a strategy at all. As for the 120 day review that has been announced, will the money not run out first? What’s to do that takes 4 months? I am very concerned that I’ve been sold a pup here.

Past the Event Horizon
Just had a quick look at Chris Graham’s Twitter timeline. Goodness me the staff at his local bookies must do high 5’s when they see him entering the premises. Has that lad ever got even near a correct prediction ?

Past the Event Horizon
ecobhoy says: (2078)
December 17, 2013 at 7:19 pm

I think Ally is obviously needed to sell STs and was given the all-clear IMO to walk-away from actually voting against the Board. No doubt we will get some tortuous explanation from him in the not too distant future but I very much doubt he was given the nod until after the proxy votes were known.

The guy Lacks Moral Fibre and LMF should be stamped on his discharge papers in red
It’s pretty clear what the sleekit one has been up to. You would like to think that the hordes will see right through the charade but in all likelihood we know they won’t.

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Why We Need to Change
Just listened back to BBC Sportsound there. Listening to Richard Wilson makes me just want to cancel my subscription with the BBC. If only that was possible without a criminal record for my Mrs. Houston made Tom English sound like Bamber Gascoigne.

I note that Graeme has taken over from Mr Park. I would be worried about my inheritance too.

More to follow me thinks.

Reflections on Goalposts
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Naughty step for you. Come back when you feel like apologising to the poster you just abused)

Reflections on Goalposts
ecobhoy says: (2170)

January 4, 2014 at 3:39 pm

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I see this was apparently sent to Craig Mather on 7/10/2013. No wonder he resigned from RIFC as CEO a week later 😆
I would imagine Sandy’s old English teacher won’t be dining off his success at all those Greenock dinner parties anymore after that shocker.

Reflections on Goalposts
At first I thought this was the work of a “Timposter” but apparently not.

Reflections on Goalposts
Fisiani says: (56)

January 2, 2014 at 8:29 pm

The Rangrs bingo game rules are simple.
Choose the date when The Rangers administration is announced.
My pick is May 22nd 2014
By now Doncaster will have been asked the question of the points deduction when they fall into administration. Once they are leading their league by this amount plus 10 points I would expect it then.

My Bingo guess is 17th March.

One thing’s for sure if it’s going to happen it will be this season. They would have no chance of gaining promotion into the top tier if it happened next season.

Well done Hibs tonight. A great turnout also.

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