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Not sure how trustworthy these polls are. My own expectations are …

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Not sure how trustworthy these polls are.

My own expectations are that it would be utterly baffling if any supporters of non-Old Firm clubs would want Rangers back in the top tier, as our absence has allowed them to compete for the second place spot that previously – generally speaking – was out of reach. Of course there is the “blue pound” aspect but I think fans of rival clubs have made it quite clear they’d rather their clubs took a slight drop in revenue than have Rangers darken their doors, so that really is an irrelevance.

As for guessing the minds of Celtic fans, there seems to be a split – though I wouldn’t know the proportions either way – between one side delighted at having a one-horse race to romp every season, and the other side wanting some degree of competition to return to the title race or, more simply, the joy of beating Rangers which would usually form the icing on the cake of any previous league triumph. Some fans get wound up by the implications there’s no real competition to Celtic at the moment, others don’t give a damn. I suspect those fault lines would also run through the question of whether Rangers’ presence back in the top league would be a good thing or not.

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I was responding to your post of 4.09pm, which appears to contradict your earlier offering from an hour earlier (which I hadn’t earlier read) the content of which indicates that you do in fact recognise…
– Rangers fans haven’t “walked away from this shambles”,
– that there are folk “prepared to lead”
– and that there is in fact evidence of fans “standing up” to lead the task

…albeit you think the efforts shown so far are insufficent. Fine, a valid perspective. If you’d transmitted those sentiments in the later post then I wouldn’t have felt obliged to respond.

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blu says: (475)
December 11, 2013 at 2:41 pm

Thanks bryce, you’re obviously a better source for bobcobb. You’ll have the direct links to the rulings on the ASA site that he asks for?
Can’t find either on that site at the moment.

Past the Event Horizon
blu says: (474)
December 11, 2013 at 2:24 pm

There were two entirely unrelated ASA cases regarding Rangers.

One was the “most successful club” one, which the ASA have ruled in favour of.

The other was in regard to an internet/email advert referring to some claim about 50 million fans or something absurd. That was hooked, which is what that “informally resolved cases” bit refers to.

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