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Fisiani The Titanic was not hit by an iceberg ,it hit …

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The Titanic was not hit by an iceberg ,it hit the poor iceberg ,this is exactly what the Sevconians are trying to get everyone to believe also that the RFC where not to blame for their disaster,no ,it was the people at the helm that steered the ship to its fate,not experienced in the waters they where attempting to navigate with the size of ship.
As for the Easdales ,dont follow the Muray Formula in trying to sell off your business,its has flaws in it,just read back in the press ,oh ,on second thoughts ,take the pound now.

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Past the Event Horizon
Gym Trainer
I know its been a while but lest we forget ,all wealth associated with said club has always been off the radar,aplogies as I forget who is the author of said phrase.

Past the Event Horizon
You are a few San Miguels too late with your suggestion ,TRIFC have just introduced various boards to carry out the suggestion you have just made,I would say lets give this a chance and use it as the role model.

Past the Event Horizon
ASA decision ,pray do tell who the SFA comment came from ,we should be told,hope it was not from “its a decision for the fans man”

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Murray Metals was the first of the 2 biggest in the portfolio to go ,£120m for the first and the following year the other went for circa 96m,a few smaller companies where bought up at the time ,the buyer I think was a Mr M Guidi ,I think.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Have any bears questioned why the 120 day time frame wasnt kept ,does anybody connected with them ever ask a pertinent question,what difference would the extension make to what must have been put together before the New Year,even the squirrels have got fed up and f@cked off.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Re Neil Doncaster
The guy is basicly saying to any sponsor ,just give us your dough and dont ask any questions as you will not get any answers,well you will but you wont be able to understand and we need your cash,so just hand it over,our product is on the up after a slight set back but buy in now and reap the benefits,you know you want to.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Calling the season book standoff a trust is got to be comedy gold at its best commuting from this lot

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
I suppose the obvious candidate to press release the shirt would be a certain Mr Black,fitting really,someone putting their shirt on black,oh my sides.

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