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“We also consulted with the SFA, which confirmed that its …

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“We also consulted with the SFA, which confirmed that its definition of a football ‘club’ varied depending on context, and could sometimes refer to an entity separate from the club’s corporate owner”

Another epic failure/fudge by the SFA, if indeed they made this statement. What they forgot to add to the above quote is;
“However in the case of RFC the club was not a separate entity and it is now in liquidation. However in the case of the new club TRFC, should this club be sold by the club’s corporate owner, (RIFC) then the club would continue its illustrious 18 month history”

The truth hurts

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Past the Event Horizon
Not The Huddle Malcontent says: (1074)

Think Copland Road tweets said Puma was a 5 year deal.


Hope they didn’t pay it all up front and learned from JJB mistake.

So it’s status quo at Ibrox………………………….

“Goin down the dustpipe, with a $10 bill in my jeans………… 😛

Happy days

Past the Event Horizon
Auldheid says: (1103)

December 17, 2013 at 3:22 pm
Note the criteria is 3 years membership NOT mean having 3 years audited accounts – a common misperception that has taken on the” a cockroach is invulnerable to a nuclear strike” legend that keeps it alive no mater how many times it is nuked by quoting Article 12″

Was this very problem not the main driver for the Sevco Friendly Accomplices’ determination to transfer the dead cheating clubs membership, circumventing this possible hiccup?

Past the Event Horizon
Not The Huddle Malcontent says: (1062)

December 16, 2013 at 2:22 pm

“now, the recent ASA ruling stated that the SFA had confirmed Sevco had received the SAME membership from RFC and therefore had CONTINUING membership

if that is what the SFA really believe – and appear to have confirmed publicly to the ASA, then we may well have an interesting summer should Sevco “qualify” via the Scottish Cup this year.

interesting times indeed.”

Part of me would like to see Sevco victorious in the Scottish Cup, (courtesy of a few honest mistakes of course) with a hurting vanquished Hibs as runners up. It would be priceless to see the SFA contorting/ignoring/changing rules where possible, or summoning Mr Bryson for clarity in their case to propel the Sevco into Europe. Failing that using the old “discretion” get out clause.

I’m sure Uefa would turn their customary blind eye and the desired outcome achieved……only to be trumped by an appeal by Hibs to the courts. Nothing would please me more than see the governors of our game squirming under oath in a witness box at the sustained questioning of an untainted lawyer working for truth and transparency.

I can but dream…………

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Questions, questions, questions
Twenty thousand fans sing the banned “Billy Boys” song, twice that I heard = 7 arrests.

Not much of a deterrent????

Questions, questions, questions
Anyone know when Brother Madden’s “Freedom of Govan” ceremony is??

Questions, questions, questions
Only 9 x SPL Premiership fixtures remain and it would appear panic stations setting in as the SFA look to their “trusted” MIB.

Brothers Walsh and Madden handed key roles in the Livi v Celtic game while “safe pair of hands” Brother Beaton takes charge at Ibrox to ensure a smooth passage to 3 points for the home team.

I await a weekend of “honest mistake” overload….

Questions, questions, questions
Aaron Ramsey seems to be following the Scot Gov Covid guideline preference for working from home???

Questions, questions, questions
My understanding of the Ramsay wages is his contract is a ridiculous £400k/week of which The rangers will pay 25%, or £100k/week. Defoe was allegedly on £60k/week, so his departure may have helped. Although why a team already running at huge losses choose to compound their financial stresses with such a transfer beggars belief.

Still I suppose, as “rules” don’t apply to them so why would the normal rules of economics be considered???

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