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Three members of the Rangers board have lodged complaints to …

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Three members of the Rangers board have lodged complaints to the police after violent threats were made against them. …

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Past the Event Horizon
Just thinking out loud here. Like most people I could not understand the sheer desperation of Paul Murray, fully backed by a cheerleading SMSM, to get into the boardroom of the sinking ship that is TRFC.

I have a theory as to why.

Maybe the desperate need for a pair of eyes and ears within the hallowed halls was being pursued and pushed by the SFA all along. As it stands now with the new board there are none of the old links in place anymore so the SFA will not be party to any little plans being hatched by the TRFC board. They may also be shi££ing themselves as they may now be wide open to ransom when/if the new board unearth some dodgy dealings from a murky past and there are no funny handshakers on board to smooth the waters. As I said.Just my thoughts.

Past the Event Horizon
wottpi says: (1325)
December 14, 2013 at 9:55 pm
Best comment of the day came from the Stenny vice chair on Sportsound when asked if the lost
gate money from the postponed T’Rangers game gave them any problems especially at this time of year. The reply was along the lines of – Naw, we run a tight ship and don’ t rely on Rangers being in this league to operate the club.
WOTTPI……………If the MSM would take the time away from drooling over all things Sevco and look around the game overall in Scotland they may well get a little surprise. Clubs like Aberdeen, Dundee United, ICT, Motherwell, St Johnston all delivering good performances and entertainment for their fans on a weekly basis. All showing signs of bringing more supporters back to the game. Even the SPFL Clubs in the bottom 6 at the moment have shown growth with the exception of one or two noteable Clubs. Look into the Premiership (If that is what the first division is now called) and we can see stability for most Clubs and even growth in one or two others as well as providing another exciting division for the fans to enjoy. The division below that however is not so competative.

There is only one team within our league set up that depends on the cash from the mob that follows the Govan Team. Thats themselves. And even that is not enough. Handouts are still being sought, the begging bowl is always on display and the words ‘Re Investment’ are now used in such a matter of fact way that the reality of their meaning seems to be completely lost on the poor souls of Govan.

So MSM. Open your eyes. See the bigger picture. Maybe even join in the regeneration of the sport in Scotland instead of belittleing it at every turn. Who knows we could maybe even get the SFA to start helping around the place.

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The Vice Closes
Good evening all. Haven’t written here in a while but still follow avidly for any morsel of information that the SMSM seem to ignore but SFM always seems to find interesting enough to initiate debate. I am compelled to write this evening as I have just seen that TRFC Military Charity day raised the sum of £4800 for a local veterans hospital.
Now. The episode that I find hardest to swallow throughout all the shenanigans at Ibrox was the re directing of the charity funds raised when a charity game between TRFC and AC Milan was arranged. The proceeds were to be split evenly after expenses were deducted. However someone at Ibrox decided that the club/company were more in need of the funds and so the money was ‘redirected’. Utterly disgusting episode and although condemned by the charities commission etc. the funds were never properly dispersed.
So to todays wonderful news of the money raised recently. I find it really hard to digest that £4800 pounds were raised from a crowd of almost 50’000 fans. If you bear in mind that there was a £1.00 added to the programme price hat was to go directly to the charity. There was also a bucket collection on the day plus the sale of charity merchandise.
So how many programmes do you think were sold to a 50.000 crowd especially knowing that £1.00 from each sale was going to their favourite charity? 1000,2000,5000? I am sure you can have a reasonable guess.
Bucket collections at a venue this size would normally generate around £10,000 alone.
Merchandise sales generating around £4000 is not out of the question.
So. Whilst every penny sent to the hospital will be gladly accepted I am afraid I cannot for the life of me see how so little could have been raised by so many for so few.

The Vice Closes
Looks like the gloves are off. Celtic Statement today.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Andrew Black‏ @BBCAndrewBlackSir David says it was about being able to buy players which they may not have had the money to buy otherwise

James Doleman‏ @jamesdolemanMurray on EBTs: “Gave us the opportunity to get players we otherwise couldn’t afford”

Note the subtle difference in the wording By the BBC Reporter and James Doleman.

May not have the money versus ‘Couldn’t afford’.
James seems to be quoting verbatim whilst the BBC guy is adding in his own words.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Good Morning all. Haven’t been on here for a while but recently noticed that the revelation of the Sevco v Celtic match date post split had been announced. I wondered if, Like me, anyone found this rather peculiar? Why release this date until all qualifiers were finalised. No other dates arranged yet. Was there a desperate need to let someone know that a decent sized cheque would be in the post at around that time? Someone somewhere needed financial comforting. The line about giving Scotland’s Finest plenty of notice is just hogwash regurgitated by the usual suspects. So who/what needed to know that payday was around the corner? UEFA maybe? I am just guessing at the reasons for this anomaly but I am sure the guys on here will be able to put my troubled soul to rest on this matter. 
Sorry in advance if this has indeed been covered.

The Day I was on the Scotland U-23 Bench
Previous Post. Stewart Robinson is MD not Chairman.

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