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May I take this opportunity to wish all contributors and …

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May I take this opportunity to wish all contributors and their families a very peaceful and joyful Christmas and prosperous new year…and I raise a glass to those dear friends who are no longer with us in person but most certainly in spirit…god bless to one and all…

Merry Christmas

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jimlarkin says: (710)
December 21, 2013 at 9:59 pm

To be honest Jim..there are a number of STV debates from 2012 that discuss such things…there is even one where Neil Patey states that the new club would be a pheonix creation…so I guess it must be difficult for a paper to keep track of whether the AGM is being held by the club or the holding Company?

Why would anyone challenge the club’s directors at an AGM on it’s finances…when allegedly it has no finances….oh what a tangled web…

Past the Event Horizon
100BJD says: (114)
December 21, 2013 at 3:58 pm

The very same David Murray who gave this interview to our very own Hugh Keevins on the 18th of August 2008…

By Hugh Keevins
I was hours away from selling Rangers, reveals Sir David Murray
18 Aug 2008 00:00

SIR DAVID MURRAY has revealed he was hours away from selling Rangers … but defended himself against the Ibrox fans who say it’s time he got out of the club.

The chairman was in talks with a group of businessmen a year ago and legal documents for the sale of the club had been drawn up.

But Murray pulled back from the brink of selling up because he didn’t feel Rangers would be falling into the right hands.

He said: “We were all ready to go. Everything was pretty much agreed until I said, ‘Look gentleman, how are you going to run this club?’

“I’m sitting there with all the legal documents in front of me and they say, ‘We’ll carve this up and we’ll sell that off’.

“I said, ‘Enough, we’re not doing the deal’ and walked out.

“It wasn’t for Rangers because they didn’t want to take the club forward in a football way. They saw property angles.”

Ironically, it’s Murray who has been accused of being an asset stripper since the defeat from Kaunas in the Champions League and the sale of Carlos Cuellar.

But the chairman has figures to prove his reunion with Walter Smith has destroyed that argument.

A total of s25million to spend on transfers and signing-on fees has brought in 25 players.

And Murray has also detailed the ones that got away and others that were never on the cards. He said: “James McFadden was meant to be signing from Birmingham City. He’s on s32,000 a week and would cost s6m to buy.

“We don’t do s32,000 a week and s6m deals. It’s total rubbish.

“I didn’t want to sell Cuellar but the deal is 5m euros up front and 5m Euros in 12 months’ time. I didn’t want to sell him but I had to.

“The fans must look at the financial underpinning the Murray Group has done at Rangers.

“Let’s be under no illusions, it’s cost us s100m. Unless this club is backed by proper cash, Rangers will have to downsize. There’s an economic crisis out there.

“People should take a minute to sit down and reflect.”

Instead he sold it to Craig Whyte furrra pound…no questions asked no background checks…just a hand shake and a pound….and sat back and watched him destroy the club till it died…

David (am gonna have a crack at Lumley) Murray and Dave King….2 peas in a pod…glib and shameless.

Past the Event Horizon
What an absolute hoot!

I now have visions of that Peggy Lee tune blaring out whilst the glitter ball is slowly lowered and switched on…whilst the room lights are lowered…Stockbridge and Somers take the floor hand in hand to start the dancing…..whilst Paul and Malcolm Murray enter/shuffle into the room believing the AGM starts at 11.30am? only to find Ronnie and Reggie at the door asking to see their invites..

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The Vice Closes
Having watched a number of games over the last 2 months…it has to be said…the standard of refereeing in Scotland is utterly appalling.
It is appalling for all teams.
Andrew Dallas? Willie Collum? how on God’s good earth do they continually get appointed to the most senior professional games in Scotland?
More than this…they are FIFA listed???
The game on Friday night defies explanation other than to say the referee is utterly incompetent as a professional match official.
Willie Collum at Celtic Park…he should be drug tested…his decisions went beyond the bizarre. There were decisions he made that were wrong under the laws of the game…wrong in application…wrong in execution…and yet I would love to know what the match assessor report detailed. That performance would and should get the official demote.
If there is no fear of punishment for a referee…then what you get is what we saw with Collum and Dallas on Friday…individuals who can carry on being accidentally or deliberately (which is a greater concern) incompetent 
These and other performances by match referees I have seen this season are…to be blunt…not fit for purpose.
It tells you all you need to know about the SFA’s referee structure when the Championship, Division one and two have no 4th official on the game?? That is what you would expect at amateur level football.
Thomson and McLean are the two who are better than average…I have yet to see any other Scottish referee who has performed above amateur ability and that sums up the SFA.
As for Mr. Madden…he seems to fall into the deliberate category.


Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Having just checked….the Linfield v Celtic match is the only CL 2nd round qualifying game with no match delegate listed/appointed only a referee observer…who was an Austrian…Konrad Plautz?
So who knows what will be reported in terms of crowd behaviour?

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Regards the comments from Mr. Topping…concerning is an understatement.
Since when did cheating, corruption, dishonesty and criminality appear to be an accepted business model.
If Scottish clubs are not willing to challenge this, then one must ask…what are THEY hiding? What is to say it is not still happening? What is to stop criminality using Scottish football as a vehicle for their own purposes in the future?
If there is no accountability or open discussion or challenge on such things…then the game in Scotland is in a very dark place.
To ignore it, is to accept it, to accept it means you are part of it.  

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Having watched the game last night, I have to say the referees performance was of a poor standard throughout.
The incident at the corner flag in the second half was poorly managed by the referee…he should have called the player away from the corner area…spoken to his 4th official to request an official of the home club to arrange more stewarding and policing in the area to offer greater protection to all players.
He clearly didn’t do any of that…and his actions where to say the least bizarre under the circumstances and he must be considered as part of the problem.
I would be amazed and hugely disappointed if UEFA…once they receive the report from the UEFA delegate…if this official is not punished in some form…
As for Linfield FC…I would assume they will be hit with a behind closed doors and financial punishment…
Celtic may also face consequences due to Leigh Griffiths deciding to wrap a scarf around a post.
All in all…it could have ended 5 or 6 nil last night…but 2-0 is good enough…

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight

You are spot on… match officials (outside of Scotland) have been asking for video support for years…

Tonight is a perfect example… the end score was a distortion of grand proportions

However I do believe the SFA have been against video support for matches… then again they are unable to provide 4th officials for matches in the 1st and 2nd divisions in the SPFL… an amateur approach to a professional expectation  

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