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Seasons greetings to one and all, especially those who diligent …

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Seasons greetings to one and all, especially those who diligent and meticulous research has informed us all in here of the chaos and duplicity in our governing bodies and elsewhere.

Peace on earth to all mankind……. even those who do us wrong, maybe their consciences will finally break through the blue fug and the truth will out. Guess we can all dream….

Just a lurker, but nowadays a much more informed and wiser lurker.

Slainte…. 😛

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Past the Event Horizon

He was a good player, scoring 27 goals that year. Lineker was 2nd with 26.

As long as you didn’t forget your wife’s Birthday in 1983, as I did, your forgiven!

Blimy…… have you been reminded every year since then ?

Most memorable thing for me in 1983 was starting my first proper full time job instead of crappy training schemes. For a huge wage of £80 a week which was double what I’d been getting on the training so I was rich…….

p.s. long time reader both here and Scots Law Thoughts but not much of a poster…..

Past the Event Horizon
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December 21, 2013 at 11:05 am
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Tis the season to be jolly…
So for the festivities, a cocktail…..

Jim Traynor seems to have been airbrushed out all together, wasn’t he away to write a book or something, or is that now canned as part of his “leaving agreement..” ?

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Slightly off topic for one of my rare posts, happened to tune into Open All Mics on BBC Shortbread on Sat afternoon and lo and behold reporting from Dens Park, none other than one Jim Spence. Is he freelancing and no one else was available or has he taken the tainted shilling of the BBC once more ?

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Echoing other posters wishes, may you all have a joyful Christmas (don’t over do the vino). Onwards and upwards for SFM and our fabulous posters. I’m an avid reader but not much of a poster but we’re all one big happy family with the interests of Scottish football at heart, no matter which team you support. Bon Voyage for 2016.

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Updated my avatar and hopefully it looks awesome !!! Not a massive contributor on here in terms of knowledge but an avaricious reader….

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2 – 3 million on offer from Mike Ashley would see them through to Easter, according to SSN ? Hmmmmm has that reporter not been following the cash burn rate mentioned regularly on here ?

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