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Merry Christmas fellow Internet Bampots. …

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Merry Christmas fellow Internet Bampots.

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Past the Event Horizon
As it is almost Christmas…
and I have had a few refreshments in my local here, [a Man City bar – don’t ask]…
Some fellow Bampots may relate to the following observation.

When I where a lad, all I needed was a football.
Come sun, rain, snow, hail, etc – as long as it was not too dark I would be out playing football either with my friends – or by myself practising kicking the ball against a wall.
When we played ‘organised’ kickabouts, I would never argue the toss about a thrown-in or corner kick – I would just encourage my team mates that we would simply win by scoring more goals.
Without being conscious of this at the time, I didn’t want to win a game by cheating – or by being perceived to have won by cheating.

That simplistic – and honest – approach sticks with me c.30+ years later.

And that is why I absolutely abhor everything connected to TRFC, and its continued ‘dark presence’ over Scottish football. [The SFA is another story… 🙁 ].

From a wee kiddie to an adult, the message is deeply ingrained – and unchanged: nobody likes cheats.

Past the Event Horizon
Danish Pastry says: (1837)
December 23, 2013 at 3:29 pm

Para Handy says: (27)
December 23, 2013 at 2:42 pm

Reading both yours and Allyjambo’s comments, has Graham Wallace been set up to do the deed none of the others dare to do? You get the impression his lot will be that of the bringer of unwelcome tidings…
And wottpi mentioned above that Wallace is a CA, so if that is the case Wallace can’t claim ignorance re: the financial situation he has come into, [his misleading statement aside…]

Wallace has arrived with – on the face of it – decent credentials, i.e. ‘from Man City’.
He has been lauded by the SMSM, but I agree he might have been brought in to do a specific task over a specified period of time – i.e. he is not going to to be a long-term CEO.

And the other CA, Stockbridge, MUST have been micromanaging the cash position at Ibrox since he started as FD. Maybe every payment over e.g. GBP500 has to be approved by Stockbridge ?

Stockbridge knows exactly what is going on with the cash forecasting, and rather than fall on his sword – as you would expect in a ‘normal’ business – the very fact that this FD was comfortably re-elected at the AGM indicates that he is actually ‘doing a good job’, or at least doing the job he had been tasked to perform – and for the ultimate benefit of certain shareholders, IMO.

Past the Event Horizon
Carfins Finest says: (48)
December 20, 2013 at 6:45 pm

Three members of the Rangers board have lodged complaints to the police after violent threats were made against them. …
Maybe these 3 directors should boycott all TRFC games in future in protest…and perhaps for their own safety !

…TRFC can’t even make friends amongst its own – ‘along its journey’…to oblivion, hopefully. 🙂

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Just a wild idea…

But, what if King declared himself bankrupt?
[Well in a court recently, he did claim he was ‘penniless’].

Of course anyone who knows of the glib and shameless one would assume King would have assets hidden, or in his wife’s name – a la wee Bazza?

Would bankruptcy effectively kill off the TOP sanctions?

At this point it seems that King’s reputation is ruined in Scotland – and with the bears and even with the SMSM?

King’s time is up playing charades as ‘the Rangers saviour’, and he must – you would think – be thinking about preserving his remaining wealth as he approaches retirement…?  09

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Mibbees after 20 years of failure, the national team and the SFA don’t deserve a dedicated, national stadium?

And Hampden is simply not worth keeping as a football venue for mainly sentimental reasons, IMO.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
CO, I think Phil’s scoop about the manner of Nicholl’s appointment deserves a: Wow Just Wow!
It displays how dysfunctional the management structure at Ibrox has become, and you would think, it is a massive red flag.
[Apart from having no cash.]

I also have my fingers and toes crossed that in 2018 my £20 bet on TRFC finishes bottom 6 comes in – with the help of an Admin. event.

[Thanks to fellow Bampots for the tip: interestingly Sky wouldn’t accept a £50 bet for a 150/1 long shot…]

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
All the best for 2018 Bampots!

And just have to add this headline from the esteemed DR, so it must be true;

“Bluenoses out of joint as Rangers pub to be turned into gay sauna’s bar”

Couldn’t possibly comment on the article…but a couple of sentences did jump out as sounding familiar;

“…Annie Millers was one of Glasgow’s most hardcore Rangers haunts and it was a real shock for a lot of fans when it closed last year.
A lot of drinkers were hoping that someone might rescue the pub so it could reopen as it was before. This definitely won’t happen now…


It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Guessing it’s quiet as the Bampots have been out watching the footy…or getting dragged around the shops by their better half for the sales ?!

Wife told me last night about the Dembele ‘sale’.
Immediate reaction was that it was nonsense from the SMSM.

There ‘could’ be some truth in it: e.g. an off-the-record tip from either CFC or Dembele’s agent, perhaps to simply instigate a bidding war ?

But, my initial reaction to any big story is to always doubt the SMSM’s veracity: the lamb munchers were exposed a long time ago…and it’s a surprise that the DR in particular is still on sale in hard copy format. 

If he is sold for X millions, how will the SMSM / Level42 spin that as ‘bad news’ for CFC…and bad for Scottish football ?  22

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