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Far be it from me to give aid and helpful …

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Far be it from me to give aid and helpful advice to men for whom I have nothing but contempt, but I simply cannot refrain from asking: has Board of the new clubknown as TRFC got absolutely no idea of how to turn a negative story into some semblance of positive PR? Especially when it could be done without too much untruth (possibly a new thing for them!) and without hostility and anger?
A simple, straightforward statement that they are looking long-term at stadium rehabilitation and improvement,and are emplying respected surveyors and contractors on preliminary survey and costing work,and that the local authority and safety folk have satisfied themselves that all is safe and well blahblah blah, as the club forges ahead in its bid to blah blah blah, and how grateful ythey are for the patience and understanding of those who blah blah blah. ( J. Traynor- I won’t even copyright that!)

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Peace – Not War
AllyjamboDecember 17, 2016 at 19:57
‘….Every now and again something seeps out of the woodwork to keep us all hungry for more of the same, here on SFM!’
Yes, indeed, Aj.
The hunger is for some straightforward approximation to Truth.
I just remind myself of the truths that we already know. All quite simple.
A cheating bast..d of a majority shareholder in a Scottish Football club systematically over a more than decade-long period cheated his fellow club owners and the whole of Scottish Football. He cheated the SFA and the SPL by lying to them about what he was paying his players.
The SMSM and the general run of directors of other clubs  took his word at face value. Wasn’t this the ‘wunderkid’? Wealthy, wealthy, wealthy, knighthood feckin wealthy! He was wealthy, he could spend, spend spend. There was perhap one bad bast..d in office who knew different, but kept schtum for the price of a good night out.
It matters not a jot whether or not the Supreme Court reverses the Court of Session decision.
The cheat cheated Football in Football terms.Monumentally, and unforgivably.
And he feckin well knew it. And had severe cold feet about his clever little EBT wheeze,and his Lucifer-like proud boasts, that turned to ashes in his mouth ( except that he saw himself and his family all right when he sold RFC , not in a duped blind panic, but in a carefully studied , cynical, cold-blooded two-fingers up to RFC supporters fashion)to CW.
The end result of that little cop-out was of course the death of the RFC of our fathers and grandfathers and, for the younger folk, great-great grandfathers.
That is the truth.
The next truth is that the football authorities ( aided and abetted by the SMSM and sundry lying politicians) tried to move heaven and earth to deny that death.
The most unpleasant truth is that every other gutless, unprincipled club allowed and allows the huge lie  to be perpetuated that RFC did not die. That somehow the new club founded in 2012 by CG can possibly be the same feckin club that is in th limbo of Liquidation.
So we have a four year old club, steeped from its birth [ legitimate as that may or may not have been] in the mire of falsehood and deceit, run by by people of the most despicable kind of money-grabbing type that gravitate to the possibility of easy pckings with minimum regard for truth, decency, honour (chance would be a fine thing!).
What can we expect? Truth, about anything? From either of those hellish Boards?
What ought we be able to expect? Why, nothing more nor less than the honest truth from th SMSM and from The SFA.
Are we likely to get it?
Yes we are.
Because , as PMcG demonstrates, Truth enough will out.
My personal hope is that it will out in my lifetime so that I can see the bad bast.rds crucified, and the monstrosity they created shown up in the whole horror of its true colours.
I sit here, supping a glass of ‘One Fifty Lashes’ , having just the other day saluted the memory of Lt James Cook, RN at the little monument marking the (approximate, but accurate within a few  dozen metres) spot where that splendidly decent and honourable man, who made no compromise with Truth, set foot on the land of the people who then lived there, which subsequently was named Queensland.
There are, I’m sure, still honourable men in Scottish Football.
But where the hell are they?
Isn’t it time they began to face up to reality?
TRFC/RIFC is a kind of scepticemia, a kind of ‘hectic’ in the blood of Scottish football.( Eb-sorry about the vague Shakespokian reference! And, btw, where the hell are you?)
Let the Truth be expressed, and the way ahead will open.

Peace – Not War
The northern Queensland sun has made me disinclined to get into anything like full reasoning mode, but I need to say well done to PMcG. Now that he has obtained a reply (however bland) from a Ministerial department acknowledging that there is a “roof” issue at Ibrox, neither TRFC nor Glasgow City Council can afford to take any
risk whatsoever without being seen to be blameworthy if anyone gets injured through fabric-of-stadium defects.
On the cost of scaffolding, I can only relate a little story from my first-hand experience.
There is a relatively upmarket housing development quite near my normal bus stop. There is a grade 1 listed 19th century building on the site. It is in the shape of a Roman/Greek temple (without a columned portico).It’s not very big, floor area about,say,5×4 metres, height about 5 or 6 metres.
Planning permission was granted on condition that thisbuilding be taken down carefully stone by stone and re-assembled exactly as it was, but elsewhere on the site.This would occasion the loss of three house plots ( and the homes that were to have been built would have been priced around 500k each).
Appropriate scaffolding was erected, and in a matter of a couple weeks or so, a couple of guys had the roof off.Or at least, the triangular shape  bit,  down to the flat bit that would have been the ceiling. And then work stopped.I learned (how else but by chatting to the odd guy on the site at the gate that gives out on the main road, near my bus stop) that the builders had hit  problem, something to do with the ceiling being one single piece of stone.
Now,I’ve no clear idea what kind of problem that would cause.But work was  suspend for about 16 weeks while arguments went on with city council planners,Historic  scotland, and the developer.
Meanwhile, the scaffolding remained in situ- at £6k per week!
Now, if that was an ordinary rental charge for scaffolding to roof height round a small, single-storey building,what must be the scaffolding/ cherry-picker/suspended platform costs of providing safe working access to allow sructural examination and repair to a stadium roof?

Finally, We called in at a bottle shop yesterday evening to buy a crate (24 345ml bottles of “150 Lashes” pale ale A $88.00).The chap who served us as speaking enthusiastically about a visit to Edinburgh he had made – to Tynecastle! With his real Rangers mate.
I felt  an impish delight in asking solicitously how his friend had taken the liquidation and death of the old RFC.
And I enjoyed introducing that QC quote, about it not being possible 

 to revivify a corpse by tearing up the death certificate!

Peace – Not War
paddy malarkey
December 14 2016 at 01.39
“…JC..for your delectation.”

Fair dinkum,mate. I’ve just been accessing the link.Very entertaining.Ta.

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Questions, questions, questions
Wokingcelt 20th August 2022 At 23:54
‘..Is it too much to ask that the pundits I (we) are paying for know the freaking rules????.
What I have often wondered is why ,when refereeing decisions are being hotly debated on TV or radio football programmes , the text of the relevant rules of the game aren’t flashed up on screen or quoted verbatim on the radio, so that the discussion is based not on what people THINK the rule says or on what they think it SHOULD say but on what the rule ACTUALLY says
(I’ m listening to Michael Stewart wittering on just now on Sportsound)

Questions, questions, questions
” There are shades of Mandy Rice-Davies in this explanation – ‘They would say that,
wouldn’t they ?’ ”
So remarks Mr Justice Julian Knowles in the judgment issued today in the case
Ghanem Al-Masarir – Claimant
– and –
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Defendant.”

Boy, that took me back a wheen of years- Christine Keeler, Stephen Ward, John Profumo and all that.
I mention it partly from nostalgia for that period of my life, in which Cabinet Ministers who lied to Parliament were not able to brazen it out, but mostly because of the delight I would feel if I were to hear a Judge of the Court of Session say those words in relation to the out-thrust-chin and/or whining , aggrieved assertions by the Ibrox Board and the SMSM that ‘it’s the same club’!

Oh, for a ‘litigation-expenses-worth’ of a Lottery win!

[the case is about whether the Kingdom of Saudi is immune under The State Immunity Act 1978 and cannot be sued in the UK in an action for damages etc brought by a Saudi national granted asylum in the UK some years ago who claims that the Saudi government authorised the hacking his iPhones etc, eavesdropping on him remotely by means of ‘Pegasus’, harassment of him , and the ‘ beating him up’ in London.
If you are interested the link is ]

Questions, questions, questions
Further to my post of 18th August 2022 At 12:22, I had to look up where exactly the New Town Theatre is.
I had a chuckle to myself when I discovered that The Strand’s New Town Theatre (venue 7) is in the Freemasons’ Hall, George St Edinburgh!
Unbidden , a couple of lines from T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” sprang to mind:
” I grow old…I grow old
I shall wear my trouser bottoms rolled”
Incidentally, the last Festival Fringe thingy I attended was Spiers ‘chatting’ with Stuart Cosgrove-in 2015, I think.
Cosgrove was flogging his new book “Detroit ’67” at the time. I bought a copy , of course, and he happily scribbled ‘ To John Clark, SFM ‘ seemingly aware of the blog.
I’ve half a mind to go see Thomson. I wonder is he flogging a book?

Questions, questions, questions
Wokingcelt 18th August 2022 At 09:30
‘..I see that Graham Spiers is interviewing Alex Thompson on Friday 26th August.’
As to which ,Wokingcelt, Spiers had his chance in 2012 to speak the truth about the Big Lie created by the football authorities and eagerly supported and propagated by the football hacks of the SMSM and the BBC. And didn’t take his chance.
Alex Thomson began well and bravely enough, but either his courage failed him or he became so disgusted with the Scottish media sports hacks and editors that he despaired of their biased/frightened/ partisan/ lying hearts being willing to tell the plain, simple sports AND business truth: namely, that RIFC plc is not the holding company of RFC of 1872 foundation, but of the football club that was set up by CG’s consortium and newly admitted into Scottish football in 2012, and that it’s a monstrous fiction that TRFC is 150 years old and laden with sporting honours.
It’s with this in mind that I read a piece by Alistair Grant in ‘The Scotsman’ this morning, and laughed hollowly, as you will too, I’m sure when you read this excerpt in which he quotes with approval these words of the First Minister:
” Hurling abuse at journalists is never acceptable. Their job is vital to our democracy and it is to report and scrutinise, not to support any viewpoint”
Apparently, BBC Scotland editor James Cook was the target of abuse at some hustings in Perth on Tuesday evening, being called among other things ‘a liar’.
I know him not.
But he works for BBC Scotland, which propagates , deliberately, an untruth- in a mere matter of Sport!
I don’t know Alistair Grant either: but I have never heard him, or read of him, ripping into any of the Scottish football hacks for failing in their ‘vital to democracy’ job of ‘reporting and scrutinising’

Questions, questions, questions
Big Pink 17th August 2022 At 11:47
‘..The workaround is to click on the “login” menu item at the top of the page.’
Well done, that man! It’s good to be able to post, and thanks for the ‘workaround’

I had wanted to post yesterday[Tuesday, now] because, pursuing my curiosity about how the Board of the SPFL can( apparently] accept that 5 of the member clubs, Hibs, Aberdeen, Dundee, Dundee United, and Hearts, could without Board authorisation, commission a ‘review’ into the business of the SPFL, I had read in the Scotsman that
” As a follow-up to the [Deloitte] report, an innovation and strategy group of representatives from Aberdeen, Celtic, Hearts, Hibs and Rangers has now developed a five-year strategic action plan”

All of a sudden, two clubs that were not part of the ‘commissioning’ group are in there , grubbing away!
Is the SPFL Board really and truly operating as a Board of Directors?
What kind of numpty organisation is the SPFL?
Geez, it’s surely bad enough to be defenders and promoters of a lie: to be in addition useless toss-pots that are not in charge as any kind of board of directors should be is quite, quite telling.

Not immediately related to that, was I alone in thinking that the ‘Asset and Undertaking Transfer Agreement’ between the SPL and the SFL occasioned extinction of the SFL?
I learned today that the SFL was never an incorporated company registered with Companies House.

If you look up Scottish Football League on CH, you will see that there is indeed a company of that name; but
incorporated only on 27 June 2012, with share capital of £2.00, 2 shares both owned by the SPFL! with Neil Doncaster as CEO.
Not at all sure why the SPFL should want to own a new SFL?
Anybody explain?

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