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BFBPUZZLEDDECEMBER 15, 2016 at 18:47 These issues only ever send costs …

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BFBPUZZLEDDECEMBER 15, 2016 at 18:47
These issues only ever send costs upward.
WOTTPIDECEMBER 15, 2016 at 11:47
At the end of the day either the repairs will be undertaken as planned and on satisfactory completion that will be adequate for the authorities to continue to issue safety certificatesorthe club will run out of money for the required level of repairs and if this leaves the situation unresolved then there may be a need to close the stadium at some point in the future through failure to obtain a safety certificate.
the repairs will be undertaken as planned.
Maybe repairs were to be undertaken as planned and the price may have been agreed if the repairs were to get the go ahead,but if any asbestos is found and has to be removed first this will not be in the planned cost.
As you say The real story may actually be more about whether or not T’Rangers have enough cash to do what they need to do regarding the roofs.
the DCK statements don’t really go into any detail about what work on the roofs has to be undertaken, just major overhaul.How much is major and how much will it cost and how long will it take.

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Peace – Not War
STEVIEBCDECEMBER 15, 2016 at 20:25  If the ‘planned works’ start on the roofs;- they could take longer to complete, e.g. due to weather and/or finding other items needing fixing / replacing ?- there could be a risk of an extended, partial stadium closure [?] until all works have been completed and inspected- there could be a risk – perhaps – that TRFC just doesn’t have the cash to complete any ‘unforseen costs’If your cash reserves are dwindling sharply, then an alternative solution could become an appealing, short-term fix.Like renting Hampden.But then, if allowed, would TRFC ever have the funds to refurbish – and return to – Ibrox ?
Put down in a way that i wanted to say and much better than i could have.
Transparency from the board and not just major overhaul of roofs would be a help to relieve any fans of such questions

Peace – Not War
thanks for clarification.
major overhaul at what cost and what timeframe for completion, and do T’Rangers have enough cash to do what they need to do regarding the roofs.and do they have enough cash if any unplanned problems crop up and the repairs take longer than antisipated, will it be ok for fans to attend games while repairs are taking place Is more a question i.and i  believe fans want the board to answer

Peace – Not War
JOHN CLARKDECEMBER 15, 2016 at 11:51
here is a relatively upmarket housing development quite near my normal bus stop. There is a grade 1 listed 19th century building on the site. It is in the shape of a Roman/Greek temple (without a columned portico).It’s not very big, floor area about,say,5×4 metres, height about 5 or 6 metres.Planning permission was granted on condition that thisbuilding be taken down carefully stone by stone and re-assembled exactly as it was, but elsewhere on the site.This would occasion the loss of three house plots ( and the homes that were to have been built would have been priced around 500k each).Appropriate scaffolding was erected, and in a matter of a couple weeks or so, a couple of guys had the roof off.Or at least, the triangular shape bit, down to the flat bit that would have been the ceiling. And then work stopped.
For a moment i thought you were going to say work stopped as they found asbestos.Now  The recent talk of scaffolding and netting all appear to be in line with preparation for works that would be seen as ‘external’ to the structures.To be carried out during the winter break.But what if the contractors find asbestos? This work that was to take just a couple of weeks could take more than a couple of weeks. As John has said.
Meanwhile, the scaffolding remained in situ- at £6k per week!Now, if that was an ordinary rental charge for scaffolding to roof height round a small, single-storey building,what must be the scaffolding/ cherry-picker/suspended platform costs of providing safe working access to allow sructural examination and repair to a stadium roof?
If the work to be carried out is not as simple as a straight forward repair job the cost could be much more if asbestos is found

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