Peace – Not War


JINGSO.JIMSIEDECEMBER 15, 2016 at 19:45 My mate Dunky was the joiner …

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My mate Dunky was the joiner at Kilbowie Park . You could also watch the game from the Club with a pint in your hand before the legislation changed to outlaw this . After that, the curtains were drawn and two of Strathclyde’s finest would stand at the windows to ensure that nobody could see out . I may be making this bit up, but I vaguely remember tables, chairs and umbrellas behind the goal at the Club end during a match .

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Peace – Not War
STEVIEBCDECEMBER 18, 2016 at 04:25

I never read it back to him but let him know what I was doing . He was back to his usual quiet self this morning .

Peace – Not War
I am sitting here having a swally with the youngest’s boyfriend , John, a fan of the club who play at Ibrox .What an education I am getting, and for free . Rangers weren’t party to the Five way agreement – absolutely no proof of that and a lie made up to cover the unwarranted demotion to the bottom level. The only club not to vote for this relegation was Kilmarnock, who abstained .Charles Green bought the club, its history and its assets from the administrators,leaving the remaining parts of the company to enter liquidation. EBTs were legal and the club are winning 2-1 in its fight with HMRC -if they were to lose the next one ,it would go to a decider.  No disrespect intended, but I am just jealous because I support a club that doesn’t win trophies.He detests the Sun, Record and Times and their anti- Rangers stance ,but reads them and knows that the opposite of what they print about Rangers is most often true(they have to pander to the P***s to sell copies).Dave King reached an agreement with the courts to pay a sum to stop them prosecuting him (it was only a disagreement on how much tax he should pay- not that he was unwilling). The players who left are rats and seriously damaged the club for personal gain .A solid second place was the target for this season and the influx in quality in the next two windows will mean a real challenge next season .They will beat Smeltic 2-1 or 3-1 at Ne’erday to cement second and lay down a marker .

I think somebody was winding him up in the boozer as he normally keeps his own counsel, but it was pish in torrents .

Peace – Not War
With all the nonsense surrounding RFC/TRFC, I get the feeling that we should look on them as a rare species of plant that can only survive and thrive in cossetted circumstances, and which would (did) die if exposed to natural climatic conditions . Nationally, we should be proud that we keep it from extinction,but we know that it is beyond the endangered stage and needs artificial means facilitate its survival(much like the panda and not like the dodo). It cannot (or will not)adapt to the current environment in order to survive,but expects to be nurtured in glasshouse-like conditions while the rest of the plants become hardened and know that their growth will be stifled . Unfortunately , others are querying the wisdom of expending resources to achieve this to their detriment . There must come a time ,though, when it is planted out in the real world and left to survive as best it can, same as the rest . It will reach its natural height , but may not make it to the Chelsea Flower Show . 
For Paddy read Percy !

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Questions, questions, questions
I watched Sportscene earlier and noticed that both Kenny Miller and Michael Stewart mentioned a lack of malice as a reason why a card should be yellow rather than red . Genuine question – where is this in the rules ? I’ve never seen the word in IFAB or SPFL rules and regs .

Questions, questions, questions
C ame across this thread on Follow Follow following another thread . Much mirth . A flavour –

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Go bust you bastards.

Pay your fucking debts and tax or close.

Questions, questions, questions
It would never catch on hre .

Questions, questions, questions
Vernallen 15th July 2022 At 01:41
I think quite a few players have found themselves sitting in the stands until they find a new club , with their employer reluctant to play them due to the financial implications of another appearance .And remember that Club 1872 claimed to have evidence of TRFC telling porkies regarding transfer values .

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 4th July 2022 At 00:16
The referee is the final arbiter , regardless of the number and types of assistance available to him . I think it would be impossible for any to get away with the scheme you outlined as the scrutiny by authorities and bookies would be a major deterrent , and the Police would be keen to follow the money . And what some may see as bias , others will see as incompetence . Every day being a school day , I learned a new acronym used in VAR protocols -DOGSO . Look it up yourself !

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