Peace – Not War


AllyjamboDecember 17, 2016 at 19:57 ‘….Every now and again something seeps …

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AllyjamboDecember 17, 2016 at 19:57
‘….Every now and again something seeps out of the woodwork to keep us all hungry for more of the same, here on SFM!’
Yes, indeed, Aj.
The hunger is for some straightforward approximation to Truth.
I just remind myself of the truths that we already know. All quite simple.
A cheating bast..d of a majority shareholder in a Scottish Football club systematically over a more than decade-long period cheated his fellow club owners and the whole of Scottish Football. He cheated the SFA and the SPL by lying to them about what he was paying his players.
The SMSM and the general run of directors of other clubs  took his word at face value. Wasn’t this the ‘wunderkid’? Wealthy, wealthy, wealthy, knighthood feckin wealthy! He was wealthy, he could spend, spend spend. There was perhap one bad bast..d in office who knew different, but kept schtum for the price of a good night out.
It matters not a jot whether or not the Supreme Court reverses the Court of Session decision.
The cheat cheated Football in Football terms.Monumentally, and unforgivably.
And he feckin well knew it. And had severe cold feet about his clever little EBT wheeze,and his Lucifer-like proud boasts, that turned to ashes in his mouth ( except that he saw himself and his family all right when he sold RFC , not in a duped blind panic, but in a carefully studied , cynical, cold-blooded two-fingers up to RFC supporters fashion)to CW.
The end result of that little cop-out was of course the death of the RFC of our fathers and grandfathers and, for the younger folk, great-great grandfathers.
That is the truth.
The next truth is that the football authorities ( aided and abetted by the SMSM and sundry lying politicians) tried to move heaven and earth to deny that death.
The most unpleasant truth is that every other gutless, unprincipled club allowed and allows the huge lie  to be perpetuated that RFC did not die. That somehow the new club founded in 2012 by CG can possibly be the same feckin club that is in th limbo of Liquidation.
So we have a four year old club, steeped from its birth [ legitimate as that may or may not have been] in the mire of falsehood and deceit, run by by people of the most despicable kind of money-grabbing type that gravitate to the possibility of easy pckings with minimum regard for truth, decency, honour (chance would be a fine thing!).
What can we expect? Truth, about anything? From either of those hellish Boards?
What ought we be able to expect? Why, nothing more nor less than the honest truth from th SMSM and from The SFA.
Are we likely to get it?
Yes we are.
Because , as PMcG demonstrates, Truth enough will out.
My personal hope is that it will out in my lifetime so that I can see the bad bast.rds crucified, and the monstrosity they created shown up in the whole horror of its true colours.
I sit here, supping a glass of ‘One Fifty Lashes’ , having just the other day saluted the memory of Lt James Cook, RN at the little monument marking the (approximate, but accurate within a few  dozen metres) spot where that splendidly decent and honourable man, who made no compromise with Truth, set foot on the land of the people who then lived there, which subsequently was named Queensland.
There are, I’m sure, still honourable men in Scottish Football.
But where the hell are they?
Isn’t it time they began to face up to reality?
TRFC/RIFC is a kind of scepticemia, a kind of ‘hectic’ in the blood of Scottish football.( Eb-sorry about the vague Shakespokian reference! And, btw, where the hell are you?)
Let the Truth be expressed, and the way ahead will open.

John Clark Also Commented

Peace – Not War
The northern Queensland sun has made me disinclined to get into anything like full reasoning mode, but I need to say well done to PMcG. Now that he has obtained a reply (however bland) from a Ministerial department acknowledging that there is a “roof” issue at Ibrox, neither TRFC nor Glasgow City Council can afford to take any
risk whatsoever without being seen to be blameworthy if anyone gets injured through fabric-of-stadium defects.
On the cost of scaffolding, I can only relate a little story from my first-hand experience.
There is a relatively upmarket housing development quite near my normal bus stop. There is a grade 1 listed 19th century building on the site. It is in the shape of a Roman/Greek temple (without a columned portico).It’s not very big, floor area about,say,5×4 metres, height about 5 or 6 metres.
Planning permission was granted on condition that thisbuilding be taken down carefully stone by stone and re-assembled exactly as it was, but elsewhere on the site.This would occasion the loss of three house plots ( and the homes that were to have been built would have been priced around 500k each).
Appropriate scaffolding was erected, and in a matter of a couple weeks or so, a couple of guys had the roof off.Or at least, the triangular shape  bit,  down to the flat bit that would have been the ceiling. And then work stopped.I learned (how else but by chatting to the odd guy on the site at the gate that gives out on the main road, near my bus stop) that the builders had hit  problem, something to do with the ceiling being one single piece of stone.
Now,I’ve no clear idea what kind of problem that would cause.But work was  suspend for about 16 weeks while arguments went on with city council planners,Historic  scotland, and the developer.
Meanwhile, the scaffolding remained in situ- at £6k per week!
Now, if that was an ordinary rental charge for scaffolding to roof height round a small, single-storey building,what must be the scaffolding/ cherry-picker/suspended platform costs of providing safe working access to allow sructural examination and repair to a stadium roof?

Finally, We called in at a bottle shop yesterday evening to buy a crate (24 345ml bottles of “150 Lashes” pale ale A $88.00).The chap who served us as speaking enthusiastically about a visit to Edinburgh he had made – to Tynecastle! With his real Rangers mate.
I felt  an impish delight in asking solicitously how his friend had taken the liquidation and death of the old RFC.
And I enjoyed introducing that QC quote, about it not being possible 

 to revivify a corpse by tearing up the death certificate!

Peace – Not War
paddy malarkey
December 14 2016 at 01.39
“…JC..for your delectation.”

Fair dinkum,mate. I’ve just been accessing the link.Very entertaining.Ta.

Peace – Not War
paddy malarkey
December 14 2016 at 01.39
“…JC..for your delectation.”
Fair dinkum,mate. I’ve just been accessing the link.Very entertaining.Ta.

Recent Comments by John Clark

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
My brother and I, auld men now that we are, meet occasionally for a pint or three.
We tend to pay homage to our late dad by visiting one of the pubs he used as a young man afore the war ( he lived in digs near Partick Cross) , or one of the pubs he used when we were kids during his working life at what  used to be Glasgow Corporation Tramways Parkhead depot,  or the pub he used in Tollcross in his retirement days.
So I feel for the patrons of what had been Annie Miller’s pub in Ropework lane.
If and when the new owners of the premises tart it up gaily as a feeder bar for their adjoining sauna, I expect that it will no longer be a ‘Rangers’ pub,a place of shared enjoyment of football memories and celebration of former days of glory.

Like the historic Rangers Football Club, Annie Miller’s is dead. Ceased trading in 2016. No longer exists as a ‘Rangers’ pub, any more than the Rangers Football Club of 1872 exists as a professional football club entitled to a place in Scottish Football.
That’s the reality.
There isn’t even a ‘Scottish Football Pubs Association’ prepared to create and propagate a lie  that ‘Annie Miller’s’ lives on, there have been no white or green knights/knaves rushing in to found ‘continuity Annie Miller’s’, no running-dog SMSM types betraying their avocation by propagating untruths…… convicted criminals begging, borrowing and making false promises about good times to come if only other folk will produce the readies…
Annie Miller’s is dead and gone.
Only a lie sustains TRFC Ltd.
And those who drank in Annie Miller’s know that.
And the evil men of the SMSM and the SFA know it, too.
May 2018 see them confounded, and their untruths exposed.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
FinlochDecember 30, 2017 at 20:42
‘…Craig took a Corinthian and undisciplined club going nowhere fast, rooted it into a previously ignored community and has achieved some incredible health and social goals deep into that community using football as glue.’
Beautifully expressed, Finloch.

Football as a glue of ‘community’

Of community trust,

of basic honesty,

of the  Corinthian spirit,

of sporting integrity….

and of all the virtues that the SFA has so spectacularly abandoned, in its determination to insist that Charles Green’s Sevcoscotland is entitled to call itself the Rangers of 1872

That such an incredibly monstrous perversion of truth of any kind, never mind sporting truth, is being, and has been for 5 years, propagated by our Football Governance body and supported by the SMSM is stark evidence of a deep, deep corruption at the heart of our sport, and, worse, at the very essence of our ‘free’ Press.

in this little country of ours.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
And since I’m talking to myself while all you guys and gals are snoring your heads off, can I just mention that in the local newspaper this morning there was a piece about school sports.

It seemed to be about the ‘pick’ of the best players.

I didn’t have time today to read the whole thing ( and it’s too late to disturb the household to go looking for the paper!) but it seemed to be related to the use by ‘soccer’ teams of the American  Football  concept of who gets to pick the best player in the ‘draft’.

I have only the haziest understanding of that concept.

But in so far as it might relate to attempts to create genuine ‘sporting’ , on-field, equality of talent, it must have something to recommend it.

Even the Americans realise that in order to make money out of sport,there has to be some concept of genuine ‘sporting competition’

Auldheid reminded us, quite movingly, of the joyous nature of our game as we all experienced it.
We all knew instinctively what was fair, and what wasn’t.
Remember how our street game teams were picked?

The two ‘captains’ tossed for first choice.Whichever won the toss would pick the ‘best’ player. The other guy would pick ‘the second best’ and so on.

And, if it appeared that there was an imbalance ,or if there was an odd number of players, then it would be agreed that a ‘John Clark’ would play the first half for one side to give them the extra man, and the second half for the other side, to try to be fair in the use of that useless lump!

( who, I may say, was actually quite good at lifting the wee ba’ from the street up onto the pavement, one hand on the lamp-post outside the Thomson’s house on Cuthelton Street, and bringing it to the goal at the lorry entrance to the Domestos depot ( formerly Donald Clarke’s steel kind of place, which in 1947 sirened One o’Clock,with the siren they used ‘during the war!’)

And it is these kinds of memories that fuel my contempt
contempt for the cheating bast.rd of a knight of the realm who killed the RFC of my day

contempt for the SFA who, like some referees,not only did not ‘see’ that cheating but went further and assisted in that cheating

And who continue to propagate the lie that the football club that cheated its way to death by Liquidation is somehow the same club as a five year old creation that they themselves have lied into existence.

And as for the the whole lot of the successive boards of either Sevco 5088, Sevcoscotland, The rangers football Club Ltd, RIFC plc  how can they be described otherwise than as  scavengers of carrion? Feeding as they do on the dead flesh of a once proud football club?

It gars me greet…
Quietly and solemnly, into my glass of “Goose IPA, 5.9%, made from hops from Idaho” ( And actually quite surprisingly pleasant, reminiscent of McEwan’s pale ale.

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
It’s 11.43 pm in Scranton,PA,  and we have just come back from being wined and dined  in tremendously good company in a friends-of-the-son’s home.

I am therefore in a cheerful frame of mind. (Mind you, sitting in the back seat of the car I had one of those A9 moments of absolute fear, when the driver overtook another car on a blind bend, before I realised we were still on a dual carriageway!)….

For one reason or another, it suddenly strikes  me that I don’t actually know ( or remember) when it was that the concept of ‘transfer windows’ was introduced, or why it was introduced.

On the face of it, it’s as much of a restriction of ‘trade’ on ’employers’, as the pre-Bosman situation was on freedom of employment was on ‘workers'(players).

Is there a decently worked out rationale for the concept?

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
easyJamboDecember 27, 2017 at 17:49
‘..I think that the document will only be a restatement of the resolutions that were approved at the AGM (Resolutions 10 & 11).’
You’re perfectly right, of course, eJ: it was only the official recording  of the AGM resolutions.

I think I for one (in my general ignorance) tend to think that any plc of which a director has been taken to the Courts( in an unprecedented action by the Takeover Panel) would have every form or document that it submitted to Companies House rigorously examined, cross-checked, double-checked, treble checked ,even, in a way that ,for example, the SFA does not do with documents submitted to it by its trustworthy gentlemen members.

The Takeover Panel has a lot riding on how the Law stands in its approach to the Panel’s need for support in their regulation of rogues in the market-place.

So I tend to look at anything touching on RIFC plc that seems even a wee bit different as something worth exploring.

Largely tongue-in-cheek, of course: -we’re not likely ever to be told anything confidential by CH! But if they say something will appear, and then it doesn’t appear when promised, then it allows one to ask why. Keeps them on their toes!

And we know that when even the gentlemen of our free Press are not above behaving with less than complete honesty when it comes to TRFC Ltd/RIFC plc  there may (God forbid!) exist a ‘protective of companies’ mindset in CH, rather than a ‘get the baddies’ approach.

Who knows?

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