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As a daily (hell, sometimes hourly!!) visitor, and less than …

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As a daily (hell, sometimes hourly!!) visitor, and less than frequent poster, I would like to thank everyone, fans of ALL teams, for keeping me up to date on the goings on down Govan way…

Living in Houston, I have very little access to the SMSM (thankfully), and therefore it is unusual for something not on my PC screen to make me think about the situation regards Rangers fans, but entering the community I reside in over the weekend, I almost lost control of my vehicle as the ‘Quote of the day’, posted next to the gates, struck me like a thunderbolt…

The quote is from Mark Twain, a chap not well versed in the trials and tribulations of the OF, but his words had a Nostradamus-like quality, in relation to the mindset of the majority of vociferous bears..

“It’s easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled”.

I now know what authors tomes lie on Charles Green and Ally McCoists bedside table..!!

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Podcast Episode 1
Gentlemen, I am aware, as many
lurkers to this site are , that the majority of posters on here have a slight East End bias. Whilst I appreciate the analysis applied to the contortions of the 2-(soon to be 3) headed Hydra gyrating away in Govan, can I, as a simple sheep-worrying, Pringles- wearing. Sergio Tachinni loving football fan from North of Grassic Gibbons humble abode request one thing.

Scottish Football monitoring requires all people, of all faiths, creeds, bents and delectatations to work together, without fear or favour, to set things right.

Sadly, those that espouse transparency are oft times the initiators of a them-us stream that only just stops before Godwins Law would kick in.

I am a staunchly patriotic Scot. Pro-Independence, pro-McInnes and pro-the right to love all Gods creatures, expatriate Aberdeen fan.

The number of people who I talk to that are switched off this forum for it’s perceived pro-Celtic stance is an embarrassment to what should be a pro-Scottish football stance.

Many arrive and leave , the latest Bryce being an obvious deflector. Let us not be deflected by our bias.. Let us focus on the reason why we are all lurking, posting, analysing and dissecting..

Podcast Episode 1
thistleCA says:
February 10, 2014 at 9:57 pm

Having only just arrived in Houston after more years than I care to think of travelling the Middle East and Far East, I havent had a chance to Go Dynamo. However, having watched the local clubs in Dubai, Bangkok etc, I am sure I will find the time to don an orange shirt, a non-sectarian orange shirt I hasten to add…

March 8th the season kicks off at BBVA against the NE Revolution. It would be a shame to miss an ex-Jambo, Andrew Driver, playing in our mutually adopted home town…

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Being in the US, I am limited to the amount of SMSM I can get hold of. Up till now, I have made do with podcasts from BBC Scot, but recently started dl’ing the Clyde SSB…

I was amazed at the way that Clyde, no matter the presenter/pundit mix, manage to put forward a history of events that is so disconnected from reality..

One point, however ,from the analysis I have listened to so far, has been bouncing around in my head, and I am lost as to why no-one on any form of analysis show has asked the question..

The lack of credit facilities could be the final nail in the ST coffin for TRFC. Based on the assumption that the spivs actually WANT a team playing at Ibrox next season, and, more likely, WANT the monies flowing in, WHY was Ibrox not offered as security?

I can understand them ignoring DK and the UoF, but, if they actually own the stadium outright, why not give them the security, in the knowledge that it is their best chance to fleece the fans some more?

The Immortality Project
I’m just waiting for the accountancy bods on here to put it into laymans terms….

The Immortality Project
Interesting info, unsure if it has popped up before, but the voting rights for Blue Pitch Holdings 4m shares and Margarita Funds 2.6m shares were held, until Sept 10th, by Beaufort Nominees. A previous incarnation of Beaufort was Hoodless Brennan.

Why does the mention of Hoodless Brennan send a shiver of anticipation down my spine?

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