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The problem with offering incorrect prices is that money taken …

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The problem with offering incorrect prices is that money taken in will leave you having to amend your book

(Note this tweet was sent at 12pm so the interview with the bookies fav is a 100% lie rather than a 99% lie if it happened this afternoon, lol)


Well looks like punters think we mucked up our Scottish Cup prices. Aberdeen backed from 3/1 to 9/4 favs. 11/4 Rangers 9/2 ICT 9/2 St J

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Podcast Episode 1
I suspect that early doors in the Admin the pet Administrator will pose an open threat to the Gullible along the lines of
“Pony up next years STs during the first few weeks of Admin otherwise its liquidation”

the issue with that is the fans of the Govan club have put the concept of liquidation and all it entails as being something that doesnt affect football clubs (or their’s anyway)

Podcast Episode 1
Something I’ve learned this week is that the Sevco loan has taught us that the decimal point doesnt travel well through the copy paste internet link continuum

Podcast Episode 1
25225 against Rangers

But that was 1969 and the opponents are now deceased

The days of sitting pitch side are gone and various health and safety issues sees the capacity a bit less than 9k now I believe

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Look Back to Look Forward
There was a tweet sometime back from an account that asked the question:

Would you buy a Scottish sports daily newspaper?

I replied that their chance of success might hinge on whether they report the facts in the Rangers story or the sugar coated PR drivel every other paper came out with

They never replied.

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
BD. The bookies do not gamble on who will win and do not calculate their odds on that assumption. It is simply a calculation reached on the the basis of how much has been wagered. If you want your team to be favourite, just pop into the bookies and put a few grand on them, because that is the only thing it reflects.


Bookies price up the chance in their opinion of something happening, subsequent wagering will affect price moves to an extent. Ie if one bookie has taken enough of one team they will duck under the others to ensure those wanting to back that team will go elsewhere, but the prices reflect the chance of success far more than how much money is taken 

If any price is ever even remotely wrong, algorithms will point it out to the big syndicates and it will quickly be taken and the price will correct quickly.

Two wrongs and a right
Brentford have accepted a bid from Leeds United for Toumani Diagouraga.Rangers have been desperate to land the Bees midfielder this month, but have so far failed to meet his price tag.And Leeds have jumped to the front of the queue for the Frenchman after agreeing a fee with their Championship rivals.Diagouraga is one of the longest-serving players at Griffin Park but is in the final 18 months of his contract.

Two wrongs and a right
Off the top of my head I cant remember a live lower league match that didnt involve Rangers, or an Edinburgh derby in the 3 and a bit years of coverage. (Not incl the Alba coverage, just Sky/BT)

Was Falkirk v Hibs the first?

Two wrongs and a right
Real Madrid and Atletico handed 1 year transfer bans starting after this one.

The Record and Evening Times will report that if either wants Waghorn, they have 17 days to do so

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