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Scots ex pat, There is another scots ex pat coaching yon …

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Scots ex pat,

There is another scots ex pat coaching yon “soccer” team in Houston. A Glasgow (auchinshuggal) lad named Kinnear (more sensible than Joe, more dramatic than Greg!). Do you – Go Dynamo? We get to see him when he plays the San Jose team. He reminds me of Jackie Macnamara. Good young manager who believes in young players from their country. Dynamo go after the USA talent and Jackie is a firm believer in scots talent.

One good things about -ahem- “Sevconado!” Is that the money will be watched and scots players will get better chances to play in the top level, in Europe (opening stages), and when the better ones leave they won’t be replaced by expensive foreigners, but by scots players from the premiere and championship.

Maybe the Syfy channel in the USA could carry the scottish games. Fox plus is minging!

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