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Difficult to say. There would have been much more tolerance …

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Difficult to say. There would have been much more tolerance for a long struggle back I believe if things had been done properly in the first place. But now I feel like there is a lot of anger at how the last year and a half has gone and I don’t know how that may turn out. I do believe that if a real, clear plan is out in place to emerge on sound financial footing with a flourishing business over a realistic period of time, and that was thoroughly and painstakingly openly communicated to the fans on an ongoing basis, that it would be supported. But i don’t believe that anyone has come up with such a plan yet.

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Podcast Episode 1
Exiled Celt I couldn’t agree with you more, clearly I don’t mind reading anti rangers messages or I wouldn’t be here 😆 As I said, I wasn’t getting offended, I was merely discussing your point about advertising / season ticket sales.

Podcast Episode 1
ExiledCelt, I did not mean to appear to be accusing you of saying all rangers fans were gullible, didn’t mean that at all. I was just expanding on a point you raised. And you and ClusterOne both highlighted an inaccuracy in what I said- think it was the highest attendance on the Saturday.

Podcast Episode 1
ExiledCelt I think there is probably some truth in what you say, but I don’t think it is as simple as rangers fans being as gullible as you make them out to be, although no doubt some are and will enjoy reading the scenarios you laid out. I think however a lot more will be to do with the dedication of a hardcore of the rangers support, which has been underestimated before here. There’s probably c. 30k season tickets will be sold no matter what, in my completely off the top of the head estimation. Less than that I would put down to protest, more than that would be due to genuinely good news emerging or being duped by false promises. But either way, I do suspect that around about 30k season tickets would be sold without a lot of difficulty. Whether that is enough to keep the show on the road is a different question altogether.

It’s difficult for me to look at some of the statements made here and know what to make of them. It seems to be at times there are equal parts mockery of rangers fans for being gullible enough to keep handing cash to spins and equal parts mockery of rangers fans for not backing their team strongly enough with sneering quotes of 20k attendances at cup games. The words rock and hard place spring to mind. I for one think it is admirable that even admidst all the rumours circulating at the moment rangers fans contributed to the highest attended game in Scotland at the weekend at Somerset park.

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Happy new year one and all xxx

The Vice Closes
Congratulations to the Scotland team tonight for a great result, looked like a goal would never come due to that intrepid crossbar but it’s great to see a Scotland side look as accomplished as we have recently. Just think where we’d be if we’d kept our concentration in the last minute against England!

The Vice Closes

”Now on what is objectionable to others: songs that are inward celebrating might cause offence to others but they are the ones taking offence, it is not being offered to or aimed at them. It is something intolerant in them that sparks the offence taken.”

By your criteria above, it would be perfectly acceptable for a group of fans to turn up at a football ground singing “Ode to Isis” and as long as it was inward looking, it would be the fault of the rest of the crowd if they were offended. 

I usually read your posts with interest and respect your views, but I find this stance ridiculous. 

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Upthehoops, thanks for your response. I’ve recognised my club’s weaknesses on here many times, but the justification given for support of clubs in Europe here is always that they are the Scottish representatives, which Rangers were. You can’t claim (and I don’t mean you particularly) to support the Scottish representatives but then exclude some because they aren’t financially well managed. Rangers mk II have been run at a loss but have broken no rules, and are not the first club in Scotland or in Europe to have been run at a loss. Again, I have been a vocal critic on here of the Rangers administration, but if people are on here claiming to support the Scottish representatives but making an exception for Rangers then I say they are hypocrites. 

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
Jimbo you were not as vocal in your support for Scottish representation in Europe when Rangers were (briefly) involved. Neither was anyone else here, somewhat disappointingly. 

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