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Tsfm says Feb 10th 2014 9:43pm “Apples & pears Mac” a …

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tsfm says Feb 10th 2014 9:43pm
“Apples & pears Mac”
a reasonable reply, I’ve often said myself that We Celtics supporters smugness can be as irritating as Sevco supporters sense of entitlement, though what I was driving at was that when this whole Govan farce started there, was anger & delight “across the board” at the carnage, not just from Celtic supporters. That in itself was a surprise to me & is why forums like this are valuable, simply because not just the lamb lubbers opinion is represented but challenged in a meaningful way.
Only the fans of other clubs who have experienced insolvency can comprehend fully what the Govan people are going through, but even from these groups I don’t get a feeling that there is a groundswell of sympathy. The continuing failure to acknowledge culpability for the ongoing mess is the biggest barrier to building bridges. Particularly the flawed but dogged pursuit of dodgy land deals Although at some point someone from somewhere is going to have to be the bigger person.
Also I should have said earlier it was a very enjoyable podcast…. well done guys.. !

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Podcast Episode 1
There have been a few posts bemoaning the glee adopted by some contributors regarding the Rangers -Sevco farrago. I seem to have missed something here. By all means lets have measured well informed & accurate posts, but the contract entered into by all (most) football fans is the expression of Schadenfreude.
Cosgrove & Cowan pride themselves on being “petty & ill informed” & yet ironically Cosgrove is also a highly respected thinker & commentator regarding our ailing game. Surely that duality is not out of place here.
While we are discussing football, let’s not loose sight of the fact that it is “football”….not a “Night at the Opera”. not that I have a prejudice regarding the refined arts, but the game is becoming more remote from it’s roots by the minute. When I attend a football match i want in order of preference, quality football, & an atmosphere that crackles with tension, the expectation & hope of victory & the fear of your team failing.
Is it unreasonable to have all of this reflected on tsfm?
Also regarding the lack of comment from sevco fans, I’m struggling to see why that can be a fault placed at the feet of the contributors who range from across the board on this forum, & a quick scan through the red white & blue sites will inform you that there is an enthusiastic hostility regarding anything that endeavors to discuss in detail the demise of the Govan institution. “if your not with us, your against us”, if you see what I mean. This mentality emanates from both the Ibrox dressing room & boardroom. not just the more rabid bloggers.

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The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
Chapeau to the Dun Utd fan consortium. It’s the way ahead. debt free clubs holding on to their home bred talent. This is a shot in the arm for the whole of the Scottish game not just Utd.

m.c.f.c says, I miss “Random thoughts” you may already know, but it’s back up & running under the guise of continuing random thoughts.

The Blind Men and the Elephant, a cautionary tale
Sifting through the comments regarding Mccoist, the consensus suggests that he operates with a remarkable degree of leverage. When you consider that he cuts a rather ridiculous figure, even with a number of the Govan faithful, you can understand that Wallace must feel he’s at the Mad Hatters tea party.
There really can’t be any doubt McCoist is mimicking his mentor, in spite of Walters disregard for financial propriety.
The emphasis by the press that spivery is the main culprit for Sevco’s is reasonable, but where they embarrass themselves is their lack of probity regarding the the Manager who does not read “His Contract”.
He sells season tickets apparently, he’s the fans, & the Press’s cuddly toy, he stops the horses becoming too frightened, but the benefits of his charm seems to be in the process of being made pointless by his irresponsible demands on the now hollowed out funds.
It’s evident that Wallace now realizes he’s been asked to drive a bus with square wheels, & it looks like the gear stick has just come off in his hands.

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