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LTL – depends what you’re winding up, doesn’t it? For an …

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LTL – depends what you’re winding up, doesn’t it?

For an MVL, your company must be solvent (Sevco Scotland?)
For a CVL, your company must be unable to meet its debts (TRIFC?)

The AGM would be of the shareholders of the company being wound up. More likely to be an MVL of Sevco, who own the assets and are solvent.

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Podcast Episode 1
That Derek Johnstone article is just desperate stuff…

‘But I think it would help supporters work together with the club if it was explained why an investment from King was turned down if, indeed, it actually was.’

Because IF he was stupid enough to hand over money to the leeches presently in charge, it would disappear.

OR he might want something in return e.g. a seat on the board but due to a) his directorship of RFC (IL) and b) his convictions for tax offences overseas this would be problematic.

Its the old story of pretend-y saviours and billionaires. If real billionaires like Bills Miller and Ng walked away, then the cavalry ain’t coming, lads.

Podcast Episode 1
Fisiani says:

This is classical PR spin prior to disaster.

I wondered if it was a subversion of the classic politician’s tactic, prior to a big announcement – hint at something really terrible and wholly unacceptable, then whatever is announced will not seem as bad.

However, their pishing away £20m+ of IPO money and inability to secure any line of credit from a reputable lender mean that the likelihood of them coming up with something ‘less bad’ is fairly small.

I’d expect season ticket renewals to begin at pace, but they probably can’t afford the postage for the letters.

Podcast Episode 1
Just catching up with the day’s events.

In summary, The Rangers are after the equivalent of a log book loan to either a) just get this month’s payroll out or b) fund Admin 1 (or 2, depends on your opinion).

With the exception of the rarely on the money Keith Jackson, most commentators have pointed out that this is quite a bad sign. Neil Patey is nowhere to be seen.

I’ll just wait and see how it all pans out…

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The sudden outbreak of articles in the SMSM belatedly questioning what is going on at Ibrox is like the bat signal for some form of ‘insolvency event’. Everything is feeling a bit February 2012.

Journos will be queuing up to tell you that they told you so. Yes, Keith ‘scoop’ Jackson, I’m talking to you.

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If this was good news for Sevco, why would it be being released at this time on a Friday?

Absolutely. Some chat on Twitter that this is the harbinger of the Sale and Leaseback. Which would be interesting.

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