Podcast Episode 1


Thanks all, have to say didn’t even have known case …

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Thanks all, have to say didn’t even have known case was on today until I read it here so team effort all round, Good to meet you to Ian.

Report is done just awaiting decision on publication.

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Podcast Episode 1
In London so won’t be at the UTT. One suggestion I would make to those going is always check with the clerk of the court if there are any reporting restrictions, posting on here about what happens counts as publishing so you are liable if you breach any of the judge’s orders.

A friend put together this guide to reporting in court a few years ago, it’s for criminal cases but may be useful.


Looking forward to reading people’s take on the proceedings

Podcast Episode 1
“, why not allow tweeting from the court? Doesn’t make sense”

No idea, can so it in criminal jury trials at the Old Bailey but not in a civil case in front of a judge.

Just means you have to keep leaving the court to tweet.

Podcast Episode 1
One quick point in relation parttimearab’s. There is no jury in this trial therefore the material can be reported without any chance of prejudice, judges being seen as above being influenced.

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Two wrongs and a right
Was the result I expected. Very difficult for a Sheriff to ignore a senior counsel and a board of directors of respected businessmen telling a court there is no prospect of administration.

I thought counsel for 802 Works presented his case well, but without evidence that other suppliers were not being paid or bills avoided he didn’t have anything to contradict the solemn assurances given to the court that all is well. 

Two wrongs and a right
Full report from the arrestment case this morning
Rangers win £300k “arrestment” case.

Two wrongs and a right
Anyone able to go to COS on Friday?

I have the WiFi judgment in Glasgow 

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