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Site is very slow…..Are we under attack from some organised …

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Site is very slow…..Are we under attack from some organised Internet husher ups?
NTHM. Nail Hammer Head!! If the Laxey loan is defaulted we have ready made and well camouflaged “Baddies” who have closed us down for a measly million! definitely Not Ranjirs men, not interested in the History or the future of the club. Gies our Money …….with Interest. !!

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Podcast Episode 1
Smugas @5-38pm.

My post is obviously in Moderation…. โ“ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ………..I coulda bet on that,,,,,,,

You might have lost that bet. No post from you anywhere.

Podcast Episode 1

Clearly you were never picked last……

Smugas, ………Not all the time, but usually found masel standing between two jumpers……

Podcast Episode 1
Ryan ,
Good to see you back. Your points are relevant and understood. I grew up in a mixed community. Locally there was Rangers fans, Celtic fans, and funnily enough a Junior team whose name ended in Rangers. Everybody went there on Saturday afternoons. That could prove hilarious. As young boys we would gather round transistor radios listening to the Old Firm game. Some cheering when Celtic scored , others when Rangers scored, and all of us when Wee Rangers scored. Great banter. Completely free of maliciousness. After the game arrangements were made for a bounce game on the Sunday. There was no Cath0lics V Pr0testants stuff. The 2 best players picked the teams. Innocent enjoyable fun. Utopia.
Where did this all go wrong. ? Or were the guys in my neighbourhood unique in this? I doubt it. As the pressures of success, commercialism, oneupmanship, finance and increasing Press manipulation, the general attitudes of people and football activists changed.
Jock Stein became the first non-cath0lic manager of Celtic in 1965. This to me and other Celtic fans was not and never would be an issue. Yet 24 years later when Mo Johnston signed for Rangers it became National news for weeks on end. Attitudes HAD changed. That is the one major action by David Murray which should be applauded. Even if it was done to trump his great rivals. But my recollection is one of fans burning scarves and swearing never to return to Ibrox. How sad.
Since then what I have witnessed has been Tit for tat verbal vandalism.” He said this so I said that.”
Still prevalent today as recent dummies thrown out the pram will testify. How sad.
This blog should not be about revenge or capitulation by anyone. Honest discussion by fair minded people would be our Utopia. Alas that is not always possible. What the vast majority on here would like is adherence to the rules. A football governing body in Scotland which is transparent, honest and driven by integrity without fear or favour to anyone. What’s the chances of that?

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Whose assets are they anyway?
Great Summary Auldheid . As always. The main complaint I would have about the reporting from Day one, would be the almost anonymity of SDM to the apportioning of any blame. 
This I realise has been covered many times . Even recently his audited accounts were lauded as a sign of a recovery in the Financial world. The truth was rather different. When broken down it transpired he had sold his shares in ADL. (Alexander Dennis LTD.)for almost identically the amount of profit achieved. 
 Murray is a well advised individual who seems capable of the old Canal, Salmon, Eau de Cologne trick….

Spot the difference?
Re Jim Spence comments. This may indeed be news to some people sheltering in the cover of Scottish innocence. Not to others. The obvious and often palpable fears dripping between the lines of Scottish Journalism on the Sevco /Oldco/Newco subject have been clear from the Off.
The treatment and barrage of insults/threats etc meted out to anyone who questions their history, integrity or indeed wisdom are documented and real.
If Mr Spence is suggesting these “Tentacles” reach deeper and from more multiple sources, then this also is NOT news. Perhaps he should be asked to elaborate, but then again for the sake of his own personal Safety, perhaps not.

Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
One slightly uncomfortable piece of news doing the rounds yesterday was Margarita requesting a Divorce.!!

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Lot of speculation on Twitter etc that Sevco have shortened the pitch for tomorrows match at Ibrox. It could be a hoax , but pictures suggest the main stand touchline has been moved a few yards . If as suggested the Stadium is for all intents and purposes a Neutral venue, then the SFA should be the ones in charge of any pre-match preparation…..I am not in a position to verify the facts but quite a few posters over there have mentioned it.

Scottish Football: An Honest Game, Honestly Governed?
Aquinas @5:26pm
Bravo Sir/Madam. Its often difficult to apologise, but its always appreciated. We have all made rash statements when anger overcomes logic. Well done.

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