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This is beginning to follow a pattern. It was Martin Bain …

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This is beginning to follow a pattern.

It was Martin Bain who ring-fenced money from 1st Rangers when he knew the game was a bogey, Looks tragically familiar.

I wonder what Campbell’s strategy is this time?

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Podcast Episode 1
Is there a TSFM presence at the UTTT Appeal today?

Podcast Episode 1
RyanGosling says:
February 18, 2014 at 6:34 pm
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Bawsman you are taking what McCoist said out of context. He said that Rangers lost c. £30m of players, and they’ll need to replace them with similar calibre players to be able to compete in the top league. The £30m was an off the top of the head estimate of the values “old” Rangers had prior to liquidation, so I’m sure it could be pulled apart, but he absolutely did not say that Rangers had to spend £30m to be able to compete.

Podcast Episode 1
I was actually quite concerned that they would stick with Paul Le Guen (the thin one 🙂 ) but they were not for having the slow build on sensible spending.
As soon as it became apparent that swaggering was to be back-burnered the veins started popping and eyes bulging.
Some of the fans interviewed after the Motherwell game post Ferguson stand off were astounding in the levels of rage. They demanded RAINJURZZZ men at the helm, which was code for quite another meaning which isn’t easily hidden by them.

I doubt their capacity to cope with what is to follow……………If they survive that is.

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“TAB – agree with initial finding that DK and GL were working together to acquire block of Rangers shares.”
That’s Kings ba’ on the slates then.

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In the Record it states 10 text messages.

It was in fact 10 pages worth of text messages.

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MOTOR REDJULY 18, 2016 at 13:47
I don’t do religion, interesting though how you instantly pigeon holed me as someone who did/does.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
If Celtic’s ancestry were Black, Jewish, Islamic, etc. this would not be an Issue. In fact anyone denying the Celtic fans the right to be proud of their roots would be called out for the racists and bigots they are.
Irish and /or Catholic is an issue for Scots. Deal with YOUR problem.

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