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Been away from the site for a long time …

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Been away from the site for a long time but prompted by twitter to look in again to read John Clarke`s report from the UTTT. Glad I did as he did a great job. A bonus to find BRTH`s views at 10.09 today.

Excellent stuff from both gents. And others too of course.

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Whose assets are they anyway?
valentinesclown 10th November 2015 at 10:40 am # Another thing why is it only ex Rangers and Celtic players who seem to comment (in oldco favour in the argument of it was won on the pitch and it was  11 v 11 p***).  Were no other teams or players involved over that period of time or don’t they matter.. 
 Some former Celtic players have supported title stripping but they are not quoted, only the ones not in favour of such action. Tom Boyd (former Motherwell & Celtic captain) and Neil Lennon (former Celtic captain & manager) are both on record as saying titles should be removed.
The problem with ex-players of clubs other than Celtic or Rangers not speaking out means the media can present the issue as an ‘Old Firm’ one when it affects all of Scottish football. What’s Willie Miller’s view for instance or Pat Stanton’s ? Or more interestingly what does Stephen Thompson or Ann Budge think ?
I think if Taysider looks closely at what MON said he didn’t say titles shouldn’t be stripped. In fact he danced around the issue as only he can. I’ve already highlighted Neil Lennon’s view. Not sure what other Celtic managers have expressed any opinion publicly. 

The only other McLean I could think of is Brian, brother of ref Steven. He was a signed pro at the club from 2004 – 2006 however I can’t trace him playing for the first team so unlikely he was involved with EBTs. Seems to be Wee Tommy right enough.

Credit due to the court reporter for the account of yesterday’s proceedings !

Spot the difference?
I followed TSFM from the start but for quite some time have rarely read and never posted but having read Danish’s post at 8.52 today I felt compelled to throw in my tuppence worth. If ever one post encapsulated the emotions, the irritations felt by so many non Rangers fans it is Danish’s. Excellent stuff.

If any Rangers fan feels surprised or hurt by the remarks it’s because they haven’t properly tested the views of those looking in to Ibrox from the outside.

I recall the debate about inclusiveness of Rangers fans in this forum going back to the beginning. I’m sure it was raised often on RTC before and I think it is desirable for them to feel welcome. That can’t though be at the expense of folk having to swallow the old line of ‘we’ve suffered & it would be good for Scottish fitba’. Too many wounds and no one big enough to say sorry.

The RTC poster Yojimbo was mentioned. I think it’s the same chap I occasionally chat with on twitter. Not because we always agree but because he has a sense of how Rangers has impacted on others. He’s able to look in from others’ perspective. He’s a good guy and for him I hope things turn out well. As a Celtic fan I’d have preferred a new entity to emerge to take its’ proper place, wherever that was, in our game and would have welcomed that. Have to say I don’t feel awfully welcoming to what seems to be coming out of Ibrox today.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
John Clark says:
April 17, 2014 at 12:15 am
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RyanGosling says:
April 16, 2014 at 11:32 pm
‘.This site should be focused on hearts tonight, in my opinion….’
Well, they entered it because of a megalomaniac Lithuanian spendthrift
they will exit it with honour

About the only common denominator between RFC and HMFC is that the megalomaniacs involved managed for years to behave recklessly without any kind of action being taken by the Football Authorities to counsel caution and/or check what the true financial standing of the clubs was.

There was another common denominator – Campbell Ogilvie. And after his involvement with both clubs he’s now of course at the top shop in Hampden. They say things come in threes so stand by for a CVA from Mt Florida sometime soon.

I think the manner in which Hearts fans accepted and are responding to their situation is why they are rightly receiving praise and well wishes. As a Celtic fan I don’t personally feel HMFC’s spending policies directly affected my club’s success or otherwise but I do wonder how fans of clubs who do feel more obviously impacted react. In particular the Hibs supporters who will have to live with the 5-1 cup final score for evermore. It is I think recognised this trophy was won with players HMFC couldn’t afford so I pose the question should the record books be noted to record this ? Similar to the way that some RFC league titles & cup wins have been called to be removed from the records (and not necessarily reallocated) ? Of course this action would have to be taken on a consistent basis and not solely in regards to HMFC.

Genuine question and I’d like to offer my congrats to the Hearts folk for their response to date and wish them well in their recovery. Starting with a league success next season !

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
TSFM says:
April 8, 2014 at 7:29 pm
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thequay says:
April 8, 2014 at 6:12 pm (Edit)
Was there not a comment earlier that Stephen Thomson has voiced the notion that regional euro leagues could develop in 5 years or so and wanted his club ready to be involved ? TSFM is Stephen on your podcast list ?

He is on the wish list – although maybe I’d better back off in case he says something ptd1978 regards as subversive
We seem to be in a rather sensitive mood today on the blog so I understand your caution vis a vis ptd1978. Even INCREIDBLEADAMSPARK is adding to the controversy by inviting us to decide which of the Pars & the Hibs is a ‘diddy team’ in respect of Mr Stein’s development – ‘ learned his trade with one of the diddy teams’.

Personally I regard both of these clubs as fine, long standing members of the Scottish fitba fraternity although I’ve only ever made it on to the roof of one of their enclosures.

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