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Seeing a lot of commentary on the possibility of Celtic …

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Seeing a lot of commentary on the possibility of Celtic leaving Scottish football, so I thought I might chip in with my own opinions on the matter.

Firstly (and most selfishly) I would rather we continue to be a big fish in a small pond. I have no desire to be a minnow in a shark tank. I love the fact that Scotland gives us regular access to Europe (whether CL or Europa league), and I would hate to give this up.

Secondly, I do not wish Celtic to become another soulless money team, throwing sickening amounts of money at average players and paying ridiculous transfer fees for the privelige. Frankly I think the rewards Celtic can currently offer players more than compensate for the shortness of their careers. First team regulars at Celtic will not have to worry about money once they retire, unless bad decisions are made.

Finally, and I feel very strongly about this part, Celtic owe Scottish football. Like it or not, being a Scottish club has enabled us to be where we are now (biggest team in the land, European pedigree etc etc). Our environment may not have always nurtured us, but it is, for better or worse, our home. I also feel that Celtic share some culpability with Rangers (IL) regarding the financial state of the game (prize money carve-ups, 11-1 voting etc). It is our duty and moral obligation as a member club to try and help repair and grow the Scottish game, not abandon it at the first opportunity.

I love my club, and would never support another, but if we were to abandon Scotland, I would feel obliged to turn my back on them 😥

Obviously I don’t have the answers to all our problems, but it is my firm belief that Celtic has a moral obligation to itself and everyone else to try and address them….as I previously stated, just my two cents.

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Barcabhoy says:
April 27, 2014 at 11:33 pm

Barca, this does not factor much into your calculations, but…

Around semi final time, many Aberdeen and Dundee Utd fans were discussing a boycott of the Ibrox catering facilities. The ‘comeback’ from TRFC fans on Twitter and Rangersmedia was the boast that the catering contract had been sold off, so in fact the boycott wouldn’t hit TRFC in the pocket. Irony is not their strong point I guess, but I reckon you can scratch that £350k from your workings.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
I can’t name the company, but once upon a time I worked for a high street retailer. As store manager, for a matter of months I heard grapevine rumours that the company was in financial bother. Upper management persistently told us everything was fine. Right up to the point we received the memo that due to ‘issues outwith our control’ we would no longer be able to process credit/debit card transactions. We soldiered on as a cash business for all of two weeks before the call came to lock the doors. Creditors were stiffed, staff were stiffed, Hector was stiffed, and I later discovered that all cash had somehow made it out of the country into our overseas directors pockets.

Just sayin’ like…

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Regarding Keith Jackson; Sports Writer of the Year is not quite the same thing as saying Sports Journalist of the Year is it? A subtle distinction, but I choose to make it.

And those are the kindest words I can muster for you Keith.

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Why We Need to Change
Bravo Auldheid! I particularly liked this bit:

Auldheid says:

“If RFC enjoyed a set up where the club and the company responsible for operating the club were members of the SFA, then that arrangement will be specified in the UEFA licence applications RFC made to the SFA from 2005 to 2011 at least. There will be documented evidence under Art 45 of UEFA FFP held at the SFA to show a written contract of assignment existed between RFC the club and whoever was the operating company – MIH?”

The rebuttal should be…interesting. 🙂

Why We Need to Change
I seldom post as I rarely have much insight to offer, but having followed today’s ongoing tussle between Phil and the RST I feel compelled to offer some thoughts to the TRFC support:

Some of you think the present board are the problem. Some of you think the previous board were the problem, some of you thought Green, Whyte and Murray were the problem. You were all entirely correct in these thoughts.


The biggest problem IMO is the common denominator, the fans. Or more specifically the proliferation of fan splinter groups. The RST, the RSL, SoS, Union Bears, Vanguard Bears etc etc etc. 50% of the time these groups are busy slinging mud at perceived enemies, the other 50% they spend flinging mud at each other. 100% of the time they are led by clowns, to a man, without exception.

TRFC fans, until you stop allowing yourselves to be led by clowns, you are going to go absolutely nowhere good as a support. Have you ever had a fan spokesman/leader that didn’t turn out to be a blazer chasing hypocrite?

It is my belief that the piss poor calibre of your fan representation is why you are where you are. Murray saw through it, Whyte saw through it, Green saw through it and went to town on it. And now King is playing the same games.

Question is, what are the real fans going to do about it?

It Takes Two to Tangle
Just a quick question before the game….

Where does the appeal result leave HMRC? Do they have recourse to a further appeals process, and if so does permission need to be granted or criteria need to be met?

It Takes Two to Tangle
easyJambo says:
June 20, 2014 at 12:57 am

Will there be an ebt on the table this time round the merry-go-round? Nice wee reminder of what brought us here 😆

Bonkers OCNC Thread
RyanGosling says:
June 20, 2014 at 1:01 am

Ryan, the OCNC debate imo will never have a satisfactory conclusion. However, given enough time maybe enough people can accept our new terms of reference that we can all move beyond that debate and focus on the larger issue; namely the many failures of the SFA.
Wishful thinking? Possibly, but I know that TRFC fans have no love for the SFA (probably for different reasons than everyone else mind). I think this is the area where common ground can be sought, as fans of all clubs have been shafted by them, including rangers.

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