Podcast Episode 3 – David Low


Businesses go into admin because of debt. The Rangers’ problem …

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Businesses go into admin because of debt. The Rangers’ problem isn’t debt, it’s cashflow. So why bother with admin?

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
see exchanges with jimbhoy above
went to watch celtic ict highlights on youtube
sparse crowd
celtic squandered a lot of chances
if ict had played like that in the league cup finsl the dons would have won in 90mins
both pens weak but you can see why the ref gave them
easy & deserved home win

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Hibs – 2pts from the last 24 in the league
5 scored, 17 conceded
3 games left
Partick Th (H)
Ross Co (A)
Kilmarnock (H)

I’m not mocking; as you say, somethings very wrong indeed. Was hoping a Hibbie insider might enlighten us.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
hi jimbhoy
i’ve looked at the match report and unless i’m missing something it said Inverness’s pen wasn’t. What was dodgy pen decision #2?

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Two wrongs and a right

LNS – A Summary
The League Cup revampOrganisationally it’s going to be a hostage to circumstance. Take the league table right now as a guide and you knock Celtic, Aberdeen, Hearts and St Johnstone out of the first round. That means you base your eight ‘regional groups’ around Hamilton, Dingwall, Dundee, Inverness, Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Motherwell and Dundee again. Geographically it doesn’t make much sense; that’s going to be a fudge. Not overly fond of the ‘UEFA Cup’ style one-off group games either, two home and two away yes, but playing each other home and away would be fairer. The inclusion of the non-league champs is a good idea however, and competitive games in July should also be quite attractive. Overall, a mixed bag.

LNS – A Summary
Playing a league game in a neutral venue overseas contravenes the spirit of the competition by removing a home game for a club (yes, ‘the split’, i know)… It would make more sense to play a one-off like the league cup final abroad (Miami or LA in November?) but that will never happen for various reasons – many of them good. 

LNS – A Summary
…and if you take Georgia’s games against Gibraltar out of the Group D table, then their record reads:
P8  W1  D0  L7  F3  A16  Pts3
…which makes 4 Sep 2015 in Tbilisi a recent low point for Scottish international football. Losing a last-gasp equaliser to Poland in Glasgow, failing to press an advantage in Dublin, all of this I can live with. It’s football. Being the only side apart from Gibraltar to faff up a game against Georgia is of a completely different order.

LNS – A Summary
hi wottpi
Had SCO not b0ll0cks3d up their away game in Tbilisi – winning it perhaps – then their record against GIB and GEO would have been 12 from 12 … they also took 6 from 18 in their other games as IRE did (0 from GER, 2 from POL, 4 from IRE) … so a win in GEO put us on equal footing with IRE irrespective of what else happened, whether you think we should have done better in Dublin or not…
Timing comes into this as well. Playing GER away as an opener may have got the hardest game out of the way but it was a very unlikely one for GER to draw or lose so it was like writing off 3pts at the outset. POL and IRE went on to beat the world champions later in qualifying, IRE also managed a draw. It’s notable that when GER flexed their muscles though, they could beat anyone. (Apart from the Irish, obviously.)

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