Podcast Episode 3 – David Low


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highfibre says:
April 30, 2014 at 7:55 am
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To be honest, the big European money-spinning clubs that have sold their soul are very much alive. For how long, though, is the question. It all looks unsustainable.

Football teams do exist that are based in and built from the local community, your local team may be just such a club. Mine is. The mistake many countries have made, imo, is pandering to a self-styled elite in their super leagues. This has hurt many smaller football clubs that draw players and support from the immediate community or region. It’s bigger leagues for me, with much more relegation promotion, and a large percentage of the total league budget evenly divided in solidarity. A one-off solidarity payment may not mean much to the big boys but what a difference it could make further down the divisions.

If there’s one positive to come from the demise of RFC it’s been the exposure all of the lower leagues have received on telly and in the media in general. Clubs that the broadcasters, and many fans of top clubs, have previously dismissed as diddy have been shown to be well-run, extremely proud, and most with a long unbroken history. On top of that they offer honest-to-goodness fitba of a quality that has surprised many.

We’ll no doubt be seeing more of the same next year with Scottish Championship matches covered extensively. Funnly enough, the media adoration will probably still revolve around a club that can not and will not live within its means. But while the media and the SFA pamper the reprobates we’ll at least get a chance to enjoy more of the teams set adrift in the lifeboats when the SS Scottish Premier League sailed off without them.

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
valentinesclown says:
May 5, 2014 at 12:38 pm
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Danish Pastry says:
May 5, 2014 at 12:30 pm
Oh, a pig just flew past my window.
With a squirrel as it’s pilot.

Certainly within the realms of possibility. We have red squirrels in our garden from time to time.

Question is, will Imran, as rumoured, bring home the bacon tomorrow? Or have it ring-fenced, at least? That’ll certainly put any new contracts with Davie Weir & co on hold.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
briggsbhoy says:
May 5, 2014 at 11:29 am
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Here’s an interesting story on what was formerly Tampere in the Finish league and expelled for cheating and money laundering. The fans have set up a new team !


Well spotted Briggsy. You don’t mess with the Finnish FA or the Finns.

On 14 April 2011 the club were suspended indefinitely by the Football Association of Finland because they had received money from a dubious company based in Singapore, known for involvement in fixed games and money laundering. The club was excluded from the 2011 season of Veikkausliiga.[1] Players under contract were released due to lack of funds.

Good to know that in Scotland clubs don’t receive money from anonymous or mysterious overseas sources and that any suspicion of cheating is treated with the utmost seriousness.

Oh, a pig just flew past my window.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
briggsbhoy says:
May 4, 2014 at 8:07 am
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Ryan, for some reasoon I always thought we lost to Germany in a qualifer for the 66 World Cup but it would seem it was Italy. Interesting that the team everybody else humped we didn’t which has always been a commom feature for scotland IMHO. Another thing I didn’t know was that Stein apparently took over as caretaker manager after our failure to qualify for the World Cup.


Never one to miss an opportunity to get my sepia-tinted specs on: the deciding qualifier was shown live at our school on telly. I remember being shepherded down to the new TV room at Ally Parade (where we used to watch innovative French lessons). As I recall, after beating the Italians at Hampden there was the belief that we could do it. On the day, though, it was a bit of a damp squib of a match.

Turned out the Italians were no greats shakes anyway, as North Korea proved. And in 1967 we all roared with delight as we watched the mighty Inter humbled by ‘my local team’. Braw.

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
BIG PINKJULY 12, 2016 at 11:21 24 3 Rate This
John Clark
Danish Pastry has indeed been absent of late. I will drop him a note to inform him of your plea…
Godmorgen allesammen. 
I’ve been absent without leave. Mostly following events via twitter (where I tweet far too much about issues not relevant or welcome here 13 ). Hopefully, there’ll be a theme park one day, based around these sagas, with various ‘rides’ (not all free, obviously, tee-hee).
Onwards and upwards.
PM sent to JC.
Danish aka @ArthurStramash

Look Back to Look Forward
JOHN CLARKMARCH 16, 2016 at 22:15 69 0 Rate This
Fascinating encounter John. Interesting, too, that he agreed to meet you afterwards. 
Sadly, it appears not only the authorities, but also certain club chairmen have decided to take the path of least resistance. This corruption won’t end well. It’s just a pity not one newspaper will run the story. As mentioned before, it’s like fitba’s All the President’s Men withoot the good MSM media guys. 
Still, I reckon the SFA are worried. And the campaign to promote the liquidation lie and the same-co narrative is costing certain folks a fortune. They’re all on borrowed time and borrowed money. 

Look Back to Look Forward
JOHN CLARKMARCH 16, 2016 at 22:15 69 0 Rate This
Morning all? Birdsong and blue skies in North Zealand today. 
John, I posted a response to your meeting with Regan. I was auto-informed it was ‘spam’ and it wiz flushed doon the virtual cludgie 🙂 Don’t have time to re-write again. But, summa summarum – bravo!

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
Bravo JC for the interview report. Been following reaction to it. Feels as though genuine movement finally being made to bring issues into the wider public domain. JJ is making a fascinating contribution, too, and quite often echoing sentiments expressed here for the past many years. And his sense of fair play and sporting justice is exemplary. Phil is still adding some deeper insights even though he has a momentous 100th anniversary on his mind, and a piece about that in the works. 

Not posting here much myself, but so many others far more capable do that. Keeping up via twitter, etc. 
Godt nyt år and onwards and upwards in 2016 (somewhat belated).

Two wrongs and a right
jimbo 24th December 2015 at 12:15 am
Happy Christmas Eve everyone on here.
Lovely post jimbo. Brought back memories of gazing into Doig’s Toy Shop on Duke Street in the weeks before Christmas — and the gradual appearence of Christmas trees in folks windaes. Certainly cheered up the black tenements and the dreich 1960s East End in winter. Poverty was a way of life for many of us East Enders, so dreams of Doig’s toys usually remained in the window of Doig’s. Still, selection boxes and annuals were braw, and oranges and thrupney bits in yer stocking wurnae too bad either. In those days you got on with it, Christmas wasn’t hyped up as it is now. I expect children facing poverty today, and who experience a ‘modest’ Christmas, probably feel it more deeply than some of us did because of the slick commercialism promoting a form of celebration not all can afford. 

As an exile with Christmas Day on the 24th in the evening, it seems a long way from Duke Street. But your past never leaves you. I think there’s a wee bairn in aw of us still oan Christmas Eve 🙂

Big thanks to all the excellent contributors to this blog in 2015. All the best you and yours this Christmas and onwards and upwards in the new year when it comes. 
#santaemoji #saltireemoji

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