Podcast Episode 3 – David Low

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May I say that this site just gets better & …

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May I say that this site just gets better & better !!
looooong time lurker..small time contributor..copywrite licence holder 🙂
…and now tonight, a very very pwoud subscriber !!

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Administration by Duff and Duffer! ( who claims the copyright?)

That’ll be myself thank you John 🙂
And very lucrative it is too…!!

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Testing..tchoo !! Tchoo.!! Wun..choo !!

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test 🙂

The Existence of Laws
Was I correct in hearing …didn’t those journalistic stalwarts Traynor & Jackson get a mention..?
,…just read that back might, need some cream if you ever get them 🙂

The Existence of Laws
briggsbhoy says:
Friday, June 7, 2013 at 10:19
Don’t ask how the subject came up but my Host had never heard of the song “The Sash ” 🙂

I am pretty sure the original tune (now commonly recognised as the sash) is called "God Bless The Prince of Wales",
I remember taking ma auld da many years ago to the Edinburgh Tattoo,when it was bein belted oot by a jobrovian brass ensemble of sorts…he nearly got up & walked oot !!

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