Podcast Episode 3 – David Low

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Just a thought. If Wallace doesn’t pull the trigger (or …

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Just a thought. If Wallace doesn’t pull the trigger (or would flush be more appropriate) until after the end of this season.
If (and it’s still a pretty big if) another admin leads to another liquidation, the new regional league system will be in place. There will be no automatic reason why third Rangers should need to start again in League Two to avoid financial collapse. Hopefully a big number of football clubs would think a stint in the regional leagues might do the supporters of Ibrox club number three some good.

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Grant Russell’s had an aggressive couple of days on Twitter.
Yesterday he came under fire for not reporting on Ally’s nod to his question about whether his pay cut had been actioned. Instead of reporting this, which was easily more newsworthy than anything Ally actually said in the presser, Grant went with “news” that wouldn’t get him added to the Ibrox sh*t list.
When probed about this by followers, he responded with “I’m frankly amazed this isn’t a country full of journalists”.
Well you certainly ain’t one mate.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
rabtdog says:
May 1, 2014 at 9:53 am
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That’s a great point and one that’s worth making sure everyone thinks about when they deride the SMSM. Have the SMSM as a collective body failed to report the Rangers story without fear or favour? Undoubtedly. Is the reporting of the events at Ibrox even handed. Not in any way, but even in Scotland there are fine journalists who work hard and report even handed news. Mark Daly for example does a fantastic job. The Rangers piece he did was a trifle for him compared to some of the excellent work he does that exposes dangerous criminal behaviour in some cases saves lives. There are many others too who we are tarring with the same brush as a craven bunch of reporters and their self interested editors.
It’s probably no accident that the term SMSM has leaked out into general use. The likes of Young, Trainer, Spiers and Jackson want to see themselves as part of that body. If they are part of that body then at best they’re a nasty wart on the end of superfluous third nipple that no-one else would blink at removing in order to make what remained look much more appealing.

The other distinction is between what journalists do and what passes for the reporting of Scottish football. I can’t think of ANY journalists who make their living from Scottish football. I can name many reporters. They can call themselves journalists only because they have a card that they get for paying money to a union. The difference? Reporters only report. They witness events or wait for press releases and they write about it. That’s not really journalism. It’s a small part of what a journalist should do. It’s definitely not journalism when said reporters choose to misrepresent facts. Nor when they report as fact assertions that they haven’t verified or that they know aren’t really true. Nor when they conflate opinion with fact to distort or hide a truth.
Then there are the guys who aren’t even reporters, but who only comment on events. Again they have a wee card that says they are journalists, but in reality they sit on their behinds and do little more than put reported events into some kind of perspective. In the perverse world of Scottish sports media, this makes them the kingmakers. The 4-5 days in a week when there is usually no footballing news cannot mean no football news is printed or broadcast. So what these guys do is pretend to analyse. Some of them probably genuinely do try to analyse the situation, but Murray realised quickly that most will happily skew their opinions for a seat at the big table. As a result, news reported on a Monday that might mean nothing in reality, will be editorialised and analysed until by Friday, “reporters” are making it the story and are asking Rangers next opponents why they are under so much pressure, or whether the Celtic manager is going to quit or be fired.
None of this is journalism. It’s spin doctoring and propaganda. Designed to make their failing products sellable in a market where they have made truth a disposable commodity. A real journalist’s first responsibility is to the truth. He/She will print a story and not give a damn if they get banned from press conferences. It’ll make no difference because their primary resource is their contacts and not a press release. PMGB has shown it can be done. It’s to all our detriment that no major Scottish sports journalist is willing to work this way.

I think I’ll try to talk about the SMSSM (Scottish Mainstream Sports Media) from now on. Less catchy, but it’s at least respectful to the many actual journalists in Scotland.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
The SPFL paying out to Rangers now is very different to the Gretna situation. Obviously there’s a similarity in that the payment is made to ensure fixtures are fulfilled, but Gretna got the smallest amount of prize money available. Rangers will have gotten the maximum amount for league one and even if they do complete their fixtures as a just about solvent entity, what happens if they are found to have been registering players incorrectly, or doing something else naughty between now and Saturday?
Even if there is just an accusation, for example some idiot making up stories about forged signatures without any facts to back it up (known in the industry as a “doing a keef” at the moment I believe). The SFA have an interest and can’t investigate impartially.
Rangers should have been given at most, the bottom placed team’s prize money in order to fulfil fixtures. Any more is reckless and would without doubt have been denied to any other team.

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Spot the difference?
Okay, left field time.
I believe the 3Bs and King are nearing a point where they will consider taking action to separate TRFC from Ibrox, MP, the car park and everything that has a fixed charge.
Ashley has played his hand and is prepared to leave the stage provided his commercial interests are ensured. His loans defaulting will guarantee that no one touches his other interests, lest they lose

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Just catching up on the previous few months of goings on after a long illness.
So there’s a new shake down artist in the Big House. Plus ca change…
One thought does occur from recent days though…
What happens to Rangers debt if Mcleod refuses to sign for Newcastle??

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
I actually agree that this blog can get a bit on triumphalist sometimes. For my taste at least. That said it is well moderated and there are a number if good reasons why it works the way it does.
1. This is a blog about football. Not the games themselves per se, but we are all – red, blue, green black, white, maroon, tangerine, amber, claret, whatever – linked by a love of the game and a desire to see it thrive as a sport. Many of the issues we discuss here are raised first on the internet and either ignored or misrepresented by the authorities and the Mainstream Sports (and business) media until such a time as they become crises or disasters. Given how far ahead of the story we can be and knowing how frustrating it is that the story may not be being covered for reasons that may not be compatible with journalistic ideals or holding high office in a sporting association, we naturally celebrate and give a big attaboy to the bloggers who got the story so far in advance of it going mainstream.
2. We’re football fans. We are capable of sitting down and having a nice drink with well met rivals, or of hurling the type of abuse reserved for games with bitter rivals. We don’t get that bad online, but the choice is yours. Engage with us and we all learn from each other, or poke criticism from the sidelines and have people take your words with caution for fear you are a troll.
3. We dwell on Rangers and The Rangers for a very good reason. They’ve been at it more than every other club in Scottish football put together. There are some stories about them which we look at and there is a concensus that try are not worth looking at too closely. CW still being involved, the secret underwriting rumour etc.
The big stuff though needs answered and we stick at it because questions that mainstream journalists have a duty to ask are being ignored, and the football authorities are also them being allowed to ignore them.
We do look at other stuff. The Celtic land deal was superbly dissected and revealed to be a tissue of fabrications and what-ifs. The fact remains when the rubbish is sifted out and we only have facts to base out analyses on, most of the stories that reflect on misapplied Scottish football governance and rule breaking have emanated from Ibrox.
3. I genuinely believe if there was a big story about Celtic running around, it would be covered here. Many would look at it with a heavy heart, but it would be looked at thoroughly and there would be plenty of contributors who would feel the need for a small revel in Celtic’s discomfort. That said most Celtic fans here are the kind of folk who would accept any such story with dignity (in spirit, not just as a word) and accept the damage their club did. I include PMGB in that. I believe he is a top class journalist and would continue to operate as such even if his story left him with a heavy heart about his football club.
The thing you’re not recognising is that no other football clubs are in a position to distort the game the way Rangers did. The authorities actually hold other clubs to account to some degree or other. While they might be tempted to let Celtic away with stuff because of the financial importance of the club, too many at Celtic still remember Farry-gate and the lack of help from any one other than Fergus McCann when the club almost died. There is no appetite to do what Rangers did.

You’re have a lot to contribute here. Please do so and by all means speak up if you think the blog is straying from it’s intended purpose, but keep it reasonable.

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
The 1.2 million in the bank confuses me. Does this exclude the ring fenced ST cash, or was there some clever lawyerly wordplay to give a figure for funds available as opposed to the cash actually there.
One thought occurs, any chance RIFC will be going to Deloitte and asking to use the ST money for the arrestment? With an undertaking to actually pay Ahmad from other sources if he is ultimately successful, that could kick this can down the road for another couple of months.
Also, the comments made by Summers today do not appear to have been aimed at winning today. Seems to me that someone made a decision to use him to throw some PR guff out. What possible relevance does Europe have on a case being heard in two months.
I would have thought a savvy lawyer could have turned the info gained from anyone on the board on its head in less than five minutes. “Here are the CEO’s most recent announcements on the AIM m’lord. The facts revealed in them are almost contradictory to the information provided to you today by m’colleague on the board’s behalf. Does your lordship see it as reasonable that such a remarkable turnaround could be achieved in the middle of a significant corporate action – The Open Offer currently open to shareholders, and that all this good news would be withheld from the shareholders while they are being asked to make crucial financial decisions? I would submit that the evidence presented today has been sculpted to give a a very misleading impression.”

I would then do a bit of analysis between the board predictions at the last 2 hearings and the actual state of affairs. Just to ram it home that they’re not full of hope for the future. It’s something else they’re full of.

Last point. The suggestion was made that the nature of the contract IA had was a stitch up with CG. Something Summers backed away from quickly.
This goes to the reason I believe RIFC are in real trouble. It may be possible to unstitch a numbers of onerous contracts by demonstrating CG was at it. Problem is doing that in court would turn Wavetower’s weak claim into a suddenly very strong one. CG really did stitch this company up well.

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
I have a feeling that Friday might be a bit if a damp squib. I doubt it’s possible to argue that they already have that money set aside at the auditor’s request, or that such an arrestment would be enough to sink the company.
You have to give RIFC lawyers credit, that earn their cash coming up with new and inventive arguments that put RIFC’s interests ahead of perceived natural justice. I’m at a loss as to what they can argue on Friday beyond shouting that everything is just not fair.

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