Podcast Episode 3 – David Low

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Firmly agree TSFM, but what took you so long to …

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Firmly agree TSFM, but what took you so long to out the squirrel? 😀

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Just seen the picture on twitter of the Aberdeen supporters Flag ( Ogilvie Out ) outside Celtic Park yesterday. The Police I believe Confiscated it before they could tale it into the Stadium. Are things really that bad that we cannot at least try to protest about the corruption in our game? Have the Police been briefed?
Sorry I cannot do the linky the pic ( Maybe someone else can)
And well done to the Dons fans, they are doing more than my Clubs fans.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Great game at Celtic park today, good to see Aberdeen having a go in the second half rather than parking the bus. A good advert for the Scottish game and normal service resumed :mrgreen:

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Why oh Why have Sky/BBC/BtSport not covered any of the Scottish Championship games tomorrow? Apparently three teams have the chance for promotion to the top division, this would have been exciting to watch. Unfortunately they are too busy watching the Newclub from Govan climb the divisions below them. shame on them. I wish all the teams involved the best of luck.

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neepheid says:
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June 19, 2015 at 3:36 pm
StevieBC says:
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June 19, 2015 at 3:19 pm

And if TRFC is operating a minimal squad size, then it would be prudent for TRFC to keep the loans pipeline open from NUFC – to cover injuries as the season progresses, if need.

And if Ashley is no longer on the NUFC Board, can he plead no ‘dual interest’ – on the face of it anyway, to the SFA ?

Does anyone seriously believe that the SFA will have any problem at all with TRFC being loaqned quality players at favourable rates from NUFC? They did nothing about it last season at a time when Ashley was in breach of their dual interest rule. A precedent has been set, and there is no way they will object to TRFC being stuffed with cheap loan players by Ashley.

More surprisingly, there wasn’t a cheep from the other promotion contenders last season. There’s no reason to think that will change either.

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Neepheid, that also bothered me also that no other clubs said anything about the loanees. No doubt if the title race was a little ‘closer’ Dame Ann Budge might have said something, but we will never know. I will wait and see if this happens again and I will get a few of my Morton supporting friends to write to their Chairman for his thoughts. He seems to speak his mind and not intimidated easily. I would urge others to do likewise if their team is competing in the Championship or have a ‘local’ club who is.

SFM – The Next Steps

Ashley speaks out..

SFM – The Next Steps
Well Done once Again John,have you had a replay from the one sent a week/2 weeks back?

SFM – The Next Steps
Well done to ICT for their first Scottish Cup success thought they might have struggled after going down to 10 men after their recent semi final win when they were playing with 12 men 😈 Seriously though the period of armageddon that the authorities threatened upon us have possibly been the best 3 years of Scottish football for years. Cup wins for ICT, St Johnstone, St Mirren and Aberdeen have been refreshing for our game, and all the young fans getting a taste of success can only be good for the future of our game. Also commiserations to Falkirk, never nice being a loser after coming so far.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
From the Herald…..

CELTIC striker John Guidetti has been found to have breached SFA disciplinary rules and censured over the singing of a song that featured the phrase “the h*** are deid”.

The SFA decision came after the Hoops star sang a song which contained the word at the end of an interview on Holland’s FC Rijnmond football programme.

He was reciting a song that is sung about him by fans.

Rangers fans have now taken to Twitter calling for the player and the club to issue an apology.

He sang: “Oh John Guidetti, puts the ball in the net-y, he’s a Super Swede and the h*** are deid, walking in Guidetti wonderland.”

The Celtic forward described the chant as “a good song”.

The SFA said the player had broken Disciplinary Rule 73 “in that on or around 6th March 2015 you did in the course of a interview given to the Dutch Television Programme FC Rijnmond, make comment of an offensive nature.”

The SFA added: “The player was found in breach and censured.

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