Podcast Episode 3 – David Low


The spivs know when admin will occur, in the short …

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The spivs know when admin will occur, in the short term they can sign these fans favourites, and bring in more in ST money than they will have to shell out in wages. message to kenny and Chris, make sure the signing on fee is as large as possible and paid up front

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Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
A new club looking to work its way up the pyramid structure was announced today. Broomhill sports club is a fantastic example of what is good about grassroots football.

Club Announcement                                                                 
Glasgow’s New Team
Broomhill Sports Club is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as members of the Scottish Lowland Football League.
We are establishing a new team that will be called BSC Glasgow.
The SLFL is part of the new pyramid system that has been introduced into Scottish Football. This means we will be in the 5th tier of Scottish football below the Premier League and we will gain entry into the Scottish Cup.
This new pyramid system represents a historic moment for Scottish Football and Broomhill Sports Club.  We embrace this challenge and hope that you and your children will join us on this journey.

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Has Dave King actually settled all his tax bills with the SARS? If he still has tax returns to file presumably he will have plenty more to pay?

This may be why he is going to use other peoples money to get a brogue in the door?

Podcast Episode 3 – David Low
Interesting to hear about yet another investigation by the authorities into TRFC. A recurrent theme has been how investigations or the lack of them are used by vested interests.
Lack of investigations by the SFA into tax affairs,
LNS , an investigation which was used to get the guilty off lightly
rubbish investigation into links between whyte and green
No investigations into dodgey dealings between the various Sevco’s
Etc etc

Oh and i forgot the State Aid investigation 🙂

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Why We Need to Change
Big Pink

I am sorry that you found my “Brass Plate” comment insulting it was not meant to be so, it also had nothing to do with having a laugh apologies for that too, I will try and clarify what I mean.
SFM appears to be moving away from being an online presence and I think that running an office employing people etc eat will not be a productive use money or time. time will be spent travelling, fundraising, paying wages and rent, these are all (on a different scale) the same things that are unaffordable by the MSM.
time and effort would be better spent on making much more use of the unexploited online opportunities available and in tapping into the free talents of the many well informed users of this site. I think that right now this would be a better way to further SFM aims.
I hesitate to post this because I do not want to detract from the fundraising or from the work of the mods, but if the money raised does not meet the needs of the current plans then I believe there are good alternatives to be considered.

Why We Need to Change
I suspect that the slowness of the current fundraising for SFM may be because some of us think that it wont ultimately succeed. SFM is an online presence and could be doing far more to increase its influence online. A wiki is a great idea and Twitter should be being used to counter propaganda, encourage outsiders to visit this site and check facts on the wiki.
I think that SFM has much more to do online before it buys a brass plate.

Why We Need to Change
HomunculusHomunculus says:
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July 7, 2015 at 11:19 am
“On the differences between men playing football and women playing football. I think sometimes we have to go back to basics and just accept the fact, men and women are different. As a rule of thumb and particularly where serious sport is concerned men are faster and stronger than women.”

Pre-pubescent girls tend to be bigger than boys, why are they generally worse at football? it could be lack of oportunity and support . Some of the differences you see at elite level are built in from an early age

Why We Need to Change
Tartanwulver says:
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July 7, 2015 at 8:40 am
‘..The women’s game in this country is a long way behind the men’s game in terms of professionalism, ..’

I disagree with this, i think our top women are very professional in their approach. However elite womens football is drawing from a very small pool of players who face negative attitudes from a young age, so it is inevitable they will lack quality.
A couple of years ago my sons boys club team played against a Celtic Girls team 2 years older and won easily. The girls were bigger but not as skilful. I would suggest that they probably had not had the encouragement or opportunity that boys get. The girls were already behind at a young age and this is footballs fault not the girls

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Size is still the single biggest factor in getting picked in Scottish youth football. I recently watched a lad who is very big for his age attempting a drill that involved a pass off a wall, control turn dribble 5 yards pass off a target etc etc. He was terrible at it, he had several goes, all bad.

He is a very effective player for his top tier club team on a Sunday and this week he was selected for Scotland. However once the other boys achieve puberty his lack of skill will catch up with him, and Scottish football will be no further forward.

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