Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton

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BACK TO THE FUTURE ! Very recently for the first time …

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Very recently for the first time in years I was in the East end of Glasgow and witnessed the’ jaw dropping’ improvements in the area overall including the environs surrounding the football and other stadia. The general modern look and feel of the place post regeneration is fantastic ….A place with a real future… An absolutely remarkable transformation and turnaround!..No wonder the Cup Finals are hosted out there and all the various Commonwealth Games events in the new facilities just built will also do us all proud I am sure.
As it happens a day or so later I had the misfortune to drive through Govan past Ibrox Park again for the first time in a while ..dearie me ! What a contrast ..an industrial and social wasteland and a completely run down Victorian edifice (still adorned with legally questionable livery ). I thought to myself no-one in their right minds would source anything of consequence there ..would they?..(.then I thought of the SFA of course !)
Driving through this wilderness and listening right then to the radio news feeds that various RFC fan groups are rebelling against the board I couldn’t help get out of my mind comparisons with 20 year ago where the footballing and related landscape in the two sides of Glasgow was as follows :

In 1994 One club had:

A highly respected strong and competent Board with real leadership adored by the fans
A modern state of the art stadium
A league winning squad with players sought after in England
Fans looking forward to years of domination and Champions league football
A club with Access to Finance with apparently all sorts of great plans
A widely respected football manager with a big future

In 1994 the other had :

A board seemingly out of it’s depth not knowing where to turn universally hated and reviled by the fans
A decrepit stadium needing huge investment
A worthless squad playing some of the worst football ever seen
Fans looking forward to years of ridicule and penury living on past glories
A club in danger of going burst on a monthly basis
An incompetent football manager

NOW IN 2014 what do we have ?

YIP! … plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose!

Whether you believe the Machiavellian theories about SDM subtly influencing BOS to pull the plug on CFC or accept a simpler view of good banking management practice ultimately forcing a club’s fans and key players to oust the owners thus finding a way sensibly to avoid catastrophe …a chain of events was put in place that took 20 years to manifest itself in an outcome which can only be described as one of the most delicious pieces of irony imaginable coupled with a classic example of the law of unintended consequences.
Put simply the well recorded behaviour of SDM ably aided and abetted by Farry ,Ogilvie et al at the SFA over the years brought about this complete 360 degree transformation in fortunes. Their actions were ultimately responsible for driving their opposition to their current domination.
We spend days on end on this blog trying to get the SFA held to account for their plethora of misdemeanors … to get the FTT or LNS overturned, to get justice on and on …but for those RFC groupies in the SFA and the SDMs of the world ..they have their punishment already ..honestly a simple trip to the East end and then Ibrox will tell them exactly what they accomplished in the last 20 years ..unless of course they want to say that 20 years of fake silverware and £50m of EBT payments pocketed by most favoured sons and heroes to the absolute detriment of their club counts for anything …(and btw that might not last too long if proper justice is to prevail in due course )

What a legacy the SFA and SDM have left those fans on the South side

Meanwhile back at the humble SFM our job continues to be to get this lot exposed for good get justice done and get everything back to a level playing field as best we can

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Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
Peace ..mon ami !

Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
Ryan G .9.08
Btw I am one of your biggest supporters on here..and without I hope being patronising you should be proud of yourself coming on here and defending your club in a very difficult environment .we need more of you big time on here. For what it is worth .I personally want a new and completely cleaned up RFC free from all the bigotry garbage right up there at the top of Scottish football challenging on a level playing field given their size and scale .
That said The centre point of my post is in my comparisons of the football clubs 1994 to 2014 and the disaster visited on RFC by SDM and his acolytes and placemen at Hampden and the surely unintended dynamic given to their opponents .that comparison and the output of their (ie SFA / SDM) efforts for the last 20 years i am sure you will reluctantly agree with.
If SDMs ‘moonbeams ‘ as they are called elsewhere had come to pass ..we will never know …but I would humbly suggest the south side might well have been the centre piece of the commonwealth games and not the east end …so no apologies from me ..so ..sorry not ridiculous but rather i think very relevant !

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Spot the difference?
Excellent well articulated post .Well Done !
Thank you!

Spot the difference?
I praised GS two weeks ago for having come back from the dead ….if he is quoted properly he has disgracefully reverted to type again .
If King isn’t a FPP person it doesn’t matter so long As the RFC fans are happy ..for heavens sake ..he shouldn’t be anywhere near Scottish football with the money he deprived social services in South Africa of…disgusting !
By his BRYSONIAN or SPIERS logic
EBTs and undisclosed payments are fine so long as RFC fans are happy
Dual ownership is fine so long as RFC fans are happy
Sectarian chanting is fine so long as RFC fans are happy
LNS being duped by the SFA is fine so long as the RFC fans are happy
..need I go on?
Shameful Graham..you can’t pick and choose your crimes to condone !
after Sunday’s reality check The MSM are clearly in total overdrive to do everything in their power to help RFC

As an aside but related point Morton can’t get to play young Tidser for a minor minor rule issue .(covered on SSB yesterday by Jim Duffy)..very painful while watching a battalion arrive at IBROX but We Don’t want to break the rule ..where would that leave Stranraer,Forfar dunfermline .. Etc ..?it wouldn’t be fair to them…that is what Scottish football is about
Not about what is good for RFC fans Graham !!

Spot the difference?
Some very good posts on the Implications of the loan moves.

Here we go yet again..fundamental Q…Who is running Scottish football?

The incompetent crew at Hampden or the clubs led by the big ones?
If the SFA won’t take strong action and stop Ashley in his tracks ..and they won’t because his legal team will most probably drive a coach thru their Mickey mouse ‘ rule’ book ..What are the clubs going to do ?

Really serious consideration has to be given to the 41 clubs walking away and forming a new association ..get new ‘clean’ people of integrity respected by the public ..and get a complete revision and new set of robust rules put in place over the next few years..

We go on and on on this forum about how Rangers as currently constructed are knackered and will only get fixed properly by effectively starting again…well you know what ? let us all look in the mirror..because we are in exactly the same place with the SFA etc..
Their crime count mounts on a daily basis….and it only getting worse .
As others have posted..This will go on forever unless the clubs act….

Spot the difference?
Sorry to post agin on this
I Hadn’t seen the ‘we have written to HPL” when I posted above !
That is even worse!
Again Imagine any CEO in a disaster scenario trying to say ..I have written to my supplier!…..
They really don’t even understand the fundamentals of leadership or management
There is absolutely no hope for these Buffoons …I can’t think of any other word for them

Spot the difference?
Yet more gutless cowardice from the authorities re the pitch.

Doncaster or whoever was ultimately responsible for yesterday’s debacle should have come out front and centre as all decent CEOs would do and take it on the chin doing a press conference quickly this morning and apologising to all of us and 51watching countries …and promise it would never happen again

Imagine the Apple or Samsung CEOs or any credible organisation after a major product failure allowing their supplier of service to take the hit for them in public. Never in a million years

We have MICE not MEN at Hampden !

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