Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton

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Just a thought but if 25k season tickets have been …

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Just a thought but if 25k season tickets have been sold and its on a cash only basis you’d have thought someone would have taken a picture of the crowds which must have gathered down Govan way this week to but then? Surely too good an opportunity for the new PR guy to miss…

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Not in Front of the Children
twopanda says:


No worries being a lurker i see when someone pops up unannounced (especially during a period such as this) they arouse suspicious. Just felt the need to post as though CG on Sky was quire focused (for a change) and really hot his targets this time (McColl. Walter, Murray, McCoist) which (at leat in my opinion) seemed to that he had been brought back for a specific reason which is to get to the point the lockin end and they can dpeart with the money they expected to make from the outset.

Not in Front of the Children
twopanda says:

please [don`t] carry on

I’m actually a Celtic supporter but was looking at it froma business perspective, where i though both statements were accurate.

Not in Front of the Children
Would never try and justify the position of CG but two noticible points from his interview on Sky were:

1. He mentioned they would never run out of money whilst he has shares, which i suspect is 100% true; and
2. He states thay have the second highest wage bill in Scotland so they should win a cup as a minimum, and how could you disagree.

All the rest is to get the the end of the period when shares can be sold and his rebuff of the proposed new buyers is exactly why people bring him in to do this type of role.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
One for the learned contributors:

1. Do the SFA have any liability to investors as they gave Sevco a clean bill of health via the 5 way agreement

2. If Whyte owns the assets as TRFC a phoenix and therefore liable for the big tax case, should it materialise following appeal

3. If judged to be a phoenix will the SFL/SFA have to confirm that the history did not transfer

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