Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton


RyanGosling says: May 11, 2014 at 7:58 pm Mr RyanGosling. For …

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RyanGosling says:
May 11, 2014 at 7:58 pm

Mr RyanGosling. For a long time I haven’t been sure if i see a glimpse of something you don’t mean to show when you post. But that doesn’t matter right now. Murray is seen by an awful lot of people as a very bad man. Odious in extreme.Not a ‘maverick’ or anything half as wholesome. Plain and very simply, very bad. Maybe they are wrong but, maybe care is also required when trying to contextualise him and his actions without making due reference to the evil so many seem to experience when talking about him. The effort required in constructing such a version of the man might cause other defences to slip.

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Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
Dear all,
After a stern, and a wee bit sinister talking to from TSFM, I’m dipping my toe here after a few weeks lurking and trying to learn the something of the arts. I fear that it hasn’t happened for me though.
Revisionism has reached here too and the debate is headed towards discussing an acceptable dose.

The SFA and SPFL meanwhile are skipping thru the raindrops, there will be no poo on the fur of those berzz, not that anyone can see them to check. Ibrox is as it always was. There. And its survival is more guaranteed than the one o’clock gun.
Celtic are so self contented that an acre of crazy paving slabs obviously ensures that they are a majur institooshun.
Not much more to be said for the rest. Except Hearts of course – if only someone had seen it coming, or Hibs now reaping the mediocre seed. Aberdeen and their weighty chip are at least standing free and Utd alongside them tantalise us with something New.
But please. Do not be surprised at Today or what is about to come. They will be looked after and placed back where the establishment want them. And we will all be glad. Thank you Turnbull Hutton.

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A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Actually, I’m being more niaive than normal, the SFA will already have a clear understanding of the ownership of the various Sevco parts and pieces and given that they are already happy with most of that – they’ll have dug into that in some detail, this will be an easy question of Me Ashley confirming his limited ownership of a small part of the whole. Dead easy.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
No doubt, someone from the floor at the agm will seek clarity on the amount of due diligence the club and SFA have completed with respect to dual ownership. In any case the media will pick it up if it is missed.

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Surely, if an £800k liability just landed on your doorstep, you might need make provision? What would that mean if you were already rooked?

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
Apologies if someone has queried this.

So, Mr Lawwell says Celtic lose £10m through a lack of Sevco.?

Sevco have lost only £8M by being Sevco?

Is that an inverse perpetual motion machine…

A spectre is haunting Scottish Football
neepheid says:
November 23, 2014 at 5:36 pm
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Mr Heid,

My view is familiar. This whole thing is subject of an establishment stitch-up. It had to be. Anything else would allow tensions to develop. Regardless of whether tension and challenge is a necessary part of democratic and healthy set-ups, the approach needs to be protect the protected, ignore the deserved.
Fine! But, to place that in the hands of ‘oor Cammie’ and Regan is just negligent. That is where the establishment solution will come unstuck. Especially if challenged under caution.

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