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Ratethisthenyabampots says: May 11, 2014 at 1:18 am β€˜.Whilst these playoffs …

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ratethisthenyabampots says: May 11, 2014 at 1:18 am
β€˜.Whilst these playoffs are what we have all been crying out for, man alive they are flawed.’
John Clark says: May 11, 2014 at 1:55 am
” I agree. And I think, to be fair, most of us feel that there ought to be a more equitable, realistic and workable arrangement. …… In the Scottish footballing world, however, the very concept of sporting fairness let alone any practical expression of the sporting ideal, was abandoned a couple of seasons ago.
One cannot now imagine that they will even understand your complaint, let alone act upon it.”


The SPFL Board are aware of a fairer play-off format! πŸ˜•

Here’s the play-off format details on the SPFL website – http://spfl.co.uk/play-offs/ 😳

So for promotion from the lower divisions the team finishing second bottom of the higher division plays the team finishing 4th from top of the division below in one semi-final. Whilst 2nd play 3rd in the other semi-final.

From yesterday’s results the team from the higher division all won their games, (eventually)

Surprise, surprise there’s a different format for promotion to the SPFL Premiership. 😯

It’s a shame that Big Pink did not ask (or edited out) Turnbull Hutton why the 30 clubs in the 3 lower divisions of the SPFL accepted this when the SPL took over the SFL.

As we know there’s little chance of anyone in the SMSM getting Neil Doncaster to explain the sporting integrity of the current arrangements, and I doubt he’d be willing to acknowledge the unfairness of the current arrangements.

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Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Alasdair Lamont‏Verified account @BBCAlLamont 5m5 minutes ago Counsel says situation is stark. Does court have discretion? If it does what discretion does it have? Court over for today. Back tomorrow 10 

Alasdair Lamont‏Verified account @BBCAlLamont 7m7 minutes ago Counsel says beneficiary of trust can’t order trustees what to do. Sovereign and Glencoe not responsive to whims of DK.

Alasdair Lamont‏Verified account @BBCAlLamont 9m9 minutes ago Lord B asks in relation to claim of no funds whether he should take into account that DK did seem to have control over trusts.

DK’s Council’s stratetgy – Gonnae no dae that!?

Time to Ditch the Geek Show
Alasdair Lamont‏Verified account @BBCAlLamont 4 minutes ago DK counsel: Over-riding objective of creating equality for shareholders is not achieved by making an order.

Alasdair Lamont‏Verified account @BBCAlLamont 10 minutes ago DK counsel: Ultimately that would be a criminal offence – a rather dramatic outcome. Proposes no order should be made.

Alasdair Lamont‏Verified account @BBCAlLamont 12 minutes ago DK counsel asking what is the point of the order, in having DK held in contempt of court if he doesn’t then comply with order.

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No discussion of the Takeover Appeal Board Decision on BBC Sportsound, just a short statement from a Rangers supporting sports reporter that I paraphrase as “This is not a problem for Rangers” 

Subsequent discussion on Celtic v Rangers match like a Bobby Madden Appreciation Society.

Now talking about Pedro’s statement / interview. 

You’d never guess that the BBC is banned by The Rangers! 

Small Price to Pay?
Here’s the full Report of the Takeover Panel. 


Supreme timing, eh?!

New thread Big Pink?

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