Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?

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Comment on Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ? by Matty Roth.

rhapsodyinblue says:
September 4, 2014 at 9:27 am
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My late father took me for the first time to Ibrox in the 1950′s to see Rangers play Clyde. Rangers won 2-0 and Sammy Baird scored. I still have vivid memories of that night,the floodlights,the spectacle, I was hooked.

Little did I think almost 60 years later those vivid memories of my schoolboy years has been replaced by a feeling of helplessness.

I am a token shareholder and the letter that dropped through my mailbox the day after the announcement was a further dagger to my heart.More sticking plaster.

The only thing they want is money to remove them, they ain’t going to get it. Sometimes I think another Admin event is needed,then I remember what happened last time time. I am beginning to lose hope.

Is there a way out?

From Murray,to Whyte,to Green and now Ashley, where will it all end?



It must be horrible but I can imagine the decline to some extent as my own team has gone through a long period of utter dross both on and off the park – it happens and maybe of us diddy fans are much better equipped to cope with hard times I suspect.

Its important for fans to realise the true cause and source of the problems before solutions can be found – unfortunately some of the Rangers fans, perhaps just high profile ones with blogs or newspapers to sell, have insisted on visiting the blame on about everyone else they can find.

This is very unhelpful for real Rangers fans who need a clear head to think through and identify the real sources of the problems.

Ultimately I expect Rangers to be saved by a popular fans movement, one that is focused on acting with open eyes, honesty and a steely determination to hold an undeviating course. I can’t see exactly what this course of action should be but I’d expect much more fan involvement and while wealthy fans may be included in that, their purpose should be to lend their business skills not their money. I say that because endless searches for sugar daddy’s to fund the team don’t help the long term future of the club, or the ability to face up to realities all other clubs do.

Some combination of the below would long term work IMO:
– stop providing any further income to the spivs, even if this means strangling the club
– leave out the investment of other people’s money as much as possible.
– get fans on board with a fan ownership scheme, even if its aim is only partial ownership
– wealthy fans are of course welcome but the business plan cannot be to simply spend their money then look for more
– remove the spivs
– put in place a real board
– forget football glories for 3 or 4 years and focus on bringing all costs under control

HOWEVER! the short-medium term problems with the current clumpany are far more complex to unravel. It feels like the only way to rest back control would be to force the clumpany onto the rocks. Its sad, painful but I can’t see any other way, the disgusting frauds who took control of the club have sunk their talons in well and truly.

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Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
What galls me most of all, as we watch events unfold that just might be the end of a second Rangers club in a so many years, where are the SFA?

Not a peep from them on any of this?

No statements to say they have been on conversation with TRFC? No reassurances they will work to avoid another disaster?

We all know they played a huge part in allowing this mess to hit the fan, but now they add insult to injury by their complete silence on these astonishing, and rather sad goings on.

It really is shocking how they have closed their eyes to goings on at both Rangers of old and the new club. Rules are not applied. No control. Not even the merest expectation of financial sanity.

They are killing this club with their “kindness”.

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
Cheap attempt from UKIP to harness voters with a particular world view?

Naw, surely not?

Podcast Episode 5 – Hibs Takeover ?
Danish Pastry says:
September 5, 2014 at 5:52 am
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Auldheid says:
September 5, 2014 at 12:31 am
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Well done Auldheid. Second evening on the trot that this has come up from callers (same ones?) of the Charles Green mindset.

As you say, was surprising that JD, or anyone else, didn’t refer back as you have now done. So much has happened, though, I doubt they even remember. The ultimate outcome certainly helped disguise the ‘second only to match-fixing’ line.

General impression from callers, too, was that admin will fix all current ills, as if by magic, including at board level 😯


And there’s a couple of challenges for the thinking bears right there.

Green played them and their fans in the press like a fiddle, so much so many are still confused about what really happened and who was really to blame. The Rangers fans are starting to open their eyes to the incredible damage Green did to their club – when will they realise the accusations, fighting talk and so on was all part of the cleverly crafted scheme? Will the fans in the media ever help them to join the dots?

Secondly, given a confused and flexible definition of administration and then liquidation to cling to the first time around most of these same fans will once again feel victimised and “punished” if a second Administration results in any of the sort of culling Duff and Phelps avoided first time around or indeed if the authorities apply rules without fear or favour (as if).

And so the smoking battlefield still prevent bears from clearly seeing the truth and having realistic expectations of what an Admin event will mean for the clumpany.

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TrisidiumOctober 18, 2016 at 00:52  9 Votes
Been a bad day site-wise. I will now read from a script prepared by BP;
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I have noticed something that may (or may not) be a security concern – I’ve PM’d BP just a few minutes a go with a suggestion.

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Bill1903October 12, 2016 at 07:40
Oh and another thing. Its bad enough the Aberdeen v Morton semi being at 1215 KO on a Saturday(with train disruption that day) But to insist its played at Hampden with a probable crowd under 20 thousand is ridiculous. A full house at Easter Road or Tynecastle would have at least made the game look important. You have to wonder if those running the game have the slightest clue.


The old cynic in my wonders if the SFA are quite happy with this state of affairs as it will remind everyone just how important the “Old Firm” is and how irrelevant the rest of us are.
I have no doubt the small crowd will be ignorantly compared by certain Journos to the OF Crowd the next day with not the slightest recognition of the kick of times, travel problems and so on.
Quite a few AFC fans are simply fed up travelling to such a pitifully crap stadium as Hampden for these games anyway.
I’d love to see the SFA have the vision for a new national stadium in Stirling.
OR the balls to admit we don’t need a national stadium and take the games to other grounds around the country.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
The TRFC extension of JBs suspensions seems to indicate they are working to keep him off the payroll at least temporarily if not permanently.
All of which makes the very timely action from the SFA really quite questionable in my opinion.
Are we really supposed to believe that JB just happened to be the only player in Scotland placing bets and the SFA just happened to get their ducks in a row just as TRFC fell out with JB.
I find it just a bit too convenient.
I suspect TRFC reported their own player, which is up to them but what worries me is the SFA are able to act very quickly (once again) when the interests of certain teams are at stake.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Might a manager in dispute with his club, but not willing to be found in breach of contract, be obliged to take training and get on with his contractual duties within the club.
While activities like talking to the media and being part of the endless Level5 Spin may not be contractual?

The Offline Game
Can anyone explain the recent reports in the media that Rangers had withdraw IP rights from Rangers Retail?
Would prevent Rangers Retail / Sports Direct from selling Rangers branded merchandise? (as the reports seemed to me to suggest)
Or was that misleading and in fact it will only prevent them from manufacturing new products that use the IP?
Its just that I happened to be in a Sports Direct store this week and it was rammed with Rangers merchandise of all kinds, all very much bearing the old and new logos..
And yet I Martin Williams in the Herald reporting another victory on top of this previous victory over Mike Ashley. The way the reporting in the Herald has it I’m surprised Dave king hasn’t crushed Ashley out of all existence by now. 14

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